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We want to create a full remake of classic Japanese horror visual novel 隣人-Neighbor-, complete with English localization!
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Big update! Translation status & preview, DLC news, and more!/翻訳進捗、スピンオフゲーム情報、キャストコメントなどなど!

Posted by OTUSUN LAND (Creator)

Hey everyone, long-ish time no see! We've all been hard at work behind the scenes over here at OTUSUN LAND, and today we have a huge update on Neighbor to share with you!

皆様お久しぶりです! ちゃんと進めてますのでご安心くださいね。今日は「隣人~Neighbor~」に関する新しい情報をお届けします!

First of all: our translator Molly has been working hard, and the translation for the game is now over 45% complete - nearly halfway there! I've had a read-through of what's done so far myself, and it's looking more than great. To get everyone that much more excited for the game, we've included a short excerpt from the first chapter down at the end of this update, so be sure to check it out!

まず最初に、翻訳ですが現在45%の進捗となっています。大体半分ですね! 読んだイアンによると、とても素晴らしい翻訳だそうです。私(文音)もそう思います。今日もアップデートの最後でプレビューをご紹介してますのでお楽しみ!

We also have a bit of news to share with you about the DLC for the game: it will take the form of a side-story "gaiden" room escape game set in the Neighbor universe, and we can now confirm that this game will also be fully voiced in Japanese! We'll continue to share more details about the game as development continues, so please look forward to it!


Next up, it's time for another cast announcement! Takao Chisako joins the Neighbor cast as Eriko, a veteran hostess at club "berry"! Takao has appeared in a number of radio and stage productions. Hear what she has to say about her part in the game:


For a final bit of business, we just want to remind everyone that BackerKit surveys have been out, and the deadline for completing them is now just under a month away - on June 4. Most of you have already completed your surveys, so thank you for that! If you're having any issues with yours, don't hesitate to drop us a line.


That about wraps it up for this update, so without further ado, have your first sneak peek at the story of Neighbor!



Using my brand-new key, I carefully locked the door, then walked over to apartment 202. I pressed the button on the intercom and heard a faint ringing sound from inside. A gentle breeze brushed past as I waited for a response... but the silence persisted. Maybe they're not home right now, I thought. Just in case, I gave the button one more push. Again, I heard a faint ringing sound from the other side of the metal door. Then it stopped. I waited. No response. Evidently no one was around. I considered simply leaving their gift hanging from the doorknob, but ultimately decided against it. Wouldn't want to risk freaking them out with an unwanted present from a mystery sender. Instead, I turned and headed to the stairs. But before I could take another step, I heard a small sound behind me.

clck... chhh... chhhrr

It sounded like intercom static. Maybe my neighbor had finally picked up. I turned back and stood in front of the intercom camera.

"Hi, my name's Yuuki. I just moved in next door to #201... Just thought I'd stop by."

Couldn't hurt to introduce myself, just in case.

chh... clck

After a brief blip of static, I heard them hang up. But no one came to the door. Unsure what to do, I paused there for a moment. Then the doorknob turned. Apparently they were home after all. Well, I would've appreciated a reply! Sheesh! I thought to myself. But just as I got their gift ready—


The doorknob suddenly began to jerk in all directions, where moments before it had been perfectly still. Instantly, a chill shot down my spine. Holding the gift, I took off running to the stairs. Behind me, the creak of the opening door grated on my eardrums. As I rounded the corner, I caught one final glimpse of the door to 202—and it sent goosebumps pricking up my arms. There was a ghostly pale hand reaching out from the door. But a split-second later it retracted, and the next moment I heard the low clunk of the door shutting once more.

"...Wh... What WAS that...?"

I collapsed onto the stairs, my legs shaking. For a moment I debated heading up to the third floor, but after a moment of thought, I carefully crawled my way back down the hall. Slowly, I peered around the corner at the door to apartment 202. It was firmly closed.

受け取ったばかりの鍵をポケットから取り出してしっかりとかけると、まずは隣の202号室の前に立った。  カメラつきインターフォンのボタンを押すと、ドアの向こうで軽やかな音が流れるのがかすかに聞こえた。 わずかに吹く風を心地よく感じながら応答を待つ。が、インターフォンはうんともすんともいわない。 留守だろうか。 そう思いつつも念のためもう一度インターフォンを押した。 鉄製のドアの向こうで軽やかな音が鳴る。かすかに漏れ聞こえるその音が途切れ、しばらく待つがやはり応答は無い。 やはり留守か。 手土産をドアに引っ掛けるかどうしようか少し迷って持ち帰ることにした。帰ってきた隣人が覚えのない手土産に混乱しても困る。 そのままきびすを返し、階段に向かいかけたとき、背後で小さく音がした気がした。


 かすかに聞こえるその音は、インターフォンのノイズのようにも聞こえる。  もしかして、今インターフォンの受話器を取ったのだろうか?  念のため、もう一度インターフォンの前に立ってみた。




わずかなノイズのあと、受話器を戻す音が聞こえた。 だが、相変わらず返事は無い。 どうしたもんかしばらく迷っていると、ガチャっとドアノブが動いた。 何だ、いるのか。 それならそれで返事の一つもすればいいのに。そう思いつつ手土産を一つ持ち直した時。


開く気配のないドアノブが、目の前ですごい勢いで動いている。 瞬間、私の背中に悪寒が走った。 慌てて手土産を抱えなおし、階段へ向かって走る。その背中に、ドアが開く音がやけに大きく響いた。 階段へ続く廊下を曲がるその瞬間、ほんの一瞬だけちらりと202号室を見た瞬間、鳥肌が立った。 ドアから突き出た青白い手。 それはすぐに引っ込むと廊下を曲がりきったころにはドアが閉まる重い音が響いた。


思わず階段にへたり込むと足が震えていた。そのまま階段を上がろうかと思ったが、少し思い直して這いずるように廊下を戻る。 曲がり角からそっと覗いた202号室のドアは、再び閉ざされていた。


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