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The first film from WerleyBob Pictures. It's going to be great.
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Bob Blevins

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Watch "T.P." Now!


Hey Everyone!

So we’re very happy to be included in the 5th edition of the Viewster Online Film Festival, the theme of which is Animated Worlds. There are many amazing looking films available to watch for free, and afterwards you can share them with your friends or strangers on the internet! You can also vote on your favorites, and data regarding viewer votes, comments on the site, posts on social media, blogs, etc will be used to determine 10 final films that will compete for a combined $50,000 in prizes. This is a really cool chance for us to share the film with lots of people, so please don't be shy to spread the link on your facebook, twitter, or anywhere else. 

So the link to T.P. is here…

We hope you all enjoy it and find it to have been worth the wait!

We’re also very happy to share this press release…

“LAIKA holds an employee screening of the stop-motion short, T.P., by WerleyBob Pictures.”

This world class animation studio was kind enough to host us and the screening went very well! It was great to see T.P. on the big screen at last, but we wish you all could have been there! Hopefully you'll have opportunities to see it in a theatre near you soon...

So far we’ve received notifications from seven film festivals and been accepted into six of them. So if you’re in Mankato Minnesota this Saturday you can check us out at the Speechless Film Festival at 7:00 during the animated films screening! The schedule is here…

Also, if you’re in Liverpool England you can catch as at the Liverpool Lift Off Film Festival tomorrow!

We'll be playing April 5th at the Athens Film+Video festival in Ohio at 9:45, and as we get more notifications and schedule information we'll be sharing it.

Also, Bob ventured up to Portland for the screening and had some time to sit down with Bradly and package up our Kickstarter rewards. The way we're going to do it is send out a survey in the next few days, and mail all original artwork rewards to everyone. All other promised elements will be made into a digital reward package and put up on Dropbox for download, and everyone will have access to that. :)

As always we're extremely grateful to you all and hope you enjoy the fruits of your generosity!


Bob and Bradly

We're Done!


Remember us?

Sorry it's been so long since we last reached out, but it's been a crazy year, and we didn't want to send updates reporting anything other than the films completion. Both Werley and Bob had to work a lot of hours at their respective studios in Portland and Los Angeles, and while modern remote communication is a blessing, it's still far less efficient than working together directly. However, we're proud to announce that T.P. is finally finished! Over the last year we were very fortunate to enlist a couple more team members to our merry band of volunteers...

 John Thomas- John is a talented and experienced sound designer who has worked on feature films like Frozen and Noah, but he sacrificed a lot of spare time from his current gig at Blizzard Entertainment to help  us out.  He designed, recorded, synced, and mixed great audio effects that brought our animated characters to life in a wonderful new way, and we're very grateful for his efforts. 

Jake Carlson- Jake is an assistant camera operator and colleague of Bradly Werley at Laika, and he very generously offered to color correct T.P. in his free time. Color correction in stop motion is a very precise and time consuming process that demands a keen eye, and watching the corrected cut beside the original really demonstrates how important a process it is in creating a final product that looks sleek and professional. Jake is also working with Werley on a promotional poster for T.P. which we will share with you as soon as it's ready. :)

So we completed a huge amount of frame by frame digital effects, color correction, and sound work right after the new year. After test screening our first final cut online with a bunch of friends, family, and industry associates we received an overwhelmingly positive response to the film, but also some insightful critique and suggestions for changes to make the final product a little more effective. So for the last few weeks we made a big push to get a finished product ready for a bunch of looming festival deadlines. Grace Blevins grit her teeth and created a ton of fantastic new artwork for the credits sequence very quickly, John made time to re-edit and mix the sound, and Bob pulled a couple all nighters to get everything ready to go. Thanks to their final efforts, years of dedication and hard work from a crew of fourteen volunteers, and to the generosity and profound patience of all our wonderful backers, T.P. was submitted to these film festivals over the weekend...

