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A project to revive and rebuild the longest running sitcom in TV history, The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet.
A project to revive and rebuild the longest running sitcom in TV history, The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet.
261 backers pledged $32,121 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Hermes on

      We're closing in on six month since the last update when it there was talk of a viewing portal by last Christmas or New Year's. Very disappointed with the lack of updates. I hate to see you trashed by the Doubting Thomases on the internet, but the lack of forthcoming information doesn't help.

    2. John Hermes on

      How about a LONG OVERDUE update to Kickstarter contributors and others about the restoration project? If the thing flopped just man-up and tell us. I put $130 into it and I and the others deserve an honest and full explanation where this thing is now.

    3. Scout Doodles on

      So this project is officially dead, I guess. That's a real shame, Sam. Obviously we were really looking forward to see the results of all the effort you have put in.

      Steve (aka Scout Doodles)

    4. Missing avatar

      Vicki Katzman on

      Sam, How are things going? Would love an update!

      Happy New Year

    5. Susie Kirk on

      *I commented a few days ago, but not sure if I got into the right comment page, so here is my comment again--Thanks!
      August 26, 2015:
      Hi Sam, So thrilled the project is rolling along so well now! However, I watched the "Thank You" video on Youtube twice, and did not see my name listed as a donor. Was that only for a certain level of donor? I gave over $130. Maybe I just missed it? Hope you can find me. I also sent you a statement to you, and chose "The Busy Christmas" to sponsor. I was one of the first ones. Please get back to me...Thank you, Susie Kirk

    6. Missing avatar

      Clay Carlisle on

      Hi Sam, just read your latest post. Whatever it takes to keep your hard work safe you have my full support.

    7. Tiffany Dz on

      This is a link to a story about a recent film restoration. The original negatives were nearly destroyed in a fire. Years later the technology exists to rehydrate the negatives - a process done by a lab in Italy. Fascinating!

    8. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Hey Susie, those dates aren't set in stone, just approx, but do want to check that you got the cd. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sam

    9. Susie Kirk on

      HI, SAM... So GLAD to see you in the video & the new UPDATE for the O & H Project!!! I noticed on the update side panel (just now) that one of my bonuses for backing "The Busy Christmas" episode (which was the Nelson Family signed "Ricky Nelson Greatest Hits" CD), won't be arriving 'til Dec. 2013, so now I don't feel so concerned that I was accidentally missed. Everyone is in the same boat. THANKS for keeping us informed --that is the most important thing. Getting some info now & then. That helps us keep hope...I know you are doing your best.
      Take Care,

    10. Susie Kirk on

      Thanks Sam! I appreciate it. I will wait to hear from you then.
      If I don't hear for a while, I will check again, OK?
      Hope you're havin' a good day,

    11. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Hello Susie,
      I will look into it and let you know whats up.
      Thanks for checking in.

    12. Susie Kirk on

      HELLO SAM! Good to hear some news about the project! I have been seeing over the many months however people commenting that they have receive their rewards. I am a backer of one of the episodes. I have not received my rewards as of yet. Should I be concerned?
      Best Always,

    13. Missing avatar

      Xhante Valencia on

      Aloha, Sam! Thanks for the update! I'm excited to hear that the restoration project is underway and I'm grateful that you decided to take on this enormous endeavor. I'm proud to have played a very small part in such a wonderful and historically relevant project. I'm sorry to hear of the stumbling blocks you've encountered. However, I think we all know that this is just part of the process and that in the end, it will be more than worth the effort! I admire your dedication and passion. Happy new year to you and your family. I wish you all the best in 2013 and always!

    14. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Hey Susie, I apologize for the delay. There has been a lot of behind the scenes going on to try and get things in order. Also, as I have come to find, is that much of the process is pretty mundane. I will make sure to give more consistent updates from here on. With regards, to DVDS by Oct, it is highly highly unlikely. There is, as i mentioned, much work that varies from episode to episode to do that I could not have foreseen without getting into the episodes. A case by case basis. Also, in terms of the release, it be very important that the entire family be on the same page about it. It will come, but the process is what it is, a process. Thanks for your support. More to come soon.

