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A new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.
A new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.
680 backers pledged €348,018 to help bring this project to life.

End of the year, end of the cycle

Posted by Oval Sound (Creator)
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End of the year, end of the cycle

We don’t have any good news to share. If you are following the project’s development you already know most of the challenges we have faced along the way. From the sensor and firmware changes early in the development to some of impactful delays due failures of key suppliers.

The almost one year delay with one key supplier with their final bankruptcy, who cannot be replaced as the investment was done and we had no resources to restart this very capital intensive area with alternative providers, has been the snowball that delayed manufacturing, delivery and increased operations cost.

In July we faced a cash flow issue due to late VAT returns, followed by the delay in credit lines and public funding due to the Spanish and Catalan political instability.

In September we were forced to stop all software development, delay the next generation hardware development and let go the invaluable professionals supporting those areas.

We secured public funding tied to private funding coming along and we have been actively looking for private investment to back the public funding and secure operations and development.

We have struggled as much as we can, and even beyond, with no salary at all for several months, while keeping assembling and delivery for as long as possible.

Now, after four months fighting with no positive outcome, it’s time to close down. The company cannot face the next round of payments and we are going to file for administration. Only a new investment round could save us at this point, but we have not been able to close it after months of working the leads we have.

We are very grateful to all the incredible people who have followed in this journey and very sorry for ending in this sad way.

Best wishes. The Oval Team


Fin de año y fin de ciclo

Este fin de año no tenemos ninguna buena noticias que compartir. Si estás siguiendo el desarrollo del proyecto, ya sabes de los desafíos que hemos encontrado en el camino. Desde los cambios de sensores y el firmware al inicio del desarrollo, hasta retrasos de gran impacto debidos a fallos con proveedores clave.

El retraso de casi un año en entrega de piezas de un proveedor clave, que terminó en concurso de acreedores de dicho proveedor, ha sido la bola de nieve que ha provocado la situación actual. Desgraciadamente no hemos podido sustituir completamente este proveedor ya que se trata de un proceso que requiere una fuerte inversión y no contábamos con los recursos para repetirla. Este retraso y los problemas con las piezas dispararon los costes y los retrasos en fabricación y entrega.

En julio nos enfrentamos a un problema de caja debido al retraso de la devolución del IVA, seguido del retraso en líneas de crédito y financiación pública debido a la inestabilidad política tanto de España como de Cataluña.

En septiembre, nos vimos obligados a detener todo el desarrollo de software, retrasar el desarrollo de la próxima generación de hardware y dejar ir a las personas de inestimable talento al cargo de esas áreas.

Nos han concedido financiación pública cuya ejecución está ligada a un proceso de financiación privada. Estos meses hemos estado buscando activamente está financiación privada que nos hubiera permitido lograr la financiación pública y asegurar las operaciones y el desarrollo de las soluciones de software y hardware tanto para la generación actual de Oval como para futuras evoluciones de la plataforma.

Hemos luchado tanto como hemos podido, e incluso más allá, sin salarios durante varios meses, priorizando el ensamblaje y la entrega tanto como ha sido posible.

Ahora, después de cuatro meses de lucha sin resultados positivos, es hora de cerrar. La compañía no puede hacer frente a la próxima ronda de pagos y se encuentra en situación concursal. 

Estamos muy agradecidos a todas las personas que nos han acompañado en este viaje y sentimos mucho terminar de esta forma tan triste. Hasta pronto.

El equipo de Oval.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marco Amarante on

      I have tried many times to contact in the past. It’s extremely disappointing that I even contacted them to charge me for the oval shell (and probably they already knew I wasn’t going to even get the oval) and got charged extra $200 dollars for that. Couldn’t even send a fucking piece of wood!! I invested about $1000 US dollars and I have to believe I got only one stupid reply a year and half later because a piece of plastic in the production didn’t fit.

    2. Feng Juan on

      You're right Roberto! Kickstarter has become the platform of choice for digital criminals and shysters. Everyone should avoid it like the plague.

    3. Missing avatar

      Roberto Chietera on

      The lack of support offered by Kickstarter is the thing that offends me most! This would mean that anyone could finance a bankruptcy project and that Kickstarter does not protect its users. You have to organize with lawyers to give more guarantees and allow collective action directly from the site! If I bought it, it's only because I know the Kickstarter platform, otherwise I would not have bought it. And surely I will not buy more on your site. You can not support any project without guarantees! It's crazy!

    4. Missing avatar

      Enrique Tomas on

      This is very sad, especially knowing you. I play with my Oval almost everyday and I have used it extensively for teaching at Interface Cultures in Linz. Please open your project to the community as many have already claimed. We have an expensive interface we want to use in the future. I want to see how those sensors work and coding a MPE version. Remember this community supported Oval with a lot of money. Now you Alex, Ravid, Juan, it is your responsibility to communicate better the situation and give some love to the community. Hope you are ok besides this.

    5. Jakob Haq on

      I'm really saddened by this and I can imagine that you guys are too. All I ask is that you make the software and firmware open source so that someone else can improve the code and make the instrument work better. ❤️

    6. Dr.Think on

      Me gustaría saber qué pasa con el dinero que adelante para la funda de madera de mi oval que nunca ha llegado, contesten por favor.

    7. Ada Liu on

      Hi guys! Please join this group on Facebook, unity is strength.…

    8. Ada Liu on

      Hi guys! Please search up “victimas de ovalsound” on Facebook and join the group. I hope someone can help us. I am a victim too and i am so so so sorry for all of you who got cheated by this company as well!

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Militello on

      This seemed obvious when you could not deliver, could not refund, and sent out updates once in a blue moon. When a company loses one supply chain, and that single action can crumple your business plan YOU are to blame.

