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Join a journey of multi-cultural interaction and learning, creating a tool to spur conversations beyond cliches toward reconciliation.

Going for a run has often been my quiet time.  While on a recent run, I began to think about all the lessons God has taught me here in North Minneapolis;  I became  vividly aware of  twenty plus years of interaction with these streets, homes, and intersections.  It was this community and these neighbors who taught and inspired me to take this "Journey to Beloved Community."    I began to write down the stories and the rhymes of this journey.

A couple of unique things about this book:

This is not your traditional niche book.  I hope people of all faiths may explore and discuss the topics included, yet because of my background and history, it speaks most clearly to the Christian community.  However, it won’t read like most “Christian books” folks are used to.  

First remember, this is a cross-cultural dialogue, thanks to my friends who are embedded in these pages.  As a real multi-cultural conversation there will be things uncomfortable and unclear.   I’ve left in slang, some explicit language, and I didn’t translate all the Spanish. These stories are from the real world where things are messy, not always filtered and sanitized, and at times needing some clarification. If you need some help, use the “urban dictionary” or Google, or just call a friend; you may start your own conversation.

That brings the second point; I hope these stories prompt discussions. I never want to portray myself as THE example of surviving in urban or multi-cultural life. This is the journey I’ve taken and this is NOT the path for all others to follow. BUT, I do hope in conversations with people of other races and cultures you will find the path for you.

This book can help build bridges by prompting needed conversations. It's not just for white folks, POC*  who are ready to have some serious talk will find the book a good tool as well. So help us get the book printed.  It will be available in digital and paper formats.  

                                                                                * Persons of Color


"These writings bring an authenticity and transparency that is needed if reconciliation is going to continue to impact lives in urban centers and beyond. The mixture of faith, life experience, and poetry lifts up the historic connection between art, religion, and justice."

Efrem Smith,
Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church and Author of Raising Up Young Heroes and Jump: Going Further and Higher

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I have the book basically done and some amazing editors have worked it over.

Now the process of working with my publisher begins. At this time I am looking at using Dog Ear Publishing, they seem to offer the best services and the best deal, but I am open to other options. I will need to get my cover designed as well as any art work. I also am working to tighten-up the discussion questions that follow the stories and spoken word pieces.

However, the main hurdle is the money, so that is where YOU come in. Thanks!


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