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Magic Bullet is a free, semi-annual comic newspaper in Washington, DC.
52 backers pledged $1,163 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Andrew Cohen (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.


Posted by Andrew Cohen (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Screenprints of the cover for MAGIC BULLET #5

Posted by Andrew Cohen (Creator)

Kicking off our final 48 hours, we're offering a new reward ...

For $20, you can pick up a special screen print of the cover for MAGIC BULLET #5. The cover is being completed by Anthony Dihle of Fire Studio. Anthony is a Washington, DC artist and has made posters for everyone who rolls through town ... from Jay-Z and the Shins to local DC bands playing their first gig. We're thrilled to have him work on MAGIC BULLET #5, and you can see from this work-in-progress image of the cover that it's going to be a beauty ...

The quality of Anthony's work is evident, and you can see examples of his process at his website,

In addition to the work-in-progress image of the cover, here are a few more samples of his work ...

$1000 Unlock!

Posted by Andrew Cohen (Creator)

Although we've reached our Kickstarter goal, we've decided to make it a sprint to the finish line by offering a $1,000 secret "unlock" reward!

$1,000 dollars will mean a lot to us in terms of how many copies we can print and how much we can distribute, but it's also a lot to ask from our supporters.  As a result, we decided to make it a "secret" reward ...

That means that if we hit $1,000 in backing, then RAFER ROBERTS will send out an original art sketch card to every backer who has pledged $10 or more.

For those who know Rafer, they'll realize this as a chance to get a completely unique piece of art from an amazing artist.

For those who don't know Rafer, he's the omni-talented creator behind the comic series PLASTIC FARM; the artist behind NIGHTMARE THE RAT that runs in MAGIC BULLET; and the cover artist for MAGIC BULLET #4.  His art show - "Fever Dreams of Organic Machines"- will be coming up this summer at Visarts At Rockville (  I've attached a few samples of his work, but I urge you to check out his website at to see the full scope of his talents.

We're already really close to that goal, and there are exactly 8 DAYS to make it a reality - starting now!

Art Samples

Posted by Andrew Cohen (Creator)

I just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone who has contributed to MAGIC BULLET #5 so far!  We're happy to announce that this weekend we met our goal of $700, so we will definitely be funded.  There's still more than a week to go, though, and lots of great rewards left to collect, so if you haven't pledged support yet, there's still lots of time and plenty of incentive!

We haven't been idle, either.   Artwork has begun rolling in, and I wanted to share a few bits and bobs of what we've received to date.  As you can see, there's already a wide variety of styles, stories, tones and comics, and we're only just getting started ...

From Paul Zdepski ...

From Jamie Noguchi ...

From Matt Dembicki ...

From Jason Wilkins ...

From Evan Keeling and Matt Rhodes ...

From Debi Hammack ...