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A coffee table book of amazing photographs about the flavors and aromas that make wine magical. With wine recommendations and essays.
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Alder Yarrow

183 backers pledged $24,240 to help bring this project to life.

13 Days Left, 65% Funded, Preview of a Page or Two


Hello everyone!

This project has had some great momentum, and we've just crossed the halfway mark through the four weeks of the campaign.  We're 65% funded and growing thanks to you wonderful 89 backers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've been working hard with my book designer, and while we're not finished, I wanted to share with you a preliminary peek into what the interior pages of the book might look like!

We're still refining these, but they will give you a sense of the modern, sophisticated approach we'll be taking to text and images.

Here's what the few essays in the book will probably look like:

A sample direction for an interior text page.
A sample direction for an interior text page.

We're fiddling with the font for the body text, but I'm pretty happy with the headline font, and the overall layout of the essay.

Likewise, we're still working on font and proportions for the images section, but here's a snapshot of our current state:

In-progress layout exploration of image, text, and wine recommendations
In-progress layout exploration of image, text, and wine recommendations

 We don't yet have the cover shot, stay tuned for that in the coming weeks. 

In other news, I've been talking with Mohawk, whose photo paper I hope to use in the book, and they're interested in writing about the project, and I expect an article mentioning the project to appear in my hometown newspaper The Aspen Times on Thursday. 

The buzz is building.

With a little under two weeks to go, and the holidays intervening, please make sure to spread the word among your friends, neighbors, and fellow wine lovers about this book. None of us get a copy if we don't hit the funding goal :-(

Again, thanks so much for your support.


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    1. Creator Bob Chaplin on December 19, 2013

      Keeping fingers crossed that your make the deadline! Book layouts looks great