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Building a seedling brewery providing the region with the first beer brewed in the area since prohibition. Read more

Baxter, MN Food
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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2012.

Building a seedling brewery providing the region with the first beer brewed in the area since prohibition.

Baxter, MN Food
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What is Jack Pine Brewery? 

Jack Pine Brewery is what you get when someone who is deeply passionate about great beer lives on the outskirts of the craft brewing world. 

Hello, my name is Patrick Sundberg and I'm a beer geek. 

It all started twelve years ago with that first homebrewing kit.  The result wasn't the best beer out there, but it was different.  It was then that the seed was planted.  A seed that would later grow into a strong desire for fresh beer... local beer... beer brewed to be a bit more... interesting.

For the first six years, I brewed enough to keep a case or two around to share with people.  Reading every homebrewing publication I could get my hands on gradually elevated my interest beyond an occasional hobby and turned homebrewing into a persistent activity.   I began brewing much more often and started entering my beer in competitions.  Much to my surprise, my beer often found favor with the judges, which fueled my interest in the hobby even more.  I started volunteering at competitions and became a Certified BJCP Judge (and later advanced to National rank BJCP Judge).  At the same time I founded the Blue Ox Brewers Society, an area homebrew club, to reach out to other local brewers.  

About four years ago, I was brewing enough good beer that I got the wild idea to start a brewery.  What began as a crazy notion soon developed into years of research into the topic.  The industry has been thoroughly examined, the beers have been well researched, the numbers have been adequately crunched... 

Jack Pine Brewery has been born! 

What will the Kickstarter money be used for? 

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to gather the funds needed to open up a respectable tap room in the brewery.  Proceeds will go towards the construction and remodel of the space to turn an otherwise barren industrial building into something a bit more welcoming and presentable. The permits and licensing alone are on track to consume nearly half of the taproom build budget with the remainder going into the trimmings, décor, lighting, sound and a well-stocked gift shop.  The taproom will be a place where people can see where their beer is made and meet the people that made it.  It will provide a comfortable place for people to sample beer that has traveled a distance measured in feet, rather than miles, to their glass.  The taproom will also fill growlers (64 oz refillable containers) of brewery-fresh beer for those seeking locally produced beer to drink a home, on the lake, or around the campfire. 

What's a Growler and why do I care?

A growler is the ultimate in sustainable fresh beer delivery.  You buy the glass, a half gallon refillable container, and bring it back to the brewery to be refilled.  No disposal or recycling efforts are required.  The beer is fresh because you are getting it direct from the brewery where it has been under watchful care of the brewmaster the entire time.  

What will you do if you exceed your goal? 

Jack Pine is starting on a shoestring budget.  The equipment has been chosen to make the best beer possible with the least amount of initial investment.  The list of items that would be "nice to have" is long and varies in purpose.  Items such as a commercial on-demand hot water heater and larger heat exchanger will speed up the brewing process which means less time brewing and more time talking to people about the beer (and more taproom hours).  Interestingly enough, another item on the list will slow down the brewing process with the addition of a few oak barrels to start some unique barrel aging and sour beer projects (See First Cut Club Membership Reward Level ->).  All things will come as time and funding allows, but contributions above the goal will help to expedite the process and get beer in your hands in a much more timely fashion.

Why Jack Pine? There are plenty of other trees that are actually nice to look at, why not something a bit easier on the eyes?

It is true that the jack pine tree is a bit scrubby looking. It's not exactly a tree you'd seek out at Christmas time, for sure. While scrappy in nature, it has a rather unique aspect to it's propagation. You see, this tree is a serotinous plant, in that it requires an environmental trigger for the cones to release the seeds. In the case of the jack pine, it releases seeds in the presence of fire. This adaptation means the tree is often one of the first trees to take root after a forest fire. Just as the jack pine tree is the first tree to bring life to a tract of land devastated by a fire, Jack Pine Brewery will be the first brewery in the area since prohibition.

I'm not from the area, but I'd still like to help out.  Will you ship rewards?

Since you're helping build the taproom for the brewery, it would be great if you could come visit the brewery, but we realize that it might not be possible for everyone.  Shipping will be available for those that can't make it to the brewery, but we'd ask that you throw in an extra $5-10 to help defray the shipping costs.  We might even swap out the growler for an extra glass or two if you'd prefer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Kickstarter campaign to build the Jack Pine Brewery Taproom.  Any help you can provide to make this project a reality is much appreciated.  Spread the word, share it with friends, get excited about the beer.  I'm excited to share what I've been brewing with you!

Thanks again,
Patrick Sundberg - Founder
Jack Pine Brewery
Baxter, MN


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    GRAB A GLASS - An exclusive "Pioneer" Jack Pine Brewery pint glass showing your support of the brewery in its early stages and lasting recognition as a Pioneer on the website and on a plaque in the brewery tasting room.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    GRAB A GROWLER - An exclusive "Pioneer" Jack Pine Brewery 1/2 gallon growler, in addition to everything above.

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    SHARE THE LOVE - An extra pint glass in addition to everything above.

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    WEAR IT - An exclusive Jack Pine Brewery Pioneer tee shirt, in addition to everything above.

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    Pledge $200 or more

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    FIRST CUT - One year membership in the First Cut Club, in addition to everything above. This membership includes access to special First Cut Growler Hours. Get the beer before everyone else does! Because the beer will be produced in small batches, this reward level is limited.
    Seasonal and special release batches will be brewed as time allows, so the first "year" of the First Cut Club might be extended to ensure that members get first dibs on at least four brews beyond the regular Jack Pine lineup.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    PARTY! - Invite to the Pioneer Appreciation Party at the brewery, including all of the above rewards. Additional invites may be purchased for an extra $100 contribution.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    ASSISTANT BREWER – Come to the brewery and see first hand how it's done. A day of manual labor comes with the satisfaction of having a hand in on a batch of a Jack Pine beer as well as a personalized embroidered Jack Pine work shirt. You'll get a growler when the batch is ready, signed by the brewmaster. Includes all of the above rewards.

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    Pledge $1,500 or more

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    VIP TOUR - Private brewery tour and tasting for up to 10 people, with the brewmaster as your personal host. You and your guests go home with signed growlers and glassware. Includes all of the above rewards except Assistant Brewer.

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    Pledge $2,500 or more

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    BREWMASTER - with the help and guidance of your own personal assistant brewer, you choose the brew and get to name a special batch of beer brewed by Jack Pine Brewery. For your efforts, you'll get a personalized work shirt and a growler signed by your assistant brewer. If possible, the beer will be put on tap at your favorite watering hole as long as it is available. Includes all of the above rewards except Assistant Brewer and VIP Tour.

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    THE FULL MONTY - Brewmaster, VIP Tour, Pioneer Appreciation Party, First Cut Club, and all the swag listed above.

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