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We want to create a full remake of classic Japanese horror visual novel 隣人-Neighbor-, complete with English localization!
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Progress update and a cast announcement!/進捗とキャストコメント公開!

Posted by OTUSUN LAND (Creator)

Hello all! Hope you didn't miss us too much!

ご無沙汰してます! 忘れられたりしてませんよね?

We've been pretty busy in the past two weeks since the campaign ended, and we have a lot of progress to update you on! Our resident translator Molly jumped right in to the translation, and currently we're just past the 20% mark on that. We'll share a few excerpts from early in the game sometime next week! Himono continues to be hard at work on the art and scripting for the game, and we should have some further glimpses of that quite soon as well. Ayane put the finishing touches on the script, and has also been getting voice recording sessions scheduled. Over on my end (Ian here, hi!), I've been getting BackerKit ready for launch, and I'm happy to say preparations are now complete! As soon as Kickstarter finishes processing everyone's pledges in just a couple days, we'll be back with another update explaining the full BackerKit process, and surveys will go out soon after.

私ことIanはバッカーキットの準備をしてましたが、嬉しいことにそれもやっと完了しました! 二、三日でキックスターターが入金処理を終えると思いますので、それが完了次第、バッカーキットの設置と説明のためのアップデートを公開します!

As we mentioned in our last update, we still do have a number of cast announcements to make. Here's today's: Uruma Riku as Mary!


Uruma Riku voices Mary, a Filipino hostess at "berry", a club Kae and Daigo visit during their investigations. As well as being an experienced voice actor, Uruma is also a singer!


That's all for today, but we'll see you again soon with the scoop on BackerKit!


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