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Update #5

WerleyBob Pictures has a new teammate!


WerleyBob Pictures is very happy to announce our recruitment of talented sound designer and audio effects wizard Felipe Chagas! Felipe lives in Portugal, but because the internet is so cool and wonderful he was able to discover our project here on and offer his services.  He has done an extensive amount of work for other quality video games and animated films, and needless to say we were very impressed with his reel, and strongly believe that his contribution will be an invaluable addition to the final version of "T.P.".  You can check out Filipe's work here...

and see his CV here...

We're very excited to be working with Filipe and would like to remind everyone that while we are happy to do the work ourselves there are many aspects to quality film making, and we could use all the help we can get.  So if you can't contribute to the film financially but have talents or resources that you think would benefit the project(Cinematography, voice acting, animating, puppet making, photography, marketing resources, etc)  please don't hesitate to contact us.  Cheers!

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    For this donation we will close our eyes and radiate our positive energy in your general direction for no less than five seconds. We're actually going to do it too.

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    We will mail you an original personalized and signed T.P. thank you card. It may seem like a crappy gift now, but when you're raking it in on E-bay off our world famous signatures you'll be happy you spent the five bucks.

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    We'll mail you the card. as well as a signed storyboard panel, and if we run out we'll draw you something nice don't worry about it.

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    We throw in an I.O.U. for one DVD version of the completed film as soon as it's available. You know you want one.

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    We throw in a pre-production package that includes the original script, photo copies of original designs, The shot list, and one original thumb nail drawing. Go on. Buy yourself some insight into our process.

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    We add five sequential story boards instead of one, and we throw the character profiles into the pre-production package. The character profiles contain the basic life story of each character, and combined are almost equal in length to the script of the film. They're fun.

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    We add ten sequential boards instead of five, one piece of original concept art, and we put your name in the "Special Thanks To" section of the film, because you're so special.

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    We add an original prop or piece from one of the puppets or set and fifteen sequential boards. This is turning into a pretty nice package I would say.

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    We throw in an original puppet from the film, twenty-five sequential boards, and additional concept art. We must indeed be grateful to part with one of our precious puppets.

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    For this level of donation you will be credited as a producer at the end of the film. We will include the completed script of our next project, as well as scripts for other short films and works in progress. You will also receive a personalized special edition DVD package that includes a video homage to you personally. We would be happy to grovel before you, oh loaded one.

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    If you descend from the heavens and give us this amount of money you will become the Executive Producer of this project. We will include in your package the piece of artwork from the film we deem to be the most valuable, and we will construct a small shrine around a picture of you in our apartment. We will maintain it daily, and keep it surrounded by fresh flowers and scented candles.

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