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Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
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BackerKit, Shipping, and Australia/New Zealand News

Posted by Aneeka (Creator)

This is a long post. If you don’t have time, then please, please, please just read the “Shipping” section. It will make the survey process a lot easier!


I hit a major snag on Friday. I didn’t realize that BackerKit, who I’m using to handle the surveys and add-ons, requires a 14-day wait after the finish of a campaign. I sent an email requesting to be an exception to that rule but I have yet to receive an answer (it was the weekend so it’s not that surprising). I expect to get one sometime today or I’ll start annoying them with phone calls.

In the meantime, I’m re-adjusting my timetable. Getting the orders in by Nov 7th would have given me an extra week of cushion in case something went wrong. Well, something already went wrong, but if I can get the orders in by the end of this week, we should still be good!

The orders I definitely need this week are:



Phone cases/skins

The above take 2-3 weeks to make but we have Thanksgiving in that time period, though, which could mess things up; hence the need to get the orders out asap.


Like I said, I’m using BackerKit to handle the survey process and the add-ons. It’s a 3rd party software/company that I’ve heard good things about from other Kickstarter creators and I’ve used it myself as a Kickstarter backer for other projects.

Once I’m able to, I will push a button (and post another update) and BackerKit will start sending out emails, inviting you to log in with your Kickstarter credentials into BackerKit. It will then pull from Kickstarter your pledge level and the amount you had pledged during the Kickstarter. You will then have to answer a series of survey questions (shipping being one of them!). At the end of those questions, you’ll then be able to select which add-ons you wanted.

For those of you who emailed me, saying you wanted add-ons but failed to add them before the Kickstarter ended, this is where you’ll be able to do so. BackerKit allows you to add on more add-ons. You’ll then pay (within Backerkit, not Kickstarter) when I’m ready to ship, which will be at the end of November/beginning of December (basically, around Dec 1st).


First, let me state a fact: Kickstarter and Backerkit are not designed to run like a store. They’re designed to add shipping per item, not per weight. So, I’m doing something new with trying to assign shipping according to weight (and save you money). To do this, I must rely on you to count the ounces that will be in your order and pick the correct weight category.

The process should be very easy. Here is the list of each item and their weight:

Add up what you intend to order.

During the beginning of the survey process, it will ask you to pick your country (or pick Digital, if you’re only getting digital goods), then pick if your order is under 8oz, 32oz, 48oz, 64oz, or is over 64 oz. Then it will ask if it will fit in a package or a big box*

It will then tell you how much the shipping will cost (they’ll call it “This option requires an additional $(whatever the amount is)) and you will be required to enter your credit card information (BackerKit does NOT pull credit card info from Kickstarter, hence why you’ll need to re-enter it) near the end of the survey process (though your credit card will not be charged until I’m ready to ship).

Now, like I mentioned above, BackerKit allows you to add more to your order if you want (you’ll pay within BackerKit at the end of this month/beginning of December). If you decide you wanted more, make sure to go back to the shipping survey question and change your weight amount (if it needs to be changed)!

Also, I’ll be reviewing each order so don’t be afraid of messing up. I’ll simply contact you if there’s a problem and we’ll get it resolved.

*Almost all orders will fit in a normal package/box (for an extreme example, I can fit up to 5 NAV books, 4 T-shirts, and 4 mugs in one). The big box is for bulky orders like those that order more than 4 mugs (I can’t fit more than 4 mugs in the regular box) OR who order 1+ posters and 3 mugs (I can only fit 1 poster tube (which can fit up to 3 posters) and 2 mugs in the regular box, plus 4 books and 4 T-shirts). So, to reiterate, the big box is not about weight, but about the space available inside the normal box. If you have 1+ poster and 3 mugs or if you have 5 mugs, you will need to choose the big box, regardless of the weight.

Australia/New Zealand

As some of you know, I travel a lot because of work. For a while, now, I’ve been trying to get a spot that requires oversea travel. And I’ve finally snagged one!

I’ll be going to Australia next month for a month. This means that I could possibly ship Kickstarter orders FROM Australia, and thus significantly reduce Australia and New Zealand shipping costs. I know I have at least 15 backers from Australia, but it doesn’t tell me who. Would any of you contact me so I can ask you a bunch of questions about shipping in Australia? I’ll be near Brisbane if that makes a difference.

Also, until I can confirm this possibility, just go through the survey process as if I’ll be shipping from the USA so I can have an idea of how much stuff I would have to bring (and to see if I can fit it all in my suitcase).

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    1. Aneeka 5-time creator on

      @Bryan and Xander: Thanks! I've got most of the information I needed. Now I just have to research the prices and convert ounces to grams.
      @Alannah: I don't know the answer to that yet. Give me a week or two to research the Australian shipping options. I'll make another post with the details.

    2. Missing avatar

      Xander on

      Shipping to Australia from Australia would be awesome! If you need any info I can try to help :)

    3. WEKM

      Thank heavens for Backerkit.
      I will be adding several items to my pledge, that I couldn't afford on the 1st. And there will be much rejoicing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alannah O on

      I live in Australia but will be in Canada until the end of the year, do you know which shipping option is likely to be cheaper?

    5. Bryan Nolen on

      If you have any questions, just shoot me a DM or email.

    6. Bryan Nolen on

      Shipping in Australia is very easy - we have outlets for all the majors (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) and the majority of post is handled by Australia Post (auspost - the same as USPS, just for Australia.)

      Between capital cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, etc.) is usually overnight and not too expensive (depends on total dimensions of the parcel and the weight in grams)