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Bobo as Antidepressant. Project Goal; increase dosage, make more funny, launch website, and unleash Bobo into the viral universe.


The attached video clip is a brief introduction to Bobo and the Bobo Diaries, a web based comedy series. The Bobo Diaries chronicle the adventures and exploits of a private detective known as Bobo Love in this live action comic strip come to life. Bobo's specialty is love related crime.


Every relationship is a crime scene waiting to happen.   When it does, sometimes Bobo gets the call.  Occasionally, he answers it.  Sometimes he even solves the crime; not often though; usually he just sniffs around and waxes poetic.


The Bobo Diaries were created for a very specific audience; humans,  people; people who suffer from depression and need the kind of relief that only Bobo can provide.


The number of Americans using antidepressants doubled in the past decade.  Roughly ten percent, or 27 million, were taking antidepressants in 2005. That is twice the number in 1996.  While it would be premature to suggest that figure has doubled again in the past 6 years, it has most certainly increased. And then there is the rest of the world; multiply the above figure by ten.

These are our people. They are our target audience. We plan to treat them with our own brand of antidepressants; the Bobo Diaries.


Like any drug, increasing dosage is the only way to effectuate maximum performance.  "Bobo heads need More; More Bobo, Pure Bobo, Uncut Bobo.  None of the weak stuff you find in every corner of the web."    

Your backing will allow us to shoot and cut at least 3 more Bobo episodes;  more if we exceed our goal.  Those proposed shorts, added to the three we already have completed, would give us enough episodes to finish the web site and unleash the first season of the Bobo Diaries into the viral universe.

So if you like what we've created with no financing, imagine what we can do with your support.   We urge you, to join us and become a part of Your Antidepressant Comedy Network. 

We are offering a grab bag of  rewards some of which will surely become collectors items of the future.  Those items can be viewed at the below link.

Want more Bobo?  go to the the below link for a mock up and glimpse of what our completed website will look like.


  • Yes! Not easily, but we can produce at least three, possibly four, and certainly more, if we exceed our goal. The other completed shorts including the one featured on this page, were labors of love; which is to say no one got paid . But ever since the economy tanked,, our cast and crew can no longer afford to be so generous with their time and talents.

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  • The performers who appear in the video are not professional actors, although they certainly could be. Linnea Ross who stars in the piece is an LA based singer song writer; mostly blues and jazz and ballads. Elizabeth Cline the performer who offers Bobo a martini is an LA based artist and art curator..

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  • This episode was written, directed, and produced, by Daniel Appleby. The Director of Photography, was Dean Lent. Dean also shot the other short entitled "Getting Lucky" that one can be seen on the Bobo Diaries web site. Dean is a joy to work with because first of all he's an amazing DP; secondly, he loves his work, which makes him a great collaborator. The very talented Edwin Steinitz edited both videos. The voice of Bobo belongs to French rock and roller Jacques Duvall. Jacques is a Paris based singer/song writer/producer who performs throughout Europe. The very talented Austrian filmmaker/surfer dude, Michael Ginthoer also did some additional shooting as well.

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  • No Kickstarter is Bobo's first public appearance. The plan was to bank a full season of the bobo episodes before we unleashed them into the viral universe. But when the economy tanked, we had to stop production before we were able to finish the first season. We've had a couple of financing entities offer to fund us, but after suffering through what felt like seven lifetimes of waiting, nothing ever came from those offers. And now we have discovered Kickstarter. What a revolutionary idea! No commercials, no advertisements, no product placement. You like something, you support it and thereby nurture it and enable it to continue and possibly flourish. We feel honored to be a part of this wonderful experiment.

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  • A three channel web based hub for antidepressant comedy. The bobo diaries is the flagship or first channel we are launching. The other two are currently in development. Your Antidepressant Comedy Network is also a confederacy of creative collaborators who are scattered around globe. These individuals are able to connect and collaborate digitally via the internet when they can't do so in person. So living in Paris , Berlin, or say Vienna, is no longer a handicap. Other members include artist/photographer Dean Lent, writer/producer Mark Spartz, and French rock and roller Jacques Duvall, the Voice of Bobo.

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  • We have at least thirty scripts written and ready to be shot. We also have a half hour pilot script that was created for cable television series back when we thought cable was going to be our home.

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  • No. Not at all. Here at the Bobo Diaries, we take depression very seriously. We take Antidepressants very seriously as well. We believe in the healing and rtansformative powers of laughter. Norman Cousins speaks very eloquently about this in his book Anatomy of an Illness which was endorsed by the New England Journal of Medicine.

    The benefits of laughter or what some medical professionals refer to as humor therapy are very much in use now worldwide.

    As for our effort that regard? Bobo can only offer temporary relief and is in no way intended as an alternative to the kinds of pharmaceutical antidepressants that can be prescribed by a doctor. Our lawyer advised us to say that.

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