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A carbon fiber ring for enthusiasts who are passionate about performance and style and want to become better in every way! Read more

Boston, MA Design
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This project was successfully funded on February 11, 2013.

A carbon fiber ring for enthusiasts who are passionate about performance and style and want to become better in every way!

Boston, MA Design
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Thanks for all the support!

More ring sizes coming soon!  Stay tuned for our next Kickstarter launch.

Update: Mansgear magazine says our rings are "the epitome of masculine jewelry".

Carbon fiber is revolutionizing high performance sports, automotive, aerospace and prosthetics industries. Its lightweight high strength properties are giving athletes and astronauts alike the edge to push themselves to the limits and beyond.

We see beauty in performance and that’s why we are passionate about using carbon fiber as an artistic material. We are two brothers who grew up near Seattle and each came to know carbon fiber independently in our engineering careers. Jack studied carbon fiber while at graduate school and now as a material scientist at a major aerospace company he builds elegant carbon fiber components. Patrick was introduced to the amazing advantages of carbon fiber while in graduate school and working at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital developing next generation prosthetic feet. Together we are now hoping to blend art with the high tech to bring you carbon fiber rings that are simple, elegant and unique.

We design and sculpt the carbon fiber rings in our homes using state of the art manufacturing techniques. Each ring is hand crafted one at a time to ensure quality and perfection. We start with dry carbon fiber fabric that is "impregnated" with a two part curing liquid resin. The wet-out fabric is then wound around a aluminum mandrel using a special technique we developed just for this process to achieve a tight wrap. Next the part is wrapped with heat shrink tape to provide consolidation pressure. Finally the part is placed in an oven to cure. When it comes out of the oven the resin has cross-linked and the part is solid. The solid tube is removed from the mandrel and the individual rings are cut using a high speed diamond wet saw. After the rough cut the edge is beveled to produce a rounded feel on the outside and the internal diameter is sanded to a 1500 grit finish to give the ring a very soft smooth feel on the inside.

The money we get from this fundraising project will go towards buying new equipment which will streamline production and increase yield and allow us to manufacture additional sizes. Our goal is to be able to share our enthusiasm for high performance art with as many people as possible by making these carbon fiber rings.

We see beauty in performance, if you do too, support us and get your rings today!


Jack and Patrick


Risks and challenges

There are always challenges in composite processing, most of these challenges deal with product consistency. We have had some issues in the past with wrinkles, porosity and surface finish. We have worked through these issues and are now confident in our manufacturing processes. In the unlikely event any issues do arise we will discard the defective rings and start anew.

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