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Update #5

A little story about seasoning ...


Ahoy !

My friends at a neat little local restaurant called the Underground Kitchen here in Madison Wisconsin just launched a rare look into the last few days with the cast iron pieces as we were seasoning + assembling the final map before driving up to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It's a beautifully done little video and story on the iron casting community  ! Check it out here:

The Underground Food Collective has been a staple supporter of my work when I was first showing the cast iron skillets of the Midwest in their restaurant. Their friendship with my studio work is something magical, indeed. It's where the slow-foodie-nation meets DIY artist, and they contributed not only their glorious space and great camaraderie with me, but also a whopping 28.3 #'s of grass fed goat + pork fat to season all 49 states skillets for ArtPrize ! 

Let's just say, my piece has aromatic nuances that recall a hunger for bacon ! Hahaa!

It's pretty intense ! 



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