LA Film Festival, USA Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, The Indie Fest Film Awards, Viewster Online Film Festival, The Shredder International Film Festival, American Pavilion Emerging Filmmakers at Cannes, Alhambra Theatre Fest, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Zero Film Festival in LA, The Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan, The New Media Film Festival, The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Cinema at the Edge Film Festival, The Speechless Film Festival, The Liverpool Lift Off Film Festival, The Screen Actors Guild Short Film Festival

Some of these are very prestigious and competitive festivals that will be very difficult to get accepted into, but we made an awesome movie and we're not going to be shy about putting it out there. 

It will probably take a few more weeks to assemble all the materials and prepare the reward packages most of you are still waiting for, but we will be sending out the last surveys soon to get everyones current contact information, and we'll get all your materials to you as soon as possible. 

We have ended all our past updates by thanking each of you for your contribution and being so patient with us, but we've never been so nervous  to do so until now. Soon you will all be able to decide for yourselves whether or not we earned your support, and we hope you'll find the film to be a piece of art and entertainment that was worth the wait. Regardless, we couldn't be more grateful to you all. Thank you so very much, and we'll send another update and surveys soon.



Hey Everyone!


So we have some good news, and we have some bad news. 

The good news is that the Bob in WerleyBob Pictures has been offered, and gratefully accepted a job animating on a feature film down in L.A. The bad news is that for the first time in nearly four years we will be parting ways, as Bob has to boogie out of town in a few days, and Werley is staying in Portland for his job at Laika. While this will mark the end of an era for us both, we're grateful to live in a time where being hundreds of miles apart won't effect our ability to finish this film. We will work remotely on "T.P." and Bob will take the campaign down to L.A., where hopefully we can scrounge up some new support. It will also give Bob a chance to meet face to face with our composer Cooper Rich, and It will be passed time for that. 

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support and interest in this project!!

Much Love,

Bradly and Bob

Moving Forward!


Hey Everyone! Greetings, and happy new year to all of our wonderful friends and backers!

We're sending a quick update to let you know where we are at right now. Having made it as far into the post production process as possible without raising additional funds, we have launched a second, and we assure you our final Kickstarter campaign to take us down the home stretch. At the end of our proposal video there are some animation clips you haven't seen yet, and can check out here...

We've also started an official WerleyBob Pictures Facebook page, and you can Like us here...

A note about Rewards...

We've sent out rewards to everyone who we are currently able, and have received a few  nice messages from folks who apparently put their storyboards up on the wall, which gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. :) For everyone else who has a DVD, or other artwork coming their way, we must ask that you be just a bit more patient than you already have been. Kickstarter only allows us to survey our backers once, and we want to wait until the film is done and DVDs are made so we have everyones current address. If we're fortunate enough to be successful in our campaign a second time, we will be sending all rewards simultaneously, but backers from the first campaign who have puppets and props coming their way will have first choice. 

As always we greatly appreciate your patience and continued support! Thank you all so much, and everyone have a great 2014!


WerleyBob Pictures

We've Finished Animating!


Hey Everyone! 

So in January we sat down and tried to calculate when we would finish animating, and we didn't think it would be possible to finish anytime before November 1st, and we're happy to announce that last night we hit our most ambitious deadline, capturing the 11,712th individual frame of the film, which was of course the very last one! It felt pretty awesome, and we thought we'd share the moment with our lovely backers in a short video.

We're now officially in the post production phase, which is still a considerable amount of work involving plenty of tedious frame by frame digital corrections, but the hard part is definitely over and we're excited to have the final version of T.P. ready for you all in early 2014.

More exciting news, congratulations are in order for Mr. Bradly Werley on his new job at Laika!  A few weeks ago the studio behind Coraline and ParaNorman offered him a position in their art department, and he starts in exactly one month! The timing is pretty perfect, giving him enough time to wrap up with his final artistic contributions to T.P. before turning his full attentions to his awesome new job!

All in all this was a great October. We even squeezed in an official zombie run! Bob  ran like hell and just barely survived. Werley kept stopping to take pictures and was killed almost immediately, but we both had a good time. Here's a picture! 

Thanks as always for your continued support, and much love,

Bob Blevins and Bradly Werley, a.k.a WerleyBob Pictures