      I tried to be patient, but that gave out after I was promised a refund over half a year ago and to date I received nothing but a steaming pile of failure.

      I might be more willing to have a good tone had you at any point been forthcoming with information BEFORE it got too late. This is a prime example of why Kickstarter projects get a bad reputation... Hands down this is the worst product I've backed far the result and I backed some doozies.

      If you intend to start a kickstarter, please let this be a shining example of what not to do:

      1.) Over promise, and provide too many options.
      2.) Have parts that can come from only one source (or get distributed from only one source).
      3.) Start ambitious software projects related to your product that you do NOT need to develop yourself but instead could let a community help you. I doubt you have a clue how much talent in the community would have LOVED to help you but you never asked, and never opened up your code.
      4.) Tell people what is happening, often. Yes it's time consuming. But guess what? We paid for it, that IS your job right now.
      5.) When things get bad, do not lie to us telling us we well receive our product, or that we will get a refund. *this one angers me off SOO much about this campaign*.

      I am sad. I am angry. I am annoyed. I am out several hundred dollars so that I get access to this kind of update.

    10. DiGiTaLFX on

      So sad to hear your news, you had a great product idea with a great team behind it. I would also love for you to open source the code. Even if you need to strip away samples and non-free assets from it, it would be great to tinker with it ourselves. Much love.

    11. Marco Myosotis Rasgão Fichera on

      That's a really hard thing to read.

      I'm so sorry for you and for what is happening, hope you can find some help, hope that you can find the way to ship some ovals at the end (or, at least, give some refund), hope you will decide to free your oval code

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter Thomas

      To Team Oval, I'm very sad that your dream has not come true. Thank you for giving it your best shot and good luck with future projects.

      Al Equipo Oval, me deja triste que si sueño no salió como lo vieron. Gracias por poner su mejor energía y Mucha suerte con sus protectors de futuro. Lo siento, mi español no es perfecto!

    13. Missing avatar

      Roberto Chietera on

      Hello everyone! After the failure of Oval I wonder how it will be possible to ask for compensation! I hope Kickstarter himself takes responsibility for making this bankruptcy campaign possible by pointing out how we can start a collective action against Oval.

    14. Missing avatar

      Roberto Chietera on

      Hello everyone! After the failure of Oval I wonder how it will be possible to ask for compensation! I hope Kickstarter himself takes responsibility for making this bankruptcy campaign possible by pointing out how we can start a collective action against Oval. Refund refund refund!!!

    15. Geert Bevin on

      Another request for please open sourcing the software so that existing Oval owners can continue improving the instrument.

    16. Steve Diamond

      That's very sad to hear. Thanks for all your efforts. I did receive an Oval, and I support @Joshua's suggestion: Release all your specs and software as open source. I'm sure developers could be induced to work on the mobile app especially. Please consider this.

    17. Joshua Pressnell on

      Hey Oval! Would it be possible to open source the firmware, update process, hardware spec, and mobile app software? There’s a decent number of us who did receive instruments and someone might like to tinker with the software. I know I’d love to add some of my own samples in (which was an originally promised feature) an I’d love to be able to add some of my own scales rather than the limiting list that was hard coded in.

    18. Rob Lee on

      So sad for you and all the backers. I was lucky enough to receive my oval and I was looking forward to the software updates. It is such a cool way to introduce music to my young children. One love. X

    19. Richter Jean-Luc on

      I still want my repaired OVAL back !!!!

    20. Adrienne Wrona on

      I need more information. Will we be getting our ovals and shells, etc, or a refund? How many backers are left without? The last email we received said things were going at a slow but steady pace and most of the ovals were produced and shipped. This is difficult for you, I’m sure, but is also difficult for me and others who may have contributed close to $1,000 USD for a product we are likely not receiving. You owe us more information.

    21. Feng Juan on

      You lost your money, unless the court decides that those who pledged and received nothing have standing in the bankruptcy proceedings. Three strikes on Kickstarter and I'm out.

    22. Manuel Ortega García on

      ¿Esto quiere decir que después de años esperando no vamos a recibir nuestro Oval y que encima vamos a perder los cientos de euros que pagamos por ello? Será una broma, ¿No?

    23. Marco Pietrosanto on

      And the backers who didn't receive the oval???

    24. Marco Pietrosanto on

      And the backers who didn't receive the oval???

    25. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Andrey on

      Looks like we lost our money :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      I can respect the work and effort the team has put into this project, but I believe the majority of backers here (myself included) are going to want some more answers. Such as why the last update from October still said manufacturing was slow but at a nice pace? And what about refunds for those who never received the product? How many total ovals were sent out from over 660 units promised from the kickstarter?

      I'm sorry but it seems a bit suspect when a few months ago you said were 70% complete with fulfilling the project(October). And in an earlier update you said oval #550 had been shipped? (September). The kickstarter shows there were around 655 ovals ordered. That would have been 80% complete. Unless you had taken more orders that were not from the kickstarter that were getting delivered?

      I suppose I'd like to see another update with some more detailed answers here, especially for $600. And if there's still around 200 people here who didn't receive their oval, (if the 70% delivery statement from October's update was accurate) and assuming they were at that price point as well, that's $120,000 worth of questions.

      And now when you get a copypaste response back from messaging you through kickstarter that you are filing for bankruptcy and will be closing down activities, I'm doubting we'll be getting those refunds eh?

    27. Kristen

      You're closing down!? But I still haven't received my Oval and Shell. Please email me regarding a refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ross Hardy on

      Gutted for you all. You followed a passion and tried so hard. It must have been awful to make this decision. You have all my respect and appreciation.

    29. Missing avatar

      Marco Amarante on

      So who didn’t receive the oval gets a refund?!? Don’t tell me I lost $800 Us dollars