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Smart interdental cleaning! Thanks to its feeler technology, WINGBRUSH makes cleaning easier and faster.
Smart interdental cleaning! Thanks to its feeler technology, WINGBRUSH makes cleaning easier and faster.
Smart interdental cleaning! Thanks to its feeler technology, WINGBRUSH makes cleaning easier and faster.
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    1. Pedro Veiga about 1 hour ago

      Hey guys, quick question:
      For Germany, can I use a PackStation address? This only works if you'll ship via DHL.

      Thanks, and sorry if this has been answered, didn't find a comment about it.

    2. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator about 3 hours ago

      Hi guys,
      thank you for writing

      @Walter Thorpe: the lenght of the wire is 12mm. The thickness is as following:
      @Dani Dani:

      - size XS wire: 0,4mm, bristles: 1,9mm
      - size S wire: 0,45mm, bristles: 2,2mm
      - size M/L wire: 0,5mm, bristles: 4,5mm

      The wire have to fit between your teeth easily.

      @Janske Van de Ven: One Starter Set contains one handle and 1 brush head of every size for testing. One Refill set contains 8 brush heads of one size. You can choose 7 sets you prefer.

      Thank you for your support.

      best regards,

      your WINGBRUSH team

    3. Dani Dani about 3 hours ago

      So I have to take the Size 0, because I am new to Wingbrush?

    4. Missing avatar

      Claire Moreland about 5 hours ago

      I was filling out my survey and ran into a similar issue as some others so I looked into it. This is what is said in the need help section.

      How do I know which size to order?

      The brush should fit comfortable into your interdental spaces. If you have to force it heavily into the interdental space, it is too big. If you do not know your size, our Starter Set in combination with the Refill Set ISO 0 is perfect to get started.

      Why does the WINGBRUSH have three different brush sizes?

      Our range of three different brush sizes implies that you can choose the perfect size for your interdental gaps. Your gaps may vary, so maybe you need more than one size. In our Starter Set you will find all three sizes and you can test, which one fits.

    5. Missing avatar

      Janske Van de Ven
      about 7 hours ago

      Hello Team Wingbrush,

      Great product. I pledged for the: We´ll send you 7 WINGBRUSH Sets (Wingbrush Starter Sets or Refill Sets)

      I’m filling in the survey and I can fill in if I want the starter set or refills. What I don’t understand is that in the pledge for ‘starter set’ you say that one set is with 3 brushes and 1 refill set. Why isn’t there the option in the survey for 7 starter sets with 3 brushes includes and 7 refil sets? Because that is what is says at starter set..

      Hope to hear from you.

      Best regards

    6. Dani Dani about 8 hours ago

      I have the same Question.
      I don’t know which size I need.

    7. Missing avatar

      Walter Thorpe about 8 hours ago

      i just got the survey, how do i know which size to choose for the refill pack as im new to wing brush, does the size specify the length of the wire? or the thickness?

    8. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator about 11 hours ago

      @Ali Abdallah: please let us know which units you want to receive at

    9. Missing avatar

      Ali Abdallah 1 day ago

      I backed the community pack and pressed on the add on "Double your community pack", but I dont get the options of selecting what I want in this additional community it pack. Does it just preselect what my first community pack had meaning I cannot customize the additional community pack?

    10. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Hi guys,

      thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate them.

      @Sven: it takes time till we produce and receive the product. Please contat us in a couple of weeks again.

      With Cologne with love,

      your WNGBRUSH team :-D

    11. Sven 7 days ago

      @Louis, Marc & Burak

      You said it is possible to pick up the brush by yourself from cologne. I work in Ehrenfeld and live in the north of cologne. Where are you located? (:

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon Diaz on April 19

      Congratulations guys!! Well done! Very good project

    13. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on April 19

      Congratulations on successful funding! :-)
      Herzlichen Glückwunsch für das erfolgreiche Projekt! :-)

    14. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 19

      Hi Ben,
      you are right both products have their right to exist. But several studies shows the superiority of interdental brushes above floss :e.g.
      With our Wingbrush is the usage of an interdental brush much easier and faster - so you will get the best product for the space between your teeth ;).

