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A new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.
A new electronic musical instrument which allows you to play, learn and perform music using any sound you can imagine.
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This are the androids you were looking for: A NEW STRETCH GOAL !!!

Posted by Oval Sound (Creator)

So we’ve reached 150% of our goal and we just can’t believe it! We are listening and taking note of all of your ideas and requests and considering very seriously to implement as many as we can.

One of the top questions, from the very early days when we first launched our first prototype is: Does the Oval app support Android? We are happy to finally answer it with a big fat YES! From now on we can say proudly that The Oval supports both iOS and Android, now it’s time to set our minds on further goals.

Many of you have asked if the Oval came in a transport case. Well, when we reach the next milestone -- 200% of our initial objective -- there will be a case for transporting your Oval safely and comfortably. We are already working with different designs and considering different materials. We want the case to be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and practical as well, so we are considering that you can wear it as a backpack and also cross-body; we’ll make sure that the oval is well protected on the inside, that the handle is both comfortable and resistant, that it’s easy to fasten and unlock; and we’ll try to make it as lightweight as possible. Additionally, it will come fully personalized with your name engraved on it. We’ll keep you updated on how our research goes.

Again, we only have a word for your support and this word is thank you! Thank you for encouraging us to work harder, for sparking our imaginations with all your inputs and ideas, and for contributing to make this project a reality.


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    1. Oval Sound Creator on

      Dear Marco.
      Thank you for your clever suggestions. We will consider all and see how they can fit in the Oval Shell design. Some of your ideas are already incorporated in the design.
      The Oval, and the Oval Shel too, are cabin sized.
      The space for the cables makes sense. As for the space for the tablet we think that Oval players will use their tablet also for purposes other than playing with The Oval and will want to carry their tablet much closer and accesible than inside the Oval Shell. But we will check and consult the pocket idea too.

      Back the Oval now!
      The only limit is your will.

      Best wishes.
      The Oval

    2. Marco Christensen on

      The transport case needs to be soft on the inside so it will not scrath the Oval when it is moving in the case. It has to be sturdy so it protects properly and easy to open and close. Some kind of handles for carrying and straps for a backpack. Protected from rain off course and not too big so it will be easy to carry with you in an airplane when travelling. The case should be soft and padded so it will eliminate impacts if you should by misstake hit it somewhere or int something. A pocket for your tablet and cbles maybe?

    3. Missing avatar

      Davide Bianchi on

      I can't even think of a question and already has been answered )
      I cant wait to put my hands on the Oval ) Thank you guys to manifest it ))

    4. Joltrast on

      I also think a black Oval would be nice. I'd like to see a hemp backpack too!

    5. Paul Kendrick on

      I think the material I see in the photograph you posted is Bamboo? Love the idea of that, but any suitable natural, fair trade source materials such as natural hemp would appeal. Either way I know your team will come up with a beautiful organic design. Backpack is a brilliant idea!

    6. Marco Christensen on

      So nice!! Christmas will be very early next year. Can't wait till I get mine Oval. Would you please consider a black one? Or changeable pads in different colors? White is nice but will get dirty.

    7. Trappeniers on

      Congratulations for your exciting project, as lots of hardpan scale have 9 notes I would suggest to do a nine notes.