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Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
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Fiasco Diverted but Delays Resulted

Posted by Aneeka (Creator)

Happy Holidays!

I've been procrastinating this post since it's never fun to be the bearer of bad news. There were delays in the book production. The printer I work with was nice enough to rush me a couple of hundred copies so I could still mail out books before I headed to Australia (and take some with me for my Australian fans). Unfortunately, those books fell apart--something had gone wrong with the binding process. After lots of emails and phone calls, they were able to deduce the issue and I sent the bad books back. However, this slowed down the production a ton and I was unable to mail any of the books out before I went to Australia. Worse, due to other issues, I won't be able to mail out the books until March 2017.

I'm terribly sorry about the delay, but rest assured, I'll get them all out in March/April.

Some good news: I was able to get the T-shirts/hoodies/etc and the mugs in time and I mailed out most of the orders that only wanted those and not any books. I know some of you have received those (thanks for emailing!) which is awesome.

For the digital rewards, expect them to also come out in March. It makes it easier on me to focus on everything in March. Right now, I'm focusing on rebuilding a large buffer for NAV so I won't have to take a break during March.

Thank you all for your patience and have a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

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    1. Aneeka 5-time creator on

      Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful patience and understanding!

    2. WEKM

      Sometimes, bad things happen. I think it is proper testament to you that most of us are neither dismayed or discouraged.
      We know that you are doing your best, and we are patient.

    3. Dave Marron

      Remember what happened in the campaign for the first book, when you were shipped someone else's books?

      No worries here either - we'll wait.

    4. Venalitor on

      Waits are fine, delays are always expected. Sure it's a joy when they fail to happen, but never a disappointment when they occur.

    5. Marc L. Allen on

      No worries! Enjoy the holidays!

    6. David Paul on

      No worries at all, Aneeka :)

      The book binding issue was something you could not have foreseen. Unfortunately, not everything will go 100% the way they should, but none of this is your fault. Don't be too hard on yourself, okay?

      In any case, I hope you enjoy your visit down here Down Under (it's summer, it's hot, and the Eye of Amun-Ra glares down upon us with disdain and contempt. Better get some sunscreen :P ), and should your visit coincide with my days off, I hope to meet you in person :)

    7. Missing avatar

      eric-anderson on

      These things happen, sometimes production goes wrong. Take some time off and we'll get our nifty presents in March.

    8. NightWolf21k on

      Dont worry, something like this can happen, and its not your fault (and people who backed you the last times know that). Happy Holidays.

    9. Michael Hamaoka on

      Thanks for the update Aneeka! Sorry to hear about the printer troubles. Happy Holidays, safe travels, and Happy New Year!