    15. Susie Kirk on

      Hi, Sam, Thank you so much for the new update about the "Ozzie & Harriet" Kickstarter project ! I think everyone was kind of holding their breath hoping it would come about. This is soooo good to hear from you about the latest happenings! Sorry to hear about the mishaps with some of it. I think it might be good to have more updates, even if it is slow-going. I think it would put people's minds at ease. I think at one time, you said maybe October we would see some DVDs. Is that looking like a possibility?
      Thanks for the contact!!!
      Susie : )

    16. vikki cervenak on

      Sam, I was so sorry to hear about your grandma. She was amazing. I know you guys were close. Jjust know that there is alot of love & prayers out there for you and your family. I hope it eases you pain a little.

    17. Bullhead Cruisers on

      Will there be a PAL version for Europe?
      Its a BIG market.

      Talk to Bear Records.
      I think they would Love to be agent for Europe:

    18. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Hey everyone,
      You are all amazing!! Thank you for such overwhelming kindness. I wish I could answer you all individually, but the way the comment section is organized, it doesn't work that way. You can email me through from the envelope tab above right. All in, all I can say (as tired as it sounds at this point), is that we simply could not do this with out you! We have 13 lucky more days, so keep spreading the word, and thank you from the entire Nelson family.

    19. David Troy Pemberton on

      I'm pretty jazzed up to be able to help back this project as I've loved the Nelson family and their adventures for as long as I can remember.This is such a worthwhile project and I'm so looking forward to the time when it's completed.
      Ozzie & Harriet was the main reason that I subscribed to the Disney Channel(when you had to suscribe in order to get it) in the 80's and in the 70's watching Ozzie's Girls during it's brief run on television. I've always really loved the great music your dad and brothers have made and always look for reruns or guest appearances featuring and combination of the Nelson family in sitcoms and on film..........Man.....I sure wish I could give you a hand going through all the Nelson Family archives. I applaud you for your herculean effort on behalf of your family's legacy after all they were and are americas first family..........Go Get Em' Sam!
      Dave P.

    20. Susanne Brock on

      If it weren't for my Mom showing me one of Christmas episodes I don't think I would have fallen in love with the Irrespressible Ricky and his subsequent music. My favourite episode is the Tutti Fruitti episode. Ozzie is hilarious in that one. I have some of the other shows and pull them out periodically to watch them and have a good giggle. I also like the one that David wants to paint his hot rod heliotrope and Ozzie had no idea what colour that was. Samthank you for giving us the chance to show our love to your amazing family legacy. This is a truly honorable opportunity for me and many others. Thank you again. I can't wait for the finished product!!! Much Love!

    21. Steve and Karuna Scire on

      My husband grew with Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and loves them so that he bought all the epodes he could find in a DVD in almost all stores us being through. Now he is looking forward to the new digitize version of the show. Thank you for letting know about the great family life of the Nelson.

      Steve/Karuna S.

    22. Jackie Moore on

      And thank YOU, Sam, for letting us be a part of this. It is truly an honor on our part as well! :)
      Always listening,

    23. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Hey All,
      Its been a while since I commented, I just cant thank you all enough for your support. We are truly honored that each and every one of you are now a part of this incredible journey with us.

    24. James Power on

      I've been listening to the 1940's Ozzie & Harriet Radio Show and did an internet search on O&H and found this page. Very happy to hear about this and be able to contribute!

    25. Stephanie Davis on

      Hi Sam, I've heard some about the show from my mom. I actually got to hear a little about it at
      a R&R show last year when Matthew and Gunnar spoke on it. Although the show was a bit
      before my time, I've heard enough of it to know that it was a great show and hate that I missed it. Then I added you as a freind and you posted on it so I didn't think anything of it. Really wished I could have seen some of it. So thank you very much for letting me be a small part in your project.

    26. Irma on

      My husband wrote a blog post to promote the Ozzie & Harriet project. He does an annual countdown to Halloween as part of a promotion for his novel, Black & Orange.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kathryne Jacobs on

      Hi Sam, I found out about your project on the Ricky Nelson facebook page. I don't think I ever missed seeing an episode of Ozzie and Harriet. Of course I had a huge crush on your Dad, but it was in the later years that I was actually able to attend a lot of his concerts in the Midwest and enjoyed his newer songs as much as the early ones. Bravo for undertaking this fantastic project!