    15. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 19

      Hi all!
      @Yota: Thanks for your suggestion. Our plan is to expand the range of WINGBRUSH colour in the next time. Dark or black would be very nice. Will keep you updated. But for the next time, maybe you repaint your bathroom in WINGBRUSH green ;).
      @Pia: The product will be send from Germany, all product will find their way to our backers. Or you can visite us in Cologne and pick up your Wingbrush by yourself.

    16. Ben Rosenthal
      on April 19

      One thing that dental floss achieves is scraping the full inside edge of our teeth, something an interdental brush doesn’t seem capable of. Is Wingbrush just not seeking to replace floss?

    17. Missing avatar

      Pia Pedersen on April 19

      Where will you be sending the product from? Your survey sounded as if you're sending from the US, which could be a problem regarding customs (which is why I rarely kickstart anything from the US).

    18. Yota on April 18

      Hope you consider to make the handle in black or dark colour next time. White and bright green looks very childish when sit in some bathroom like mine.

      And it will be way more cool when pair with your yellow, pink or orange brush.


    19. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 18

      Hi guys, hope you are alle well

      @SoPeis: Thank you for your support
      @Rob Hague: Nice to hear you like our product
      @Ugundu Jackson: We are sure you will like it
      @John: Yes, we ship also to APO addresses
      @Ben Rosenthal: The difference is the length of the brushes; the new brushes are 2mm longer. However, we do not recommend to use the old handle with our new refill brushes.
      @Teddy Casagranda: you can choose the 'couple set' and add some units afterwards, when you receive the survey

      Thank you for your feedback.

      From Cologne with love,

      your WINGBRUSH team :-D

    20. Missing avatar

      Teddy Casagranda on April 17

      I don't understand what is the Community Pack? (WINGBRUSH set)
      How many WINGBRUSH Handle and how many Refill? May I choose, by example 3 handles and 4 refills?
      At the end I just Would like 2 handles and some different refill size (at least 2 of each), which reward should i choose please?

    21. Ben Rosenthal
      on April 17

      Read through all the comments and didn’t see asked: Are the new brushes compatible with the 1.0 handle? The original handle seemed to work fine for me; it was the brushes that were too flimsy and ineffective.

    22. John
      on April 17

      Do you ship to APO addresses?

    23. Missing avatar

      Ugundu Jackson on April 12

      Hi guys,
      my dentist in SA (cape town) told me about this project and showed me the video. He backed too, so I will give it a try, looks highly promising.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on April 12

      Thanks Guys!
      That is the info i needed. I can now chase my local recyclers with this precidence info.
      Loving WB1.0 - using daily where as small brushes were difgicult so only weekly.

    25. Missing avatar

      SoPeis on April 12

      Saw it again, backed it! Good work.... First products works for me. It is integrated in my daily routine. My best friend is dentist, he recommends this product to his patients.

    26. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 12

      Hey guys,

      @natzignome: Thanks for your feedback and for your support, we really appreciate it!
      @Rob Hague: As we said before, we really don't know how it does work in UK. In Germany you can can put the plastic brush head with the metal bush body into 'plastic' recycling bin. You don't have to separate it.

      Best regards,

      your WINGBRUSH Team

    27. Missing avatar

      natzignome on April 11

      Love the first version and I pledged a big package. So I have a lot old refills I need to use up before ordering the new version. Hopefully Wingbrush will be available in my retail store around the corner at this time. So I ordered a virtual hig five :). Wish you guys success!

    28. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on April 11

      Recycling (again): in Germany can you put the plastic brush head with metal bush body into 'plastic' recycling bin?
      Or do you dismantle metal and plastic?
      Or just have one recycling bin?

      Here we have many containers and are expected to separate materials.

    29. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 11

      Hey guys,
      thanks for writing.

      @victor birgersson: you must have bought a competitor's product, because ours is not available yet, so we agree with you, the products of competititors are really disappointing

      @Samuel Chee: Yes,you will be able to order additional units after the campaign. Currently we don't know if it will be backerkit or another one

      @Nikolas Barto: Not sure if he's able to tell details about a product which is not produced yet, unless his real name is Marty McFly

      Thank you for your feedback guys!

      From Cologne with love,

      your WINGBRUSH team :-D

    30. Missing avatar

      Samuel Chee
      on April 10

      Add on later can be done by backerkit survey?

