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Choose from 30 unique captains and ships in this strategic sci-fi card game of diplomacy, battle, exploration, and more!


Not just a space combat game, Nova Cry combines diplomacy, exploration, crew management, variable player powers, turn phases, intriguing combat choices, unique travel mechanics, and careful hand management all into one game that truly has an "epic boardgame" feel – all wrapped into a card game!

Taking cues from boardgames such as Twilight Imperium and Cosmic Encounter, Nova Cry lets players customize and tailor their gameplay experience so that each game highlights a new facet of the Nova Cry universe. Gameplay centers around the six cards that each player chooses as their beginning task force, consisting of one captain card (from 15), one ship card (from 15), three crew members (from 12), and one personal weapon (from 7). These six choices will remain with that player for the rest of the game and will greatly affect their strategic choices.


Players are faced with a variety of short-term and long-term decisions during the course of a game. Some of these decisions include:

-Choosing a Strategic Focus: every turn, players can choose one of five different focuses, including Tactical Prep, Command, Rush, Diplomacy, and Galactic Affairs.

-Choosing a Battle Plan: during a ship battle, players can choose from one of five different attack types, including Ambush, Entrap, Frontal Assault, Chase, and Coordinated Attack.

A Word from the Game Designer

Game Demonstration Video (Using Prototype)

Link to Rulebook:

What People Are Saying:

"NC does not appear to be your simple, typical space battle or empire building card game. There is quite a lot in this little game. Picture Twilight Imperium, the card, in the final analysis, is it more than just a pretty face? Yes." - Ray B.

" of my most wanted games.  Although Eclipse is awesome, getting the thrill of exploring the galaxy in a shorter time period is quite nice. I can't wait to add this game to my shelves." - Steven M.

"Really looking forward to the game!  I too enjoy games where you're opening faction is different and you have to adjust your strategy based on who you are playing." - Steve B. 

 "...levitating from my chair!!!"  -Oskar, J.

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Sample Cards

Game Components

-2 dice
-15 Captain Cards
-15 Ship Cards
-12 Crew Member Cards (6 copies of each)
-7 Personal Weapon Cards
-60 Community Action Cards
-60 Discovery Cards
-40 Planet Cards
-6 Hull Count Sheets
-20 “Used Ability” Markers
-12 Vote Markers
-1 Vote Track
-15 Ship Reference Cards
-15 Captain Reference Cards
-1 Victory Point/Intel Track

What will the Funding Go Towards?

As you can see, Nova Cry is all about fantastic artwork.  As a pledger, your funding will help us fully illustrate this game, as well as produce this game with the highest production values possible.  We want every last card and component to wow you!

Thank you for helping make Nova Cry an AWESOME game!


The Nova Cry Team


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