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The new feature from award-winning Borderline Films, starring Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon, and Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi
The new feature from award-winning Borderline Films, starring Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon, and Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi
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    1. Harrison Deles Boyd on

      Hey, just wondering, when will I receive the download for the movie? I don't think I've gotten any updates since I helped back this about a year ago.

    2. Terri Gunner on

      Well I got my first email today since September 2014 just to find out the screening is in two days. I'm coming from Timmins, Ontario CANADA. the return flight for two pepole is 1500 dollars plus last minute hotel for 600 dollars. Thanks a lot for the 2 day notice borderline. I've sent 3 emails to you requesting the dates and explained where I'm traveling from. I was assured we would get plenty of notice. This is heartbreaking for my daughter who has traveled to Montreal. ...Toronto. ....Ottawa and Cleveland to see Cudi. I expect a refund of the 2 tickets we purchased.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nadia Guevara on

      I'm a college student in Texas and paid 100$ for the NY screening just to find out less than 5 days this is going to be released and now I won't be able to go......

    4. Sarah Feola on

      What's going on with the screening????

    5. Terri Gunner on

      I bought these tickets so my daughter would have an opportunity to meet Cudi. We are flying from Timmins, Ontario which is about 1600kms from New York. Would appreciate an update at the very least!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Joey Soyad on

      So there is a screening in LA. Which is less than 2 weeks away. No time to make travel plans.
      Oh, by the way. I signed up for the NYC screening.
      You guys need to get your shit together.
      Cudi, where you at man?

    7. Jeremy Kueltzo on

      Wow i thought i accidently deleted an email or something but im pretty upset too. I mean $100 is a lot of money and i was really hoping to meet Cudi and thats the only reason i paid the money. Congrats on taking all of our money and breaking promises.

    8. Missing avatar

      Belinda Gonez on

      Look at how much money you took from your backers. Your project wouldn't be possible without our help. It's so sad that you're not owning up to your promises. Extremely disappointing, I won't be watching the film anymore either.

    9. Simone Heads on

      Any updates for the screenings? Saw the trailer looks great and the release is November 13th if I'm not mistaken? Will it be around then? Please let us know

    10. Samuel L. Cook III on

      Any updates? Whatever happened to the soundtrack?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeslyn Arely Perdomo on

      Hey guys! Congrats on the poster it looks dope! Just wondering when we would hear back though, any brief update would help...

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Penalber on

      Are we ever going to hear about this?! This is incredibly disappointing. At least an update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alexander Stewart on

      Thanks for no update! What's going on here?

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph Garcia on

      You guys what the hell

    15. Missing avatar

      Kirk Parrish on

      This is ridiculous. It's been over a year with no updates or anything. Just take the money and run, huh?! Pretty cool beans.

    16. Connor Ulery on

      We deserve some sort of update on these LA/NY Screenings. I mean just some sort of information on what's happening. It wasn't easy to just give 100 at the time But I felt it was well worth it to meet my musical idol. Some kind of update is necessary at this point. February turns into mid June. How much longer before we even hear anything???

    17. Missing avatar

      Drew Batchelor on

      Still waiting to hear updates on the NY screening/Scott Mescudi Meet and Greet...Cudi is probably super busy but Borderline Films should at least send us emails giving us some sort of info..we were promised an early 2015 date and it is now mid 2015

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Grider on

      VERY VERY UPSET. See comments below. I want my money back if something doesn't happen soon.

    19. Tatiana Becker on

      It would be nice to receive some sort of update on the project

    20. Missing avatar

      Belinda Gonez on

      I feel like I've been scammed. You promised us things for our money and I haven't even received any updates at all, not even to apologize that it's taking so long. Why?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joey Soyad on

      No updates for NYC screening and meet and greet with Scott Mescudi ???
      Please respect your end of this deal and be considerate enough to communicate with those who backed your project!

    22. Missing avatar

      Luis Sanchez on


      I have sent an email a few times with no response.
      When is the LA Screening please.

    23. Missing avatar

      Belinda Gonez on

      When is the la screening? Been waiting for updates since last year

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeslyn Arely Perdomo on

      Hello just wondering on any of the the latest news, haven't really heard much since may

    25. Rebecca Fishkis on

      Just wondering when we'll hear news about the film screenings????

    26. Missing avatar

      Ali Martin on

      When is the New York screening going to take place?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexander Roman Romero on

      Please update with information regarding the LA screening, some of us will be traveling to attend this event. Information like the Date of the screening is crucial when trying to ensure a guaranteed flight/hotel booking for ourselves in order to attend the film/event we helped back.

    28. Terri Gunner on

      I need to book flights from Timmins Ontario to New York so is there any update on the New York screening yet?

    29. Missing avatar

      F D


      Unfortunately I cannot find my name on the shout outs :
      I've sent a couple of mails, but unfortunately I've not had a reply yet. Can you guys help please ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Zachary Dickson on

      When can we expect to see a trailer released? I'm excited!

    31. Wendy Paniagua on

      Do you guys know the date for the LA screening? I'm worried I will miss the date lol.

    32. P. Starr Sanders on

      Yay, congrats guys! Stoked to see the project.

    33. Missing avatar

      Delila Marquez on

      That was AWESOME..let's GO! can't wait to watch the acomplishment!!

    34. Muneeb Arain on

      Can't wait until the LA screening! #cudfam

    35. Danny Zambito on

      My best to reach your goal! I want to meet kid cudi:)

    36. paul sparks on

      finally. good luck gentlemen. p