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Project will simulate a field of atoms with subatomic accuracy.

   The goal of this project is to create a program capable of simulating a field 50,000 or more atoms in real-time, along with all known subatomic particles. The field will interact based on the 4 forces to provide a useful tool to simulate various solids, particle fields, plasma, and the moments after the big bang.To begin this I need a supercomputer capable of a couple tera-flops, which can now be had for around $10,000. The base-code for this program is already complete and currently simulates 50,000 point particles in realtime with a simplified form of gravity. The system evolves with successive big bangs and crunches arriving at an evolved state. Further research will yield a tool useful for diverse research projects. A secondary goal of this project is to test some of the hypothesis related to the zero point energy field and the Tachyon Theory of gravity.


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