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The next generation Android PC for your family with a companion parental control mobile app.
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MiiPC Schedule Update & More

Posted by ZeroDesktop, Inc (Creator)

We’re reaching out to update you on the status of our shipping date. After a lot of careful consideration, we have decided to push back the shipping date of MiiPC to September in order to deliver you the best MiiPC possible at launch.

This delay is due to a specific software component that is not quite ready from our chipset vendor. As we have only just been informed of this sudden cause of delay, we wanted to immediately alert all of you.

MiiPC have been working hard to improve your end product. So far we’ve added a microphone, offered you a double the memory option, upgraded to Android Jelly Bean and added multimedia streaming technology, allowing you to use MiiPC as a media centre. This means the delay ultimately comes down to a technology called OpenMax, which is needed to allow many popular multimedia applications to work properly. The good news is that every single MiiPC will be able to stream media, have media playback and audio recording capability.

The delay of MiiPCs shipment is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we can only apologize to each and every one of you. Getting the MiiPC devices delivered to you in a timely fashion is very important to us. We have really been looking forward to shipping the units, and we are as disappointed as you are that you now have to wait a bit longer. Sometimes software programs for brand-new hardware takes longer to develop than the actual hardware, and while our devices are prepared on the production line, we want to get you MiiPC with the final software version.

On the upside, because of your amazing feedback during our Kickstarter campaign we were able to upgrade our original idea to what it is today - we promise that it will be well worth the wait!   

Major milestones and moving forwards  

We are continuing full steam ahead with other progress, and on the flip side are excited to let you in on some great updates!

Here is a list of the main hardware and software tasks that our team has been developing: Green color indicates on schedule or completed, Yellow color indicates minor delay and Red color indicates significantly delayed.

While this delay is not something anyone wanted to have happen there are some additional silver linings. Early Bird backers are no longer limited to the Glossy White color (we’ll send an email out to the Early-Birds about this), all of the units we send to our backers will have a special Kickstarter logo, and we will use air shipping to further expedite the delivery in September at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for your support

We take great pride in what we do and we want you to have the best possible device.

As we ourselves continue through production we’ll keep you as up to date as soon as possible on where our chipset vendor is in terms of this multimedia middleware. You can contact us directly at if you have any questions or concerns at all, as we will always be here to help and want to make sure you are all fully taken care of.  

We really do appreciate your patience on this, and thank you so much for your help and support in making our dream a reality. We hope that support will continue, and we're working tirelessly to make your MiiPC as perfect as they can be! 

Thanks again, The MiiPC team



I am an Early Bird backer. Will I still be receiving my MiiPC first? 

Yes! You Early Birds were the first people to support as and we will make sure you are the very first to get your MiiPC even if you select a color other than Glossy White. Shipments to our other backers will then be fulfilled as quickly as possible. 

I am not an Early bird backer. When will my MiiPC arrive? 

Once all of our Early Bird backers have had their MiiPCs shipped out we will quickly begin shipping out the August backers. After that, the rest of you should be right on schedule! 

Who can I speak with if I have any questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns at all please do send us a direct email at This way none of your sensitive information is shared online and we can answer everything as quickly as possible on an individual level. 

What if I’m moving before September, can my MiiPC be delivered to my new address? 

Absolutely! If you send a direct email to us at (so your private information is not shared online) we will make sure your MiiPC is delivered to your new address without any problems. 

 What is “OpenMAX” 

OpenMax is a standardized multimedia middleware that allows applications to ‘talk’ to different hardware components to provide advanced multimedia capability and compatibility. OpenMax IL serves as a low-level interface for audio, video, and imaging codecs used in embedded and/or mobile devices. It gives applications and media frameworks the ability to interface with multimedia codecs and supporting components (i.e., sources and sinks) in a unified manner. The codecs themselves may be any combination of hardware or software and are completely transparent to the user. Without a standardized interface of this nature, codec vendors must write to proprietary or closed interfaces to integrate into mobile devices. The principal goal of the IL is to give codecs a degree of system abstraction using a specialized arsenal of features, honed to combat the problem of portability among many vastly different media systems.


