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A newsletter for those who seek terroir-driven wines as delicious, pure and unprocessed as the food they eat. Read more

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A newsletter for those who seek terroir-driven wines as delicious, pure and unprocessed as the food they eat.

About this project

There are still a few days to sign up. And I wanted to share with you a letter from someone who just did. 

David M. said about his recent signing up for my newsletter through Kickstarter

Hi Alice,

Great to be supporting a non commercially affiliated wine writer!
As a recent convert to 'natural wine' my palate can't turn back. Occasionally debilitating...... Your help is appreciated. We all win.


Q:  "But, how can I tell which wines are natural.

A: It's difficult.

Q: There's nothing allowed on the label and no 'Natural Wine' or 'Real Wine' certification, right?

A: Correct. No certification. Nothing on the label.

Q: Not only that, how can I trust anyone to tell me the truth?

A: It's tough. 

Q: Okay then, is there one place I can go to find "Alice wines?"  Ones from conscientious viticulture, made with the philosophy of nothing added and nothing taken away?  

A: The Feiring Line, coming to you in the end of October.


While most people think, what can go into wine other than grape, there are 200 approved additives allowed in winemaking and a lot of industrial processes allowed as well. Think real orange juice instead of from concentrate. Which one do you want? 

The wines I write about are from responsibly farmed vineyards. The wines themselves are made with the philosophy of nothing added or taken away. In other words: no yeasts, enzymes, tannins, bacteria, defoaming agents, oak chips, acids, reverse osmosis, excessive sulfur..ect.


I've been writing about this category longer than anyone in the United States, long before we called these, 'natural wine."  It's  become my subject and my mission. 

As a result, I taste more of these wines than most writers in the states. I log about 120 days of travel a year, to sample and discover. It is not as easy or as glam as this sounds but it does  gives me the first inkling into the newest vintages. I get to spot new talent.  I also spend a hell of a lot of time in the vineyards in order to better understand the winemaker and the choices in non-chemical based viticulture. It's important to understand the wines from the ground up.

With Reynald in the Loire this winter
With Reynald in the Loire this winter
Finishing daily pigeage, 2008
Finishing daily pigeage, 2008

I've worked harvest and made wine.

Wine is more than just a drink, it is where art, history, culture, science, nature and passion come together. There is nothing like it in the world. 


 The Feiring Line will sell for for $65.  Ten issues a year  (ten issues, not 'tennis shoes' as it sounds like in the video!). 

Each issue is to deliver 20-25 wine recommendations;  lively wines with purity of expression at all pricepoints.  

It's true, I have a soft spot for the bargain, but I'll cover aspirational wines as well. 

There's nothing like this in the English language coming from an independent and authoritative voice. 


The newsletter will be delivered through a password protected site as a downloadable PDF. Each issue will have up to three articles, insidery, not published elsewhere, and one winemaker profile.  But the meat  will be those aforementioned wine recommendations, and will be a score free zone.


The blog will continue as a place for my insights, musings, rantings and timely opinions. On the other hand, the newsletter is a conscientious decision to give the reader the best information about wine and winemakers and issues in the natural wine world.     


 It's but a small amount I ask for, but very much needed. Part of this is an advance, so I can create the space to write the content and hire a copy editor, hey, every writer needs one. The other part is to help out with the mechanics of the newsletter.  I need to hire a designer to help me with the nuts and bolts, set up, delivery and the details I would never even know how to think of, let alone execute it. 

More $ would ensure a slicker periodical, with far less angst, (so don't stop if I've reach goal!)  but I'm comfortable starting small and growing from there. It's just the way I do things.

Your help is not only helpful but essential. Your donation both pays my designer and KickStarts me so I can devote myself to delivering stellar material and information. 


All sorts of people for all sorts of reasons!
All sorts of people for all sorts of reasons!

 On a practical level, there's simply not enough of the really great natural wines to go around. The competition is fierce. So you really want the scoop before they sell out. Getting the best wines is sadly competitive. For example, Gonon (from St. Joseph) sells out in a flash. So does Ducroux (from Beaujolais). Because of this very issue, I often don't disclose wines I love on my blog but I am exceedingly happy to recommend them to my inside-track subscribers.

But in short: The Feiring Line is not only for the lay drinker who wants to go shopping for low-intervention wines, but for professional: the wine shop, sommelier, winemaker and wine importer.

 But whatever the purpose they intend to use my newsletter for, this is the periodical for those who want their wines as pure as their unsprayed strawberries from the farmers market and not as processed as Spam, not as manipulated as factory farm chicken. This is the newsletter for those want the direct path to wines that are made with grapes and love. 


 If you doubt the right wine can change a life, ask me about it some time.


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