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Eldritch Horror Role Playing in the Trenches of World War One
Eldritch Horror Role Playing in the Trenches of World War One
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Two more goals UNLOCKED! That makes 19!!!

Posted by Wet Ink Games (Creator)

Nineteen Stretch Goals!

Just seeing that typed out is astounding. Nineteen stretch goals is well beyond what we thought we could reach, but all of these are falling into place. With the previous addition of the Once More Unto the Breach book of compiled Mission Folios, you will be lacking any adventure ideas. We unlocked Jonathan Meadows and his Mission Folio and another adversary for the core book, and we've moved right on to Brandon Daugenbaugh who will be unlocked at $24,000. 

Brandon will be diving into the first of a few missions exploring the naval elements of Never Going Home. The characters are sent to a small fishing village to investigate sightings of the ship the HMS Paradise...except the ship was previously sunk by German sea mines. I'm really excited about this, especially since players will be able to tie this together with some of the upcoming missions for entire sessions at sea.

500 Backers

We also reached a tremendous milestone of 500 backers. Our added backer stretch goals mean we can bring some added talent to the project and I'm thrilled to discuss this next one. Alicia Lutes is a long-time friend and one of the best writers I know. If that name sounds familiar, she was a managing editor for the Nerdist where she created and hosted the first few seasons of "Fangirling" and now is writing for IGN and Rotten Tomatoes. 

Alicia will be taking the soldiers from the battlefields of Europe to the shores of Lake Tanganyika in German East Africa.

You and your battalion are on a mission: help map out the strategic route to bring in Allied forces' boats—the HMS Mimi and Toutou—to Lake Tanganyika, a German stronghold and strategically important boundary in the war. Only...the streams on which General Spicer-Simson was relying to transport the boats the rest of the way have mysteriously all dried up. It's confusing...the water was there only days ago! And odder had very recently rained. When a small local child appears and motions for you to follow her, you do, leading the team to a mysterious cave close to the Lake...and not on any of your maps. Once inside, it is clear that there is something here that does not want war to happen upon its waters. And it will do whatever it takes to protect its lands.

 August Hahn and Steven Wu are next in line for the backer goals.

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    1. Tim Hall

      They told us the war would be over soon and we would be home by Christmas, and yet it went on and on - just like reaching new stretch goals will continue to go on and on and on.