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    1. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Earl - yes indeed - we will definitely be posting an update with screen shots of the MiiPC UI and also the Companion Mobile App prior to shipping.

      And, we are working on an update right now which talks about our schedule (we are still on track for September) and also some very interesting information about MiiPC features. We plan on posting that update later today or tomorrow at the latest.

      Thanks very much for your support!

    2. Missing avatar

      Earl Henderson on

      Will we see screen shots of the final UI before the product ships?

    3. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Well noted and appreciated on your prompt response.

    4. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Alvin - thanks for your support and patience.

      At this time we are still on track for September 2013 shipping as described in our update. We continue to communicate with our chipset vendor several times a week to make sure we remain on schedule. We will notify all of our backers if there is a substantial change - good or bad - in the schedule.

      Thanks again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      So will august 2013 be a good and accurate estimate of receiving it in Singapore?

    6. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Stephen - thanks for your support and your comment.

      The chipset we will be using with MiiPC is the very latest available from our vendor. When we were informed of the delay then all options were on the table - including giving some consideration to an alternative. However, shifting gears now would likely cause an even greater delay. We have spent considerable time tuning the firmware, picking the best drivers and making sure our software is fully compatible with the selected chipset. So we would really have to start all over again.

      Despite the delay we are extremely pleased with the performance of the processor - we think you guys will be, too.

      Thanks again for your support and continued patience...much appreciated.

    7. Stephen Krause on

      This sounds great, but by September you are probably going to need a faster processor die to all the time that has passed and newer processors being released.

    8. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @C. McKissack - thanks very much for your support and patience - very much appreciated!

    9. Missing avatar

      C. McKissack on

      Thanks for the update, this is the quality feedback I was looking for in backing the project. I appreciate everyone at ZeroDesktop following through and keeping us in the loop.

    10. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Rob - thank you so much for your encouragement and continued support.

      We are very serious about our delivery schedule. We are doing everything possible to mitigate this delay. And as previously stated we will always do our best to communicate with our backers in a timely, honest and candid manner.

      Thanks again!

    11. Missing avatar

      Rob Shepard on

      Delays have become a norm on Kickstarter, but what matters is how the delay is handled, and you guys are getting an A++ from the community so far. :)

    12. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Suvendra - we will review our records and communicate with you through private email.

      Thanks very much for your support.

    13. Missing avatar

      Suvendra Nath Dutta on

      Hello, I backed at $89, but paid $99. I don't recall if I put in the upgrades in my survey. Did I request them? Also, I am not sure if I received a second color survey. If I did I don't think I answered it. Are you able to check on this? -- Thanks.

    14. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Kirstein - thank you so much for your wonderful support and your fantastic words of encouragement!

      We have received your email request and will respond to you momentarily.


    15. Kizzy Gourlay on

      The delay is fine by me. the product us already superior to the one I backed so I am delighted with my investment and want a decent working machine not a prototype. I am chuffed to be able to select a pink one now but still want the early bird kickstarter logo on it please. that means a lot to me. I am not wealthy and this investment is a huge amount to me. I was looking forward to having the unique logo.

      keep up the good work and keep us posted. can you post a video of it running on jelly bean like you did for the campaign and with the new parent apps so we can see some of the improvements please? a new video would keep us going a bit longer. thanks.

    16. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Achilles - thanks for your support.

      We will continue to prioritize open and candid communication with our Kickstarter backers.

      Thanks everyone!

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Wong - thank you for your support & understanding. We are committed to get MiiPC units to the hands of our Kickstarter backers before anyone else. As we stated in the update, once all of our Early Bird backers have had their MiiPCs shipped out we will quickly begin shipping out the August backers. After that, the rest of our backers should be right on schedule! Thanks again for your support and patience.

