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Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
Book 4 of "Not A Villain"! Kat plans to enforce pacifism in her villain group, but the group has different ideas. Violent ones.
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Thank You!

Posted by Aneeka (Creator)

Wow! This may be my fourth time doing a Kickstarter, but I never know how it's going to end and I certainly didn't expect this type of a finish. We raised $3,000 in one day! Amazing! And reached 18K and over 300 backers!! That is beyond amazing. Thank you all so much!!

Now it's time for me to get crazy busy! I'll be finishing up the book and sending it off to the printers by Thursday. Those in the $150 and up tiers, please get me the information I need from you tonight or as soon as you can, but most definitely within 24 hours of the ending of this Kickstarter at the very latest.

Then, this weekend, I'll be importing everyone into BackerKit. It's a site that will help me get all the add-ons organized.  I'll send out a survey through them and that is how you will let me know what add-ons you wanted, plus the type/size/etc. This will also help me to know how many of each item I need to order. For things to be ready to ship by December, I have to start ordering by Nov 7. Also, this is where we'll figure out the shipping charges, but no one will be charged until I'm ready to ship, which should be at the of November, beginning of December.

So, keep an eye out for those surveys to come sometime this weekend! And don't forget the extra update that will be showing up on on Thursday!

Thanks again, everyone! Can't wait to get Book 4 printed and into your hands!

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    1. Aneeka 5-time creator on

      @Bryan: The survey has not yet been sent, so you're good! I'll post an update when the surveys have been sent out.
      @Torrenal and David: Thanks!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bryan Fraser on

      Hi Aneeka,
      Apparently KickStarter will send you emails even though the email address isn't verified (I.e. KickStarter doesn't think I have an email in its system, but will still send update emails). This has been fixed, but I was wondering if you had already sent out the survey, because it won't update past emails.

      Bryan F

    3. Missing avatar

      Torrenal on

      Aneeka, apologies for granting you a greatly successful Kickstarter, but we know you're more than up to the task.

      Besides - Shiny Mugs!

    4. David Paul on

      Massive congratulations, Aneeka!