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Forward Base: pre-painted MDF and colored resin scenery, vehicles and accessories "Designed for Infinity".
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Product Update; Corporate Containers

Posted by Antenocitis Workshop Ltd (Creator)

I first saw the idea of putting multiple containers into a modular-variable format back about 4 or 5 years ago, and thought it was a fairly nifty idea, so when the KS came around I made the corporate containers along similar lines:

Original Concept
Original Concept

 Whilst there was "nothing wrong" with that design it has always nagged at me sub-consciously for a variety of reasons which i won't go into all of; suffice to say that I was never 100% happy with them.... part of that was that there was no flat upper surface to place figures on, and whilst you can put figures on a sloping surface they do rather tend to slide off them... meaning that they are avoided by gamers... 

The other main issue was one of aesthetics and engineering:
the original design was "clunky"  - the way many MDF products can be - in so far as they can have been made up from very clever combinations of MDF, and yet never look like anything other than cleverly arranged bits of MDF.
Ours needed to look more like functional crates with a "sensible" method of assembling multiplecontainers into a single block... not just a clever arrangement of clunk MDF parts.

... so as they were they just didn't look quite right to me... and finally: there were a couple of mechanical issues in the design which were inherently weak and liable to breakage.

Obviously (well, I say that now, at the time it wasn't so obvious to me!)  they needed to be made a bit sexier and have a flat gaming surface, whilst retaining the "you can turn this into a big container or a tower" featurette... whilst removing the mechanical weaknesses... and I think I have done that...

 So the "old style" Corporate containers are all now replaced with this newer version - we've also expanded the number of corporations to 6 (from 3) and changed the names on a couple so that some variation from the standard Habitat names are available. 

Finally we are also changing the standard blue (shown) to a new Cyan (not shown), which is a bit brighter and "More sci-fi" looking, also to differentiate its corporate tags from those of Phoenix which uses the standard blue. 

I hope you like the changes, I think they are simpler, sleeker and far more "game friendly" .. and the new colour and Corporate logos/names gives a bit more variation. The laser-cut edges are specifically targeted to work more into the "look & feel" of the design... we haven't tried to hide them, instead made the dark cut-edges a feature.

Structurally the "Ladder" and end-sections of the individual containers are also far stronger than the previous design. 

They go together easier also ... so its a bit of a "win all round" tbth.  :-)

The breakdown for pledges remains the same: so if you were getting 6 containers previously, plus the "combi-set parts" you will now get 6 individually named crates (1 of each corporation) plus the "cargo clamps" (the separate ladder-type thing now being integral to the design has gone, and the old-style "Mesh" top is replaced with the Cargo-Clamp piece, 1 at the top, one at the bottom)) ... and if you were getting 3 containers previously you will still get 3 but now of the new design (these will be 3 random corporations).

The Corporations are:
Bharat (mining)
Industrial Aeronautica (Space Industry)
Tangaroa (Construction)
Office (Supplies)
Marrua (Vehicles)
Volgren Troller (trucks and heavy vehicles)


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    1. Julian C

      Thanks for the retail release discount offer, I too would have taken these in PM with this design.

    2. Arthur Dent on

      I like the redesign, they look at the same time better and more realistic.

    3. Rafael Cerrato

      I liked the old ones, but I love the new ones! I'm really happy of having pledged for them!

    4. Antenocitis Workshop Ltd 9-time creator on

      Hi Chris.. erm.. not sure why anybody would be going into them to be honest...its future-tech, the sides simply unfold away leaving the access open along the whole side, a robot unloads it (say, perhaps, a Cargo-Bot? ;-) ) or a host of other options ;-)

      If you want some ISO containers though... we've got some of those coming also.

    5. Antenocitis Workshop Ltd 9-time creator on

      I dont know if "lasercutty" is a real word Frits, but it should be ... because its spot-on, :-)

    6. Chris Seebacher on

      While I do like the look of these much better, they do come across as being a bit on the small side height wise. I think they would look better if they were at least tall enough that a figure would be able to walk into it. They way they are you would have to crawl in on your hands and knees to unload it. I can understand the design from the game-play perspective, but with all the effort made to make all the other terrain believable and functional these come across as looking contrived.

    7. Burkhard on

      I realy like them! Did not like the old ones too much, so I see this as a great improvement.

      But this also causes me two problems.

      a) As a plus backer I chose only one colour and logo. Now I would like a mix. Would this still be possible!

      b) Any way to add more containers to the pledge now? See I really like them! �

    8. Ed Leech on

      These are much better Jed! I may want more so a discount code is always welcome ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      I think i like these. The original ones were a bit too 'lasercutty' for my taste so I didn't pledge for them.

    10. Antenocitis Workshop Ltd 9-time creator on

      GG - yeah they now leave about 5mm of an S2 uncovered at the top - that was a deliberate change - S3 is total cover... but that is always dependent on how you treat "seeing under the object" as feet (lower part of all the silhouettes) were always visible and still are.

      Ole: we're looking into some form of Backer discount code for anybody who missed them in the KS - so when they hit retail KS backers (only) can get them at a special 1-time price.

    11. Garage Gaming

      I like the shape and look of the new design but I have one slight issue.

      It looks like the original design was a silhouette size 2 or more, so Infinity the containers effectively blocked line of sight for normal units. The new containers look like they are smaller than a size 2, bigger than a 1.5, gameplay wise the tops of heads are now visible so you can't simply use the containers for full cover. In order to make them work I'll have to set them on a smaller platform of some fashion to give them the extra height now.

    12. Ole Ingvar Stene

      .... I have no idea what I ordered anymore! Well, can always get some in retail later. :)

    13. Antenocitis Workshop Ltd 9-time creator on

      IIRC the clamps come with the Phoenix Cargoes pack... but not the "Crate-Tastic" bundle. If you have ordered the individual "Corporate Containers" add-on, then you also get the Cargo Clamps with it.

    14. Ole Ingvar Stene

      Great improvement! Though, are the clamps a separate product?