    19. Wong Kuan Suan on

      Hi, do what you need to and keep us updated.
      For the recent Ouya project, a lot of unhappiness over how fulfillment was handled.
      Some early backers end up being made no different from non-backers.
      In fact, non backers end up getting the set before backers.

    20. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Wai - thank you for your inquiry.

      The chipset vendor's software component that is delayed unfortunately affects all MiiPC units - including the Developer Special reward. Earlier today we reached out specifically to each of our Developer Special backers in a separate email. Please check your inbox for details.

      We may release the API documentation to our Dev backers before we actually ship the device. But realistically you wouldn't be able to do much with it until you actually receive your MiiPC unit.

      Thanks again for your support and patience.

    21. Wai Chan on

      What about the DEVELOPER SPECIAL level, any delay?

    22. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Lars - thank you very much for your support.

      We always try be as open, honest and timely as possible in all of our communication with you

      Thanks again to you and all of our backers for your patience.

    23. Lars Haendler on

      After my recent OUYA experiences I prefer your honest approach. No Problem for me to wait longer.

    24. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Danny, @Robert and @Michael - thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

      We are humbled by the amazing support we see from all of our Kickstarter backers - thanks very much!

    25. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Paramjit - thanks for your understanding and patience - we appreciate it very much.

      And yes, with this unforeseen delay that is really out of our control we will take the added time to continue to enhance and "tweak" our offering. We can not comment specifically on the USB power socket but we will certainly take that suggestion under consideration.

      Thanks much.

    26. Michael Hitchcock on

      Thank you for the clear and detailed communications. Small delays like this in order to get a better implementation are completely acceptable -- this is the core of a Kickstarter, creating something new can have unforeseen impacts. I would much rather have something that you are satisfied with than get something rushed to meet a deadline. Thanks again -- keep up the good work!

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Driskill on

      Thanks for the update, better late than incomplete.

    28. Danny Jukes on

      If if going to make it better I can wait but can not wait to got it home and use it as it a great project and will be used a lot.

    29. Missing avatar

      Paramjit Singh Sandhu on

      I understand and accept your reasoning. I also imagine the design is now 'locked' /frozen for production. However with the unforeseen extra time I for one hope you can tweak anything else at a h/w level (I for one wanted a usb power socket than the chosen one)
      Best wishes Pom Sandhu

    30. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Jason, @ Peter and @Luis - thank you very much for your words of support. We are working very closely with our chipset vendor on this delay and will continue to keep everyone updated in a timely way. Thanks again for your support & understanding.

    31. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Luis, @Peter and @Jason - thank you all very much for your kind words.

      We very much appreciate the patience and understanding being shown by all of our backers. It makes us work all that much harder to get you the best device we can make!

      Thanks much.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Gardner on

      I concur with the others, a little delay from a company who is open/transparent is absolutely acceptable. Especially when the cause is a better product and the user's improved satisfaction with this product

    33. Peter Gregg on

      Appreciate the transparency and open communication. It goes a long way and I think most get the delays and know you are just trying to get it right. Keep fighting the good fight - this backer will hang tight until you feel you are ready

    34. Luis Jaramillo on

      It doesn't matter a little bit delay if the product is going to be better. :)

    35. ZeroDesktop, Inc Creator on

      @Charles and @Irawan - thank you very much for your words of support.

      As we noted in our update we all very much wanted to hit our delivery target. The decision to delay was not a fun one to make.

      And yes - as you both have alluded to - quality and performance will trump a minor delay.

      We will continue to keep everyone updated in a timely way.

      Thanks again to all our backers.

    36. Missing avatar


      I think most of backers understand that delay is normal at KickStarter. Some of projects delay in months, even year. The most important are: give us update information on process of the project, it can be anything. Pictures or videos are very much appreciate. The last thing is quality of the product itself.

    37. Missing avatar

      Charles Mitchell on

      I know we all are very excited to get our miipc units as soon as possible but if a delay like this is just going to make our units work out of the box that much better then I'm all for it! Waiting a little longer for a great device like the MiiPC is well worth it!!!!