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The next generation Android PC for your family with a companion parental control mobile app.
The next generation Android PC for your family with a companion parental control mobile app.
1,241 backers pledged $175,458 to help bring this project to life.

MiiPC Web App Center & More!

Our team have been busy testing and curating over 500 hand-picked web apps, ready for you to browse and selectively add to your own MiiPC! The goal for the MiiPC Web App Center is to provide valuable resources for both parents and children to populate directly into their MiiPC desktop for easy access.  

Once the child logs in, they can have direct access to MiiPC Web App Center if parents choose to let them have that privilege. The child will see a “+ Web Apps” icon at the lower right corner of their MiiPC desktop to invoke the MiiPC Web App Center .

Parents and kids can then browse through different web app categories, including a special “kids friendly” section, full of apps to help with your child’s homework, play and development.

The Web App Center also allows you to view popular and trending apps, search apps based on specific keywords and sort apps by name, popularity or rating. Parents can restrict a child’s access to the “Kids Only” category or can opt to remove all access to the Web App Center entirely. 

Parents can use the MiiPC companion mobile app to browse the MiiPC Web App Center and remotely add selected web apps directly to their child’s MiiPC desktop. We have also added a ‘Suggest a Web App’ feature to enable parents to share their favorite Web Apps so we can continue to enrich the library. 

What are your favorite Android apps? Are there any great apps for kids that you’d like to see in MiiPC’s Web App center when we ship? Let us know in our comments section - the team here would love your feedback.

MiiPC Master Molds Prepared

The team really enjoyed visiting our factory recently and have taken some pictures of our MiiPC molds which our first batch coming off the production line will be based on. Take a look!

As you know, we’ve had a slight delay due to a software component. But we wanted everyone to know that our hardware is nicely on track.

Tooled Up

Hard tooling, a mold constructed from aluminum or steel, is used alongside the Injection Molding process to create large quantities of parts. Molding is the process used to fill the hard tool with a specified material in order to produce physical parts. 

The tooling and molding processes are intended for volume production parts. The tooling and injection molding process starts with CAD files that have been reviewed and approved. Once the geometry is proven for manufacturability and appropriate tooling and/or molding processes have been selected, hard metal tools (molds) are created from the desired geometry. Depending on the part’s complexity, the tool may be composed of two or more sections that fit together to create a perfect seal. The tool is put on a press which brings the two halves of the tool together and apart.

MiiPC has 7 sets of plastic molds needed to bring it to life – inner chassis case, top cover, 2 plastic molds for touch power sensor, bottom cover, bottom LED lens and outer chassis cover.

Moving forward

We would like to apologize for our software based delay again. To mitigate any further delays we have established dedicated teams with our chipset vendor and are working closely together to bring the full OpenMax support to every single Kickstarter backer.

We are very confident in our September shipping schedule and will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

Stay tuned!

Thank you, From the entire MiiPC Team


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    1. Kizzy Gourlay on

      Any news on shipping? Are we still expecting a September launch date for early bird?

    2. Hermes on

      Please also let the google play store, i bought many applications there and I also use them on your excellent project miipc

    3. Brian Kloft on

      My main plan for my MiPC is for it to be hooked up to my tv and it already appears that you have some of the main apps. YouTube, TED, etc. I am assuming that you will have some good video players such as Archos Video Player on there along with Netflix and Hulu. Since you appear to be creating app categories then perhaps a category for media center apps would be useful. Any tv channels that have apps to watch their shows or apps that are meant to be like tv channels.

      Other favorite apps would be Evernote, MobisleNote, Kingston Office, as well as your standard google apps.

    4. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Stormyt - thanks very much for your support and enthusiasm!

      We are in the process of testing various game controllers just as your described. It may be that in some cases we would need to identify and download specific drivers to support the various peripherals we are trying out.

      We plan to collect our findings and will provide them to the community soon - probably in a soon-to-be-posted Kickstarter update.

      Thanks again for the feedback.

    5. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Phillippe - thanks for the kind words!

      We very much appreciate the support and feedback.

    6. Stormyt on

      Hi how about support for a gaming controller ? ps3 or xb would be nice for playing FPS games
      or being able to map the movement commands to KB and mouse. Also will we be able to play games like real racing 3 I know can cause issues when trying to install due to space.

      Keep up the great work and can't wait to get my hands on it :)

    7. Philippe on

      Great job guys! This Web App is just a great idea! I can't wait to have mine and see my kids playing/learning on it!

    8. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @David - thanks for the feedback and the wonderful support and patience.

      Very much appreciated!

    9. David Rice on

      Would love a learning program for computers etc. beginners code for my nephew or niece that's very friendly and fun would be awesome, if anyone could suggest one that they know of. Props.

      Always thanks for the update! I'm never disappointed and always excited to see you guys take off. The faster the better. The other big tech companies are starting to get the time controlling necessity into their systems.