    28. Missing avatar

      Vicki Katzman on

      Sam, I heard about this project from
      I am a little young, if you can call 53 young, to have developed a strong memory of the show. That being said, I am aware of the huge impact this show and your family have had on the American public. It would be a shame not to have this impact restored for future generations. It is part of our history.
      I do have some memories however especially of your father, Rick, singing. He had an amazing singing voice and brought a different style to rock music. "Garden Party" is a favorite of mine for both its country rock sound and its lesson to all of us to believe in ourselves. I still listen to his music today and sometimes feel his talent did not get the recognition it deserved.
      Thank you Sam for your efforts with this project and for bringing your family's gifts back to us.

    29. Susie Kirk on

      Sam, In answer to your question, I heard about the "O & H: R A A T " project from the O& H profile page, after I added you as a friend. Just signed on because I loved "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet", & the site interested me. Then I was reading the comments going back several months, and came across several videos of you hinting at what was about to happen! Great timing I guess! I have LONG-AWAITED the entire collection of the episodes to be produced so I could own it. Decades! So for organizing this & for all you do...
      Thanks, Susie

    30. Margaret Zarrelli on

      Ozzie and harriet are a great show love them, Pure and real 100%, I have alot of the old time radio shows too plus all the dvds that are out there I can get, Great show great family thanks for what you are doing Sam Nelson, I'm ready to buy the dvds! Paul and Margaret

    31. Timothy E Wilson on

      Finally some good news in the world. This is so awesome, thank you Sam! When I first saw you, I could not believe how much you looked like your dad, I just love him. I will keep spreading the word. p.s. tell Tracy hello from me.

    32. David R. Clinton on

      Thanks for letting us be a part of getting the entire series of Ozzie and Harriet out on DVD. It was the best family show ever... Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver, Donna Reed, and all the others, though good, do not even compare, and the ones from the last twenty years aren't even in the same ball park, or the same planet, for that matter. Their was something about Ozzie's dry sense of humor and earnest, well meaning, though sometimes misguided schemes; Harriet's wise all-knowing, loving counsel and that little twinkle in her eye which let you know she knew what was going on all along; the boys banter back and forth in the early years, and their later college and marriage adventures, (and of course Rick's singing); as well as an often overlooked supporting cast of Don Defore, Lyle Talbot, Parley Baer, Frank Cady, Skip Young, and especially Mary Jane Croft. These all combined together to make the show the entertaining, wholesome, and most of all, funny show which I loved as a kid... I didn't want to watch my Dad bowl on Thursday nights, because it meant I couldn't watch Ozzie and Harriet! And I think I like it even better now... I will be able to watch it with my grandchildren without covering their eyes and ears! Ozzie and Harriet showed us all that you can be funny without being crude! Thanks again... I can't wait to see all 435 episodes on good quality dvd's... may God bless the Nelson family for letting us have our old friends back in our homes again after all these years! I just wish Ozzie and Harriet and David and Ricky and all the rest were still here with us to enjoy it!

    33. Scott Henderson on

      Hey, I'm out of work right now but I can swing $95. This is a worthwhile project and if I have to collect cans and bottles and sell lemonade to get you some more money, I will.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ron Plourde on

      Sam, This is just a great project, and I love that I am able to be a part of helping to restore one of televisions greatest show's. This was family time in our house when I was growing up. I can't wait to see these episodes on DVD. Here's wishing you the best of luck with this project.

    35. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Kennington on

      Sam! This is awesome. I love the show and pretty much all things Nelson (huge fan of your brothers and your dad) and I'm so excited about this project. Since I wasn't around during the original run, the episodes I've been able to see in re-runs or on YouTube are comedy gold. Your grandmother was a force in the house with those boys. I laugh out loud at every episode. Good luck as this goes forward.

    36. Sam Nelson Creator on

      you guys are ALL awesome!!! Wo, just wow!

    37. Missing avatar

      Lindy Loftin on

      Didn't mean to sound as though I was tooting my own horn: the other 63 backers are AWESOME!

    38. Missing avatar

      Lindy Loftin on

      Ozzie & Harriet fans are AWESOME!

