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Auto Backup Effortlessly | Versatile Across Multiple Devices | Unlimited Backup Space | No Monthly Fees | iPhones & iPads
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    1. Craig Apache Read on

      Thank you @Creator.

      Any actions needed in my end?

    2. Maktar Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Craig Apache Read

      Sorry for the typo, the cable should be corrected as Qubii. We will ship new Qubii to you ASAP. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

    3. Craig Apache Read on

      I replied via email and attached the video to it...

      What cable is used? The unit doesn’t come with a cable.

      You clearly don’t understand what I’m saying... there’s a little white light that comes on (or should) mine doesn’t. (As seen in the video) there is no “cable” you provided. If you mean the Apple cable... I’ve tried several. Besides, the light on the unit doesn’t have anything to do with the cable.

    4. Maktar Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Craig Apache Read

      Could you please plug Qubii into your computer and check if it's connected successfully? If your computer can recognize Qubii, which means there might be some issue with the cable. If not, will ship the new Qubii to you.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      You can contact us through

      Thank you.

    5. Craig Apache Read on

      Re: 1) Using Apple adapter & cable ✅
      2)Insert microSD card into Qubii. ✅
      3) Download the Qubii App ✅
      4) iPhone must be iOS 10 or above ✅
      5) Charge your iPhone with Qubii ❌
      With the steps above, you should able to backup automatically.

      The light doesn’t come on. I have a video... wanna see it?

    6. Maktar Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Craig Apache Read

      You can try to charge your iPhone to check if it can charge 100%. It should be fully charged in a couple hours unless something happened with your iPhone.

    7. Craig Apache Read on

      With my phone issues I needed to restart the phone from factory fresh... so a backup was a full backup... it was plugged in for (15 hours [as I just unplugged it] and it went from 18% to 64%... shouldn’t it have been FULLY recharged?

    8. Craig Apache Read on

      I’ve been locked outta my emails due to my phone bricking 16 days ago (this came the day before I had issues (not from Qubii but from an iOS update) this has saved not only my bacon but memories of my late mother before her unexpected passing. (One reason why I didn’t back up with iTunes and let over 37,000 pictures pile up.

      I can’t stop talking about Qubii with all Apple Tech support I’ve been speaking too/with. They are in awe... good job @Creator!

    9. Maktar Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Craig Apache Read

      You can check the file through Qubii App or using the computer before you delete anything on your iPhone. : )

    10. Craig Apache Read on

      I hope this is accurate and I understand it. I’d hate to lose over 37,000 pictures and videos on my iPhone (only about 34gigs as from what Qubii states).

      As you can tell, I don’t like iTunes all that much. lol ;)

    11. Maktar Inc. 2-time creator on

      @craig Apache Read

      That's a good question which a lot of people been asked for. Here is our answer:

      When being used with different devices, Qubii™ creates different folders for each device. This way all backups are separated into individual folder names, making keeping them separate from one another as simple as possible.

      For example:
      When you and your friends shared one Qubii for backup, your photos only stored in your folder. Your friend's photos will only be stored in theirs. It won't be messed up.

      If you restore photos from your wife's folder to your iPhone and then back up again, Qubii will see this as a new photo then back up to your folders.

      Hope this would help you.

      You can check more Q&A through our website:

      Thank you

    12. Craig Apache Read on

      This KS couldn’t have been delivered a day sooner... (sure it could have) but not a day later.

      I did the initial backup after the suggestions (as I had issues, but I figured them out). Then last Sunday I did an ISO update and that’s when the sh!t hit the fan and all hell broke loose. Sadly I went a whole week without an active phone. Apple support said the ISO Update corrupted iCloud and *ANY* backups I tried to transfer back onto the iPhone. I wasn’t TOO worried as Qubii got my photos, videos, & contacts...

      So my questions @Creator is/are:
      As you stated in the update: “If you will share your Qubii with a friend or family member, then you will need to see their iPhone stats to add into your calculation.”

      So if I do “share” with someone... how does the save(d) function/file happen. Is there two backups or will there always just be one (1) file.

      In other words I have the file *I* did, now if I gave this to my wife and she used it... where would her data be/land? (I hope you can understand what I’m trying to get at.

      Oh... I was at the Apple store for like 7hours on Saturday, and all the apple support geeks thought the Qubii was/is an awesome idea and very unique.