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Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
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Shipping Begins!

Posted by Aneeka (Creator)
Waiting to be shipped!
Waiting to be shipped!

As the above pic shows, I'm getting orders ready to be shipped. While I should start getting orders out the door by the end of this week, this process will take several weeks since I'm a one-woman show (plus a helper here and there) and have over 200 orders to ship. I hope to have all orders out by the end of this month, though.

Important Notices

Wallscrolls: These are being shipped separately; they will not be in the packet I'm sending to you. They should start showing up at the end of March, early April.

Address Changes: If you have moved since November, please let me know your new address ASAP. If you don't know if I have the correct address, log into BackerKit and check the address you have listed for my Kickstarter. That is the one I'll be using.

Adding Items: Some have you have expressed the wish to add more items to your order. If so, email/message me ASAP and we'll work out the process.

Australia/New Zealand Shipping: I'll be emailing you individually next week to figure out the original shipping cost. Keep an eye out for that. Thanks!

Digital Orders: They're coming! I'm just putting them lower on the priority ladder right now.

Southern Tour: I haven't forgotten about this but I have yet to settle on the dates. I'm currently trying to plan it in the Fall, possibly in October.

I think that covers most of the question I've received. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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    1. Bryan Nolen on

      Received, with thanks from AU :)

    2. Dave Marron

      And it's here!

    3. Dave Marron

      Nothing here in California yet, but you did say it would take awhile.

    4. Alicia on

      Just got my NAV Volume 4 in the mail today. So exciting. I wanted to thank you for wrapping up the book with the tote bag before putting it in the envelope for mailing. That was the only thing that saved my book from being crushed when the mailman decided it was a good idea to shove it in the mailbox. Seriously took me five minutes to get it out of the mailbox. Envelope was severely damaged and crumpled, but the book is in perfect condition. Thanks again!

    5. David Paul on

      No worries. After all the trouble with the original book binders, I am glad you have some good news to share :)

    6. Broken Tile on

      Fantastic! Thanks for the update!