    39. Missing avatar

      Paul G. Bruker on

      It was an honor to put you over the top and reach your intial goal, hope you got my email sent to Sam on Sunday, 9/25/11

    40. Missing avatar

      Don Bergman on

      What wonderful memories I have of watching all those Ozzie and Harriet shows from 1952 on...I remember scrambling down to the TV room in my dorm at Pacific Lutheran University before their show came on (in the 60's) so I could make sure I got "dibs" on which channel to watch. I saw Rick 3 times in the Seattle area and loved his concerts. I have most of his music and really envied his good looks, charisma and voice. It was fun to watch him grow from the wise-cracking youngster with his "I don't mess around, boy" comments to an exciting performer and kind, gentle and polite man. His parents and David completed a terrific family with great talent and comedic touch that turned every day life into fun.
      Here's to Sam's kindness and wisdom to start this wonderful mission to give us the gift of all the episodes of the Ozzie and Harriet show!!
      Thank you Sam...
      Don Bergman

    41. Missing avatar

      Marsha Goodwin on

      I LOVE this show! (I also LOVE the show Square Pegs, with Tracy!) I have only a few episodes on DVD. My favorite episode is Rick The Drummer :)

      My favorite part of this family is their music.

      I am the proud owner of....

      Ozzie Nelson Orchestra 78s records, original sheet music, Ozzie's autobiography "Ozzie", a VHS of "Soundies" where Ozzie is performing with his orchestra, a VHS of the movie "Hi, Good Lookin" starring Harriet Hilliard and the Ozzie Nelson Orchestra; Ricky Nelson LP, CDs, and 2 DVDs, "Ricky Nelson Sings" and "Rio Bravo"; Nelson CDs, VHSs, and cassettes; h is orange (a SIGNED copy!) CD; the Biography Channel's show about the Nelson family; And of course, a VHS of "Here Come The Nelsons"! Not bragging whatsoever, just proud of all I've collected .....not to mention a captivated Music Teacher!!!!

      The music is great! Thank you for your contribution to our America and our music. My goal: to find Ozzie's song, "And Then Some", on a 78 record....have it on CD, but the "real deal" would be great! And then of course, to meet any Nelsons!

      Thanks to Sam, we will enjoyed seeing the project completed, I assure you!

    42. Tara Janae on

      I too have wanted to own all the episodes on DVD. I'm more than happy to help make this a reality! I first started liking the Nelson twins (in the early 90's) then Rick then Ozzie and Harriet. In fact, I was wearing my Nelson shirt when a fellow student in high school said she liked it. She's still my best friend. My mom says I saw Rick when I was real little. I don't remember specifically but one of his guitars kinda looks familiar. I'm wondering if he played that and I remembered it. Can't wait to see all the episodes!

    43. Dianne Jones Henwood on

      I am thrilled to sponser an episode of the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Those years are still in my heart. It has been quite a honor to have met Ozzie and Harriet in the Meadowood Theater when they played in Marriage Go Round. I have been blessed to have known Rick and Kris and attended many of his concerts. Now, I have had the pleasure to have been to several Tribute Concerts for Rick by Gunnar and Matthew. And Sam to have seen you on the stage with Gunnar and Matthew. The Nelsons are special to me and I have proud to contribute to keep this piece of history alive!!

    44. Jackie Moore on

      So glad you are doing this, Sam. I've loved The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet since I was a little girl. It so deserves this special attention. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. I only wish I could do more.
      Always listening (and watching),
      Jackie :)

    45. Sam Nelson Creator on

      Thanks everyone. This couldn't happen without you!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Waites on

      This is just fantastic! I had always hoped that the entire series of 'The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet' would find a home on DVD one day. Thanks to Sam for presenting the fans with this opportunity and giving us all the chance to contribute to make this a very possible reality!

    47. John Hermes on

      I've always dreamed having DVDs from the entire series mastered from the 35mm. Wow. Let's do it!

    48. Susie Kirk on

      Sam, So happy to be a part of this project to restore "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet"! My favorite show of all time. So glad I got to see Rick in concert that last year --summer 1985-- on the hill at "SD Wild Animal Park". He waved to us from the limo as he left. Great memory! And always Loved your family so much! I was just talking with my brother Daniel a couple of months back, wondering why they had not released all the Nelson show episodes we are so eager to own. Thrilled to get this news! So glad you have chosen this "quest"!
      Your the Best! Susie

    49. Patricia Lytle on

      Hiya Sam! This is sooooo Great!! It's why I like to watch a ton of movies from the 30's, to be like a time traveler! Now I get to travel back to the 50's & 60's. I HOPE THE T SHIRTS WILL BE BLACK & WHITE TOO, LOL. God bless The Nelsons!! Pat from San Diego

    50. Leda Carmody on

      I am donating to this cause in memory of my friend, Rick Nelson. He was truly, one of a kind. I miss him.

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