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Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game.
Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game.
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    1. Marcus Lissner on

      What if the community could help you with translations to different languages? If I wasn't busy I would be more than happy to help you out with translations into Swedish. ;)

    2. HalfBus Creator on


      We are thinking about it.

    3. Alexandre on

      Steam cards and achievements ??

    4. Kennen Escobar on

      1000th backer :D , really excited for this

    5. Syrius de Goratrix

      Nice! Good luck! I would love to see this game on iOS.

    6. HalfBus Creator on


      Yes, thanks. We know this story. But right now iTunesConnect allow us upload game with intense usage of drug references Also, there is another example in AppStore like "Weed Tycoon".

    7. Missing avatar

      PierreGUI on

      Guy I feel you're going the right way. Can't wait to play the android version !

    8. Syrius de Goratrix

      Well, games about drugs are a big no no on the app store. There was that game "underworld - sweet deals"
      They had to change drugs into candy. Well, their follow up game was also rejectet.
      More about here:

    9. Syrius de Goratrix

      Yes, multiplayer would be great. :-)
      Help someone out or send him the cops... Maybe some mini games like delivery car race... ;)
      And german translation please.

    10. Typhi on

      Would be nice if there was some kind of co-op/multiplayer. :)

    11. Alexandre on

      Yeah combat and translations could be cool :D (french translation pls :P )

    12. Alex Farley on

      This looks awesome!! 20k is very very doable! very excited to this the encounters! Excellent work HalfBus!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Chaiko on

      А я уж и не знал, как бы так деликатно намекнуть что под планшеты было бы очень круто)