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This product was created for us women to connect to our bodies by relating to the bright moon and following the days of the year.
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Oopsies and options!

Posted by Jamie Sullivan & Brady Patterson (Creator)

Hi beautiful snow angels!!!  I just arrived home in Northern Ontario so my imagination is currently captivated by the perfect white snow!  I have two reminders for you;

This is my friendly and humble reminder number one that I accidentally wrapped by own personal calendar, ...and then sent it out with all of yours!!!  Yes I am that fabulous.  That means, that one of you, likely a three's a charm package, will get an already filled out and loved MoonTracker.  I have here with me in Ontario two extra MoonTrackers ready and waiting for the notice "one of mine has been coloured!" to arrive in my inbox:).  

Reminder number two!  These beauties are loose leaf - so no binding.  They are free like a naked fall tree!  For the delicious Goddesses who have not ordered a wooden stand, I will take some pics tomorrow to show you a few beautiful ways to place your MoonTracker.  I am partial to a big pretty rock or crystal like book ends (but book front and back!).

*I also want you to know I will be updating the MoonTracker website soon.  On it I will have more resources and information if you end up inclined to learn more.  xox  I am with family now for the holidays, so I can promise for certain that the information will be available early in the new year.  

This is all for now.  Merry, Joy filled Holidays you special special ladies.  xox Jamie


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