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A hand-illustrated collection of my favorite recipes from Central and South America.
A hand-illustrated collection of my favorite recipes from Central and South America.
457 backers pledged $30,880 to help bring this project to life.

One year anniversary of Kickstarter campaign, today!


Greetings everyone,

It's been exactly one year since you supported my dream of producing a cookbook. Your commitment helped me fund an initial printing of 1,000 copies of Comida Latina, an Illustrated Cookbook. As you may know, my initial goal was to print only 150 books.

With your help, I far surpassed my original aspirations. I sold out of the first printing, and am well into selling the second edition - a total of over 1600 copies of Comida Latina, on my own! Best of all, my success, with your support, has inspired numerous other watercolor art pieces, with an ongoing theme of food- based art.

Please consider Comida Latina once again as a holiday gift, the bigger and better version (including a new bonus section), is available at You’ll also find brand new art prints of my original watercolors, including Salmon, Crab, and Vegetable Family series, and kitchen-friendly prints of favorite recipes from the book, all at very affordable prices. Also, hot off the presses are my new greeting card packs! Be sure to check out my etsy shop, where you’ll find a great selection of art-inspired gifts, all made possible because of your generous encouragement a year ago. Because of you, I have been able to continue my dream of using my talent to pursue an artistic career.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for supporting a working artist producing art and goods, all created and printed in the USA.



Pacific Northwest Salmon
Pacific Northwest Salmon
Birthday Cake Card
Birthday Cake Card

Cinco de Mayo and the Second Edition

Saludos a todos!

This time last year I was working hard on the content of Comida Latina, and on this Cinco de Mayo, I'm back at it. I'm adding 8 new fully illustrated pages to the second edition of Comida Latina.   I'm pleased to include Paella de Tomás, Rosa's Enchiladas Verdes, and my version of Mallorca, a Peruvian Sweet Bread.  

As a self published author, I'm purchasing the books upfront and it's a tremendous expense all at once.  Your online order of the 2nd edition will help offset my upfront costs, and in return, come late June, you'll get the books you order plus a surprise illustrated recipe art print as thanks for your support.  

Remember this is a wonderful gift item for the foodie, traveler or art enthusiast in your life! 

Order the 2nd edition now through my etsy site

Or, wait until my amazon payment account is verified to place your order.

Thanks everyone, I'm very excited about this next chapter of Comida Latina!

for more info visit or check out the latest on Facebook

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All the boxes are out!

Hey everyone, the rewards are all out!  All cookbooks, thank you cards, and posters have been sent and many of your have already received them.  Internationals, hang tight your books are in route!

I've been getting about a sale a day on my etsy shop which has been great, this is where to get another copy:

Happy holidays, and thanks too all of you!


Preparing for the big cookbook delivery

Hey everyone,

   I just wanted to let you know how things are progressing with the cookbook, I'm sitting in front of all my shipping boxes, tissue, and poster tubes ready to pack these books as soon as they arrive! I've rented a storage space where Fed Ex will deliver the shipment and am excited to say everything is going as planned, the printer will send the books in about one week. So stoked to share this cookbook!

All the packages will go by priority mail and will get to you by the holidays, as promised.

   I'm now trying to set up some book signings in Portland, Oregon (where I'm from) as well as Washington DC (where I currently live).  I will send out event information to those of you in these areas in the coming months.  I'd love for you to come out and support and or spread the word about these events when the time comes.

   Hope you're all gearing up for a great holiday season, if you feel you need another gift item for a traveler, food enthusiast or cook, Comida Latina and the pepper poster are available here:

If you order by December 13th, I'll get them to you for the holiday.



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Stick a fork in it: this Kickstarter cookbook campaign has concluded!

What a whirlwind. Because I received such overwhelming support, I get to print five times as many books as originally intended. Wow!

Now to the next chapter of this cookbook story: I have books from this first edition available through my website,, in case you didn't have a chance to order yours...or you decide you need another copy. I can't, however, guarantee that the ones ordered after Kickstarter will ship in time for the holidays, but I will certainly do my best!

Thanks again for helping me publish my illustrated cookbook!

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