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How the music of Barry Manilow changed my life and the journey ever since...

How the music of Barry Manilow changed my life and the journey ever since...

How the music of Barry Manilow changed my life and the journey ever since... Read More
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For three years, it's been my dream and passion to write this book and share what exactly began my epiphany of change leading me to a new life.  A life where I stopped looking for a hero to save me, and became my own shero taking control of my destiny.

I've learned life isn't waiting to happen to you, you make your life happen. Because of that insight, I’ve experienced wonderful new beginnings, endured heartbreaking endings, discovered profound joy, gratitude and emotion in the simplest and greatest things, and learned to let go of what was never meant to be, while unearthing passions I never knew existed. All of this has led to a centered peace in who I am and excitement in exploring where I’m headed.

So, you might be wondering how does the music of Barry Manilow play into all of this? Please keep reading and you'll understand!

To complete the process, and see this dream to fruition, it's taken a village of wonderful people who support my efforts and assist me in every way they can. From building a web-site to editing, publishing and marketing.

My part is complete, the book is written, but as we all know, everything takes a certain amount of resources, and that's where you come in. I'm asking you take a chance on me, invest what you can and purchase an advance copy of my book, which I know you'll enjoy.

It's not my purpose to turn everyone who reads my book into a Barry Manilow fan, or to send you all running from what you know into a new life. However, I do hope as I share my journey, you'll see within yourself that there is room to grow, to discover all you can be, to find bliss through something outside yourself, that will enhance the life you now live, creating a better you for yourself and those you love or perhaps inspire you to begin a new journey of your own.

Every day can be the grand opening to your life, if you enter it with hope, love, joy and an eye to all that can be, not merely what is!

And the journey begins with my introduction to; It Could Be Magic!

To this day, no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, each time I hear Barry Manilow’s beautiful song Could It Be Magic, I can’t help but feel astonishment and gratitude. It was the unique power of the music and the opening bars of that song, which Barry Manilow based on Chopin’s Prelude in C Minor, that was the catalyst to my personal epiphany of self-discovery. Awakening me to a deep sense of joy, love, hope, empathy, courage, wonder, acceptance, gratitude and an abounding zest for life I’ve never felt before.

Five years ago, mine was the fairly typical life of a suburban housewife and mother to three sons whom I adore. Yet like many women, I was so absorbed in the responsibilities of family, I’d become dormant and unaware that my personal essence of self was slipping away. In fact, it wasn’t until my oldest son prepared to leave the nest that I was filled with an insidious sadness and a creeping fear that when the day came for my younger sons to embark on their lives, thus ending my role of mommy, I’d no longer have an identity and my purpose would cease to exist. As a dear friend eloquently stated in one profound sentence; "you lost perspective on being the shero of your own life story!"

Now, in affording myself permission to be empowered by the onus of my own existence, I no longer live mindlessly by rote waiting for external purpose to give me reason or fulfillment. I’ve learned life doesn’t happen to us, we each have the ability to make life happen. Because of that insight I savor moments, big and small, as they occur, because each one contains an opportunity to reach beyond what is and discover what could be. I’ve developed an acute awareness to feel emotions with no imposed boundaries and unearthed passions I didn’t know I had. I’ve opened my heart and mind to the wonders of new beginnings and learned to pragmatically accept heartbreaking, often unexpected endings. All of this has led to peacefulness and joy in who I am and a hunger to discover all I can be.

Prior to my self-discovery, I believed once you reached adulthood and chose a path in life, it was there you stayed until your final breath. Of course I knew we could grow, evolve, enhance upon what we have, but truly open a new chapter and start from the bottom up? No way! That was the heartrending feel-good stuff fictional books and movies of hope were made of, not real life, at least not my real life.

And music, having a sensitizing effect on the psyche; healing, calming, nurturing? Having the ability to physically and emotionally change us from the inside out? No that isn't real either. So what if professionals who knew far more than I said it was possible? Hearing lyrics strung together with notes was enjoyable, often-memorable, but had no tangible effect, at least not on me.

And Barry Manilow; his music was nice, but I didn’t believe he or his music were particularly special...

That’s what I believed until the early morning hours of April 15, 2007. It’s then the three converged and began a journey that ultimately would change my life.

Inspiration comes to us in many ways, often in a sudden burst. I’m proof positive of that fact. I’ve pondered many times how my life would be had I not played that song at that particular moment. Would I have discovered my new path anyway? Would I have discovered the person I am now, or would the moment have passed me by? And why was it that Barry Manilow’s music had such an empowering effect?

In the grand scheme of things, I firmly believe everything happens for a reason; there are no mistakes or accidents. However, to over-analyze and ask why destroys the magic, creates fear and forces our rational humanness to take over and control what might be. And so seeking deep logical explanations is not my desire. I prefer to live with the magic that is and allow it be for its own sake.

Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, the late author of Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind cuts through our stronghold of logical intellect to find unarguable proof that what we refer to as “reality’’ is far more “magical and exciting than we've ever dreamed”: she states “our reliance as a culture on conclusions based on readily identifiable evidence forces us to tiptoe around experiences we can’t explain”

And so, to seek deep logical answers to why is not my desire, I prefer to live with the magic that is and allow it be for its own sake. What I know for certain; something in the music of Manilow connected; woke me up and shook me back to life. Bursting the bubble of numb indifference, I’d grown accustomed to, where I took the good for granted and buried the not-so-good so deeply within, it became septic and manifested in ways I didn’t understand.

I was transformed in those early morning hours and would never be the same. But I had no inkling of what was to unfold. It’s best that way. Looking back, as I write, if I’d known, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to even take the first step, and God knows I’m so happy I did.

Please join me on the journey that is my story... it could be magic!

One thing I can tell you with certainty. My book is written from my heart, with as much love, respect and gratitude anyone could ever offer to someone who has been the catalyst in changing a life.  To know the rest of the story, I'll hope you'll offer your support. And thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who do.

Risks and challenges

Being an artist of any kind, passionate about what you create, comes with the risk that you won't be able to make people understand how serious you are about what you're trying to accomplish or how motivated you are to make it a success.

This project has been like a pregnancy, though the final result has taken longer than nine months. To see it come to fruition, will be the miracle of its birth.

The words sharing my story are written, the graphics are complete and the web-site,, is up and running, but the challenge I face now, is without doubt the most difficult, having the funds to publish my book, so to get it into the hands of readers.

I've researched and I know $3000.00 is all I need to get the publishing ball rolling.

I'm a pro at social networking, marketing and promoting, once the book can be held in my hand, the sky's the limit to how far I can take it as I'll devote every second of my time to spreading the word by whatever means are available.

Writing is my passion, and as much a part of my life as breathing. My book is not a thoughtless whim or a vehicle to self-promote by telling my story. It is an attempt to share what I've learned, through the power of the music that changed my life. I just need someone to believe in me, take a chance and help support my project.

I have faith that my dream will come to fruition and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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