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High-quality resin Dropship, "Designed for Infinity" - but also suitable for any 28mm-32mm tabletop Sci-fi gaming.
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Introducing the "Roc" dropship - Designed for Infinity.


Original Concept: Shaun Mooney.

What was to become the HaqqIslam "Roc" started as concept art by Shaun Mooney called "The Grendel" as can be seen below and here:

He said of the design "[It's a]bit of an homage to the ALIENS drop ship, that film was a massive influence on me as an artist. There's a bit of an Apache gunship, some Russian gunship, Harrier jump jet and even a touch of Thunderbird 2 in there. my plan was to cover it in weapons but just ended up going with one 30 mm cannon. Figured its job was just delivering troops, doesn't really stay around to fight." 

What we didn't have at this point were any other angles of the concept and so we started to "flesh-out" Shaun's concept a little bit, to suit its intended use within the Infinity Universe.

The first thing we wanted to do was make this a vehicle that clearly showed that it was capable of higher than Karman line flight... but at the same time, we wanted to de-clutter the under-wing areas...meaning we were removing some of the "engines".

So, we had to find a mounting area that did not interfere with the cargo area, or use any other wing-space up, that led us to split the tail and inserting a central rocket engine:

 The top-most 'pods' on the wings are power plants rather than propulsion units and we regarded the remaining wing-mounted engines as suitable for atmospheric flight... and the large rocket engine for boosting above the Karman line.

We then wanted to give the Roc the ability to "hover" or at least land and take off vertically - the existing Jet Nozzles around the cargo area were ideal for this but needed some slight adjustment so that they cleared the ground when in use:

 To achieve that we had to raise the Roc of the ground and add some landing gear.... but at the same time, we also wanted to ensure that there was adequate room for troops to rapidly deploy from the cargo area... which ended up with us having 3 exits: both sides and a rear exit.

 The evolution of the design was rapidly leading us toward a very rugged design - this was going to be a dropship with a lot of raw power, far less sleek that the Azure Dragon, but at the same time looking far more powerful.

Big air-intakes, multiple power-plants, engine redundancy and a strong, military, functional appearance.




 Available Pledges:


 (For decal examples please see lower down the page)

Follow this link to pledge using Paypal funds.
Follow this link to pledge using Paypal funds.



The Roc dropship will be produced in high-quality polyurethane pressure-cast resin including a clear-cast resin canopy.

During the production of the Azure Dragon and Fast Panda we developed two significant advances in our resin casting systems, improving dramatically on production capability (almost doubling our manufacturing capacity) whilst simultaneously improving our casting quality.

As well as producing wargames scenery we are now also manufacturing limited edition high-quality boutique statuettes for clients, this only being possible due to being able to produce the very highest quality of resin casts.

The Azure Dragon and Fast Panda Kickstarters showed us that we do now need an extended period of time before production - to allow for any reprinting or re-moulding of any parts that cause issues (hence the extended lead time before first dispatches).

It also allows us more time to produce more production moulds prior to going into full production. This means that once we reach the production time we can produce more models per week and thus could dispatch more rapidly.

(Fast Panda, wich had its dispatch delayed by 3 months due to the need for reprints and re-moulds, is now being completed in roughly 2 months of production - 1/3rd of the time we previously thought necessary for its production. This is down to the productivity improvements in our casting systems.)

For the Roc, rather than dispatching more rapidly, or producing over a shorter period of time, this has meant that we can now offer extra units as add-ons for backers. 

As with our other Kickstarters we do not dispatch everything at the same time, rather we start dispatching on the given dates and then continue production, in either pledge monthly order, or backer number, until all pledges are completed.

As such your dispatch time is the date at which that production cycle will start f.ex "First in!" dispatch will start in December and finish whenever all those 20 pledges are fulfilled (which should all be finished during December).

(If you want to see our record with our previous Kickstarter then the details can be found here.)


Dimensions & Comparisons:

Unlike the Azure Dragon we do not yet have the 3D print for this dropship, however, we do have the 3D design finished and can thus provide visuals comparing it to the Azure Dragon.












We will be making custom decals for this Dropship in a similar fashion to those we did for the Azure Dragon:

Please Note: The ROc will have be entirely new decal sets, the following Azure Dragon decal sets are shown as a guide to show the area coverage of the decal sets (approximately 1/3rd A4 sheet)

Standard Decals from Azure Dragon
Standard Decals from Azure Dragon


Azure Dragon "Light" Decals
Azure Dragon "Light" Decals

We cannot design the decals for the Roc until we have a physical model in our hands (so after the 3D print is printed) however the above image gives you a good impression of the coverage that the decals will enable (1/3 sheet A4).

The above decal set will not have anything specific to Infinity the Game and will consist of 4 slighlty different sets:

1) Roc Standard Decals (English)
2) Roc Standard Decals (Arabic)
3) Roc "Light" Decals (English)
4) Roc "Light" Decals (Arabic)

In addition, there will be "patches/roundels" from the Infinity 'verse

HaqqIslam (Vanilla)
Ramah Taskforce (Sectorial)
Qapu Khalqi (Sectorial)
Hassassin Bahram (Sectorial)

..and also Roundels from Corporations.

Gojal Safari Tours:



Risks and challenges

We've learned from both the Azure Dragon Kickstarter (completed) and Fast Panda Kickstarter (fulfilment in progress) that we now need to assign more time to the pre-production period.

In particular, this extra time is to allow for any parts that may need re-printing or combination of parts that either need to be pre-assembled, or re-moulded for production reasons.

This is why we have an extended the pre-production time from 3 months to 5 months. If this allows us to start dispatch earlier, then we will.

The largest elements of pre-production are 3D print post-processing and prototype moulding, both of which we now have considerable experience with.

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    The Roc - First in!

    One high-quality resin-cast 'Roc' dropship with a set of Decals.

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    Roc the Kasbah

    Three high-quality resin-cast 'Roc' dropships.

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