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The next generation Android PC for your family with a companion parental control mobile app.
The next generation Android PC for your family with a companion parental control mobile app.
1,241 backers pledged $175,458 to help bring this project to life.

MiiPC Shipping Schedule Update – Coming Soon!

We know there’s excitement building as we get closer to sending everyone their MiiPC, and we can’t wait ourselves!

We’re thrilled to be able to update you that we have finalized the various physical components, so we can now submit MiiPC for safety certification (FCC/CE), which will be on schedule and take around 3-4 weeks. This is the final certification process for MiiPC and is the exciting last step before we start shipping!

This means we will be able to ship our first batch of MiiPCs to Early Bird Backers and Developer Kit Backers, once we receive approval in September. Quickly following on from the Early Bird deliveries we will ship out MiiPC devices to all remaining backers in early October.

Here are our shipping schedule target dates (shipped from our factory in Korea):

  • Developer Backers: MiiPC API document release in early September
  • Early Bird Backers & Developer Backers: 3rd week of September 
  • All remaining Backers: 1st week of October 

Last Call for MiiPC Color Change!

We are very close to starting our full production run. But, if you would like to change the color of your MiiPC unit you still have a little time! We would need to receive any changes no later than Tuesday, August 27th. Please email us directly at if you would like to switch your color choice.

Also, we want to make sure any of you that are moving will still get your MiiPC! If you need to change the shipping address, please let us know right away by sending an email with your new details to We’ll need your first name, last name, previous shipping address and new shipping address as well as your phone number.

Want another MiiPC?

We have had quite a few inquiries about ordering more MiiPC’s and our expected retail cost. Our MSRP for MiiPC with 1GB+4GB Flash model is $129 (plus S/H) while the 2GB+8GB Flash model is $149 (plus S/H).

If this is something you’re interested in and you would like to order another MiiPC, please email As a thank you to all our incredible backers, we will provide a 10% discount off the MSRP.

Around the World with Kickstarter Stats

We have been absolutely amazed with how widespread our backer demographics are and would like to share it with you:

Here is how MiiPC color selection stacked up based on Kickstarter orders:

We are very humbled that we have loyal MiiPC backers from over 55 countries! This was quite unexpected although the U.S, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany are the top 5 countries.

In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on completing the finishing touches to our MiiPC software and the Companion Mobile App in preparation for the release.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you,

From the entire MiiPC team


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    1. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      what is the "3rd week of September" exactly? it seems it's this week? right? will you tell us when they are shipping!!!???

    2. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Stephen - we're almost there!

      Regarding your question about the app to control MiiPC:

      We have already submitted our iOS version of our Mobile Companion App (MCA) to the Apple App Store and it has been approved - yay! We have not made it live yet as we didn't want to confuse people. Once it's live you can search the app store for MiiPC and it should show up.

      Our Android version is in final development and will be ready very soon.

      Also, we offer a web-based version of the parental control features - we call it the MiiPC Parental Web Portal (PWP). As an admin of the MiiPC device you will be able to invoke the PWP directly from MiiPC and it includes all the functionality available in the smart phone apps.

      Thanks for your support and patience!

    3. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Kirstein - that's awesome! We will be releasing a MiiPC forum very soon - you will definitely need to upload a photo of your MiiPC in your specially painted living room!
      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen T. Wilson on

      I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my MiiPC in the next week or so. I actually got one of the US Postal Mail "We Missed You" flyers and I thought I had missed the package. It was for something else. Oh well! Wishful thinking. Just curious.... the app to control MiiPC. Is that going to be included with MiiPC when it ships? Or is it still in the works pending the shipment of all the initial devices? Very anxious to finally get my hands on this!

    5. Kizzy Gourlay on

      Next week can't come quickly enough for me. Just painted my living room chimney breast in a nice shade of fucsia to match my shiny new miipc.

    6. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      Just to let you all know - we are still on target with our delivery schedule as it was announced in this Update - the first MiiPC devices should be shipped from our facility in Korea in the 3rd week of September.

      Thanks to all of you for your continued support and your patience!

    7. Chout Rodriguez on

      Shipments will start flowing :D
      Looking forward to this...may just be taking back my WDTV Live

    8. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @C. McKissack - thank you so much for such great encouragement! It sounds like you have a lot of experience in getting software/hardware projects off the ground.

