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Explore and conquer in a Norse-inspired land with Dragon Heresy, with modified 5E rules. Secure your place in the sagas, or die trying!
Explore and conquer in a Norse-inspired land with Dragon Heresy, with modified 5E rules. Secure your place in the sagas, or die trying!
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Designer's Notes, and Shields with at least 12% more Viking

Posted by Douglas H. Cole (Creator)
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 Over the weekend and the last few days, I filmed a bit of "Doug talking, mostly about Vikings" as something like a "Designer's Notes," or really, just talking about the inspiration for the game.

In this particular case, I really was convinced that shields were way more useful than the +5-10% decrease in hit chance they're typically given. I decided to try and find some Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) classes local to me to find out, and lo and behold, I found Asfolk. Not only was it "using a shield," it was "using a Viking shield," which fit in with the themes I was exploring for Dragon Heresy.

I talk a lot about shields on my blog, both for D&D5 type games, as well as GURPS, and general principles as well.

I think you'll find Dragon Heresy adds just the right amount of cool options to go along with the shield in the game.

A Nice Compliment

David Pulver is a prolific game writer, and we've corresponded about things for a while. Heck, he's working on a game with Gaming Ballistic, called Venture Beyond. In any case, he has seen some of the early rules and layout work, and he dropped this nice little compliment on my blog. I repeat it with his permission:

"I’m very pleased this is happening at last!  

When you showed me the manuscript, one thing besides the new combat options that I was really impressed with was the new rules you added to 5e for marching, exposure, hunting, and so on – I liked the strategic options (trading speed for stealth, etc.) which is good game design. They seemed a lot more detailed and interesting then I recall from D&D (and a lot more playable than anything similar in GURPS). I suspect I might use them even if I wasn’t running a Viking game…"

Next Stretch Goal

Well, we've pretty much crushed the $3,500 basic funding goal. I like crushing goals.

The next two are kinda out there. The $10K goal is definitely within reach, and while projections are always uncertain, if we have a few more good days like we just did, we'll pass the "more content" goal mid-campaign. 

If we do, I'll send out a poll and let folks force-rank what additional inclusions there will be. There are potentially three more extra races, at least a dozen backgrounds, and of course both classes and archetypes/sub-classes that could be included in that sweet spot from Level 1-5. 

Beyond that, there's the offset color print run, hanging out there at $16,000. Truth be told, that's the one I really want to hit, because I've always dreamed of Dragon Heresy getting the kind of quality print job that Symbaroum, ACKS, or the Dracula Dossier's Director's Handbook got.

Talk to you guys soon!

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