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Let's make an award-winning comedy series, inspired by the characters of New Orleans, crafted by the creatives who live here.
Let's make an award-winning comedy series, inspired by the characters of New Orleans, crafted by the creatives who live here.
292 backers pledged $11,705 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Monica R. Harris on

      So proud to be part of this and for you guys to have reached your fundraising goal with almost a week to spare! I'm going to keep sharing the campaign and see how much more I can help you earn. Love you guys! Sending love from my family's home in Fort Worth, TX xoxo

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      Robert Sheesley on

      I can't tell you how much I loved this show and can't stop telling people about it. Can I offer JP/Northshore folks who think everything/everyone in NOLA is dangerous (they exist)? Somebody who wears seersucker way too much?


    3. Kyle June Williams Creator on

      Amazing! I am sitting at Cafe Envie and just had a long convo with this woman who works at a "party hostel" about the group of people who come every year and stay the week for Jazzfest. Ages 50-70, these "old hippies" as she describes them treat Jazzfest as almost a class reunion, returning to the same hostel every year and bring their kids. They party all night and move in "tribes." I was just asking our fans about this earlier this month on Facebook. We want to know so much more about all of these people. Anyone familiar with this? Hit us up. We hope the series is just a constant unfolding of distinct one-of-a-kind NOLA subcultures.

    4. Cate Root on

      Characters I'd love to see:
      -Jazz Festers (the out-of-town, come every year for two weeks kind)(preferably in matching outfits)
      -Echoing James Hamilton, YES to service industry. Not just bartenders/servers, too, I was walking through the Hyatt Regency AMAZED at all the folks in tuxedos.
      -Gutter punks

    5. Missing avatar

      James Hamilton on

      I would love to see a few different characters:
      - I would love to see someone who has lived in NOLA for 15+ years and believes they are "from here"
      - I would love to see characters that delve into the rich culture of the service industry in New Orleans.
      - I think there is interesting stuff happening at City Hall and with people trying to reform the political process in New Orleans that is ripe with characters

    6. Ian Hoch on

      I'd like to see some older, wealthy, genteel tourists from Florida or the Gulf Coast who consider themselves to be "party animals" in their own right. Also a really weird goth-like line cook who is really friendly but always tells weird uncomfotrable stories and invites you over to do cocaine and play extremely obscure 80's board games.

    7. Kyle June Williams Creator on

      Season one is set to follow the characters in the pilot, but we are always expanding that world. What are the "types" or characters of New Orleans that you are dying to see on screen?

    8. Missing avatar


      Refreshing hilarious new series about the fabulous city of New Orleans. Bright talented actors bring this show to life.

    9. Andrew Polk on

      I was the 69th backer. I'm creating another account so I can also be the 420th one.

    10. Kyle June Williams Creator on

      Backers, let's get this comments section popping. This section can be a space for folks interested in the show to talk about it and what they'd like to see from it.

      So let's begin here: Tell us why you gave to this project.

      All we see on our side is dollar amount, but we'd love to know the story. Perhaps you are a New Orleanian excited to rep your city to the world. Perhaps your are Kyle or CJ's aunt making up for missed birthday cards. Perhaps you are some dude living in Delaware who just loves independent online comedy.

      You tell us: why are you giving?

    11. Helen Krieger on

      I keep telling people about this series. So great! I can't wait to see more.