    31. Nikolas Barto
      on April 10

      @victor Care to elaborate?

    32. Missing avatar

      VB on April 10

      Worst product ever! I would never buy again!

    33. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 9

      Hey guys,
      we hope your are fine

      @doc12: the refills come in a hard case, for the handle currently there is no case
      @Rob Hague: thank you for your feedback. We don't know how plasic recycling works in UK, in Germany we have plastic recycling bins on the street. Sending plastic waste back to us would produce much bigger pollution than recycling it in UK.
      @William White: we are shipping from Germany, so currently shipping costs might be higher. We are using the cheapest way possible. Currently we are working on finding local retail partners all over the world to make shipping costs lower in the future.

      Thank you for your feedback guys!

      Best regards,

      your WINGBRUSH team

    34. Missing avatar

      William White
      on April 8

      I see that your shipping charges have not come down from the original campaign. I really thought you had said that had been rectified.
      Shipping is really too expensive.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on April 7

      With all the excitement about plastic waste, is there a way to recycle used brush heads?

    36. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on April 7

      Not sure why people say 1.0 was a failure - I pledged for this campaign, saw that 1.0 was available on Amazon, cancelled my pledge, tried 1.0 and came back here to re-pledge...
      WB1.0 is certainly easier to use than the little brushes I was using before, but does suffer from brush bending as do the little brushes.
      Looking forward to 2.0.

    37. Missing avatar

      doc12 on April 7

      @creator how about a hard case for travelling and better keeping?

    38. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 6

      Hi guys,

      @Oana Maries: yes, all our Version 1.0 backers who also pledged for WINGBRUSH 2.0 get one additional handle for free
      @Walter Thorpe: the special synthetic coating of the brush allows gentle cleaning without any negative effects

      Best regards,

      your WINGBRUSH team

    39. Missing avatar

      Walter Thorpe on April 5

      seeing that there is some sort of metal being used, will this cause any negative effects on users with fillings?

    40. Oana Maries on April 5

      I just got the email with the +1 wingbrush for backers of the first campaign. I also backed the second. Will I get the +1 extra automatically?

    41. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on April 5

      Hey guys,

      thanks for your support!

      @xjoaniex: Thank you for your support
      @Michael Hyland: you are welcome
      @jo*: sorry, currently there is no travel case for the handle

      Best regards,

      your WINGBRUSH team

    42. Missing avatar

      jo* on April 5

      Do you have a travel case for the handle? Would be a nice addition. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on April 3

      Got reply, thanks creator very helpful

    44. Missing avatar

      on April 3

      Loved version 1.0. Had my dentist appt last week and my gums are getting better.
      Looking forward to 2.0 since the brushes on the 1.0 do sometimes bend.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on April 1

      Hi, I emailed but got no response

    46. Louis, Marc & Burak 2-time creator on March 27

      Hi guys,

      thanks for writing.

      @Michael Hyland: Please send a message to, we will try to help you with this issue.

      @Kelley Hendrix: Thanks for your feedback

      @Jane Whitman: thanks for your feedback and for your support, we really appreciate it

      @Onni Haapatalo: thank you for the kind words. We really try our best to create a great product which helps people. Of course there is always room for improvement, so we really appreciate every kind of feedback to learn and get better. We believe our new product can help people to clean teeth more effective, stay healthy and avoid wasting money on dental implants. Our motivation is to promote people's health and we are grateful for every support.

      Best regards,
      WINGBRUSH team

    47. Missing avatar

      Onni Haapatalo on March 27

      Waiting for your product, seems like you seriously worked on the flaws of the old one. Good luck!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jane Whitman on March 27

      great video guys. i backed ver 1.0 and it works for me, but now im excited about the ver 2, so i backed it also.

    49. Kelley Hendrix
      on March 26

      With the complete failure of the 1.0 version, there is a possibility that these can only be a step up, but I doubt it. Would not recommend these to anyone, but if you do pledge, just remember you were warned. I do hope they do a much better job with 2.0 but it's not like they could do any worse. These are, of course, my opinions based on what I received as the reward.

    50. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on March 26

      Amazon not shipping wingbrush 1.0 to Ireland any other ideas?

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