      We are indeed all working very hard to finalize all the different pieces of MiiPC in preparation for production shipment.

      But, as @Kirstein so perfectly described, we are all very positive and excited about this so the work doesn't really feel like a big chore - if that makes any sense! We all get to experience great elation as we see this project coming to fruition and we are getting very excited to be able share that with all of you.

      So thanks again to you and all of our great Kickstarter backers - you all played a huge role in making this happen...thanks!

    9. Kizzy Gourlay on

      Yay!! Today is the first of September so 3 weeks till I get my miipc in my grubby little mitt. So excited about this device.

    10. Missing avatar

      C. McKissack on

      Thanks again for the update and keeping me informed. I figured/expected delays and appreciate the feedback on what's going on. Please, please, please don't kill your dev/QA team over the delays. I know there is pressure to get it out the door with all of us eager Kickstarter backers, but I want the people behind the scenes to have a good quality of life in the process as well. What's the point of doing such a kick butt project if you burn out your team? Seriously give those women and men a hand for all their hard work!

    11. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Kitkatguy - our email address is

      It looks like you forgot the "r" in zero ;)

      Thanks very much.

    12. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Quinn - Our cutoff time for additional orders is August 30th.

      Thanks very much for your support!

    13. Missing avatar

      kitkatguy on

      Hi, I tried to email to your current email address:
      but all I got is this email error message.

      550 5.1.2
      Host unknown (Name server: host not found)

      Do you have a valid email address ???

    14. Quinn Vidal on

      What is the cut off time frame to order an additional MiiPC and receive the discount?

    15. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @R. Morgan - thanks for your response.

      You are right - the original MiiPC device Kickstarter pledges were for Early Bird (July), August and September. The separate August and September dates were originally established to give us time to ramp up our production process.

      Due to the delays from our chipset vendor as described in Update #11 we had no choice but to push out the original delivery dates as described. We made use of this extra time to ensure that everything else that was within our control was set to go.

      In all fairness we felt it appropriate to process our Early Bird and Developer Special orders first. Then, we will immediately move to fulfill all other orders in quick succession.

      Hope this all makes sense - our main goal is to get you the best possible product as quickly as we can.

      Thanks so much for your support.

    16. R. Morgan on

      Ok, thanks. There were a lot of target dates in the original packages, and maybe it was just me, but they didn't seem to exactly line up with the categories you presented - July was "Early-bird" but was August also in that category?, etc. Thanks for the clarification. I'm sure this will help settle any outstanding confusion others may have had.

    17. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @R. Morgan - as noted in our update we intend to ship the Early Bird and Developer Special orders in the 3rd week of September.

      Once we get all of those units shipped we will start right away on the remaining orders - August first then September pledges. To be conservative we set 1st week of October as the time when we start shipping those remaining orders. Hopefully, if all goes well, we can start a bit earlier than that...but you should plan on 1st week of October.

      Thanks very much for your continued support and your patience...very much appreciated.

    18. R. Morgan on

      So, if my original projected delivery date was August 30, which group does that put me in?

    19. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Achmad - definitely! The excitement here is certainly building in anticipation of shipping the devices to all of our backers.

      Thanks so much for your continued support!

    20. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      This is a great news!! Can't wait to get it :D

    21. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Robert - thanks!

      ( you got me listening to the Grateful Dead on Pandora...)

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Driskill on

      Great update. Keep on truckin'.

    23. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Hans - thanks very much for your support.

      We hope your daughter will love her new MiiPC! Nice surprise, Dad!

    24. Missing avatar

      hans buehler on

      Wow I almost forgot I backed this project. I just got a chromecast too. There is more and more competition to my HDMI plugs!

      I thought this would be my living room device but maybe it will just be for my 8 year old who is starting now to do more web browsing and MiiPC is intended for that!

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait!

    25. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Chout - Yes, OpenMax has been properly integrated. We are doing testing and have found no issues.

      We'll come up with the full list of Video/Audio codecs soon.


    26. Chout Rodriguez on

      So did OpenMax go OK? No issues etc?
      What formats were finally a go regarding video and audio codecs?