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Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game.
Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game.
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    1. HalfBus Creator on

      @Marcus: thanks! But please don't worry, translating with phone is not the most pleasant experience ;)

    2. Marcus Lissner on

      @HalfBus: Exciting! Either way it's going to be great. Awesome with the emails. :P

      I only have my phone available to help you out. How much text needs to be translated and how are you going to arrange it?

    3. HalfBus Creator on

      As for localization help

      Thank you people! You're awesome!

    4. João Ciocca on

      Oy! 26k! =D We just crushed the tablets stretch goal \o/ can't wait to see how beauty this'll be in my Shield =D

    5. HalfBus Creator on

      @Marcus: we can't promise right now, but smartphones with bit screen also looks suitable for the game.

    6. HalfBus Creator on

      @Michael: we're going to put Basement on all stores. But we also want to give you access to tablet version for free. So, it's the reason)

    7. HalfBus Creator on

      @Matthew: AppStore gives to developer only 100 promo-codes per version.

    8. Matthew RBG on

      I'm pretty sure that on iOS you can distribute codes to enter in the AppStore to give out free versions.

    9. Marc Muller

      Michael Forcer: +1
      Would really love to play this game on my tablet…
      I must admit, even if I own a console and an PC, I mostly play those kind of games on my tablet. Maybe because you can play on it, whenever you have a few minutes, while on the go…?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Assuming i have correctly understood you why not just put it on the App Store at the lowest possible price point? I'm sure backers won't mins paying a few pence for an official release.

    11. Marcus Lissner on

      If the stretch goal is reached of course.

    12. Marcus Lissner on

      So are you guys saying I'll be able to play it on my OnePlus One or still just tablets?

      Anyway, awesome done. Looking forward to the PC-release!

    13. HalfBus Creator on

      @Jader: it's really hard to say exact date right now. Anyway, it will not happen sooner than May 2015.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      So when will the iOS and other mobile platforms be ready?