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"Made in America" is a cast iron map of the 48 contiguous states of America. Each state is an individually functional skillet .
"Made in America" is a cast iron map of the 48 contiguous states of America. Each state is an individually functional skillet .
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Link Overload ~

Hi'ya everybody ~!

Perhaps ye'all might be interested in hearing a little news from the den of FeLion Studios ~ we've been kickin' up some dust on the National level since an appearance  on the Martha Stewart Show. Below, for your fancy, enjoy seeing the project you backed show up in the Huffington Post, local radio here in Madison Wisconsin, and a load of other hipster blog sites. The pile of links here:

 A snippet of our segment with Martha:

Huff Post:



ALSO !!! I have to shout out for a fellow iron artist's project that will warm your heart, my heart, and his heart :  consider watching / passing / backing him up ! He has 12 days to make a miracle happen :

Kelly Ludeking - the fella of mention - is a mentor of mine, and helped in a huge way during the physical casting of the last 28 states of "Made In America". Now he's been 1 of 10 artists chosen internationally from different artistic backgrounds to participate in an iron symposium in Scottland !!! He's so friggin' excited !! But this Iowa boy is needing some serious funding to make it happen . Check out his home-spun project and pass on some love!


Last week, FeLion Studios officially launched a pre-sale offer to the good people in this world who are interested in owning a Wisconsin state shaped skillet for all their merry-making, festivity going, tailgating, back-yard pot luck-having needs. With this PRE SALE, we are also offering a special honorary discount of 20% off to the first 100 orders of this new product !!! The offer only goes for 2 weeks, when it ends on JUNE 1st, so get while it's hot !  Check out the look and specs of this little gem here, enter FNF in the promo code box for the 20% discount !!! :


This is the first of many-to-come commercially produced state shaped skillets offered exclusively from FeLion Studios. The production is AMERICAN MADE at a foundry in Minneapolis, MN, and will soon be available in retail stores after the pre-sale offer ends this June. This pan is DIFFERENT from the art pieces that you may be familiar with :}  The design is changed to make the product much more user-friendly and price-affordable to a broader spectrum of folks. These skillets are Un-Seasoned, or come RAW , which you can then season to your delight any way you please ( vegan or animal fat,.). Shipping will happen by mid-June, and your pan should arrive well before the 4th of July holiday ~ enjoy!

High Fives to everyone !! Hope you're doing swell!

Kind Regards,

Alisa Toninato

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Martha Stewart ~ here we go !


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October - November -December !!

Hi ya folks ! 

Oh boy !  It's been WAY too long since my last post, and that deserves an apology, but let me fill you in on what's happened and where I'm at with everything !

October was INSANE !!   Haha! No, really ! --  The install / de-install up in Grand Rapids at DeVos went smooth as could be.  I actually traveled there 3 times over the course of the whole ArtPrize experience, which was less than one month long ! The final result for my piece was that it made the top 25 in Center City, but didn't get into the top 10.  Regardless, beautiful pictures were taken, high fives and hugs all around, a BEAUTIFUL story to come out of it and a slew of eventful reporting was done upon this project !  Check it here :


This last clip is admittedly spooky . - It was a radio show in Chicago called the Down 'n' Dirty radio show with Frank Fontana, and I was invited to kick it with them as I was visiting the city to help run the Chi-town Iron Pour over Halloween weekend. 

Aside from the Grand Rapids travel, other eventful happenings include an entire upheaval of my studio on the last day in September, when I had to move every heavy thing I own on a flat bed trailer and about 13 truck loads to a new and awesome space that I can call home for FeLion Studios !!  See comparative pictures below !  

In between even THOSE two things, I've been pouring iron almost every weekend in October, minus just one weekend which was booked for a photo session!  For those of you getting iron hearts, I can assure you they are on the way !!  I am making all the iron heart rewards first as there is a limited opportunity to pour in the year, and these rewards take a little more time than your average gift !  I am also a one-person show, so I'm doing everything in my power right now to pump these custom designs out and prepare them for shipping.  

As for the picture and postcard folks, your patience with me is GOLDEN !!  I can promise you it's on my tip top daily acknowledgment that it's super important to get these out in a timely manor. However, I am still a full time studio artist trying to figure out how to run my baby new business, and with this, I need to just balance out the realism of printing/packaging/shipping costs with those of my major obligations like rent and food. 

Anyways, all the rewards are happening, and they will be sent out in pulses and waves of shipments, as much as I can handle all 216 of them. I have all the labels of addresses printed and bubble envelopes purchased and ready to go !  -- My goal is to have them out before Christmas ! 

Okay ! So now it's November and I'm still moving strong forward in the studio work. Just 2 more pours this month, and happily, one of them is with my NEW FURNACE !! Yep!  I'm building the FeLion Studios furnace THIS MONTH !!  It's a very exciting endeavor, as it will allow me to run pours closer to my space and under my schedule.  Wish me luck ! - It's a load of work, but will be a great outcome of the new studio move and growing FeLion empire !  Bwah hahaha !   Here are some pics for you to ponder and enjoy as I whittle away at the tasks at hand ! 

High Fives to everyone !  Thank you again !  And please be a little MORE patient as I work on the rewards into the Holiday season. !


Alisa Toninato

  ***  TO explain some pictures :  

The fist pile of hearts was from the first 2 pours, I have 28 more since then ! 

The old weirdo studio is the orange-floor shot. NEW studio is  AWESOME. period. Notice the 2 ton hoist that came with it  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  

The picture of me with a cement mixer /  cloth over it was my first use of the amazing over-sized 2 ton- hoist. -- I hooked up a 4oz. hair drier to the hook to help me hold it while I got my sand warm, keeping the good air in with a cloth. ... Ridiculous, I know, ..totally worth a photo though :}  ****

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A little story about seasoning ...

Ahoy !

My friends at a neat little local restaurant called the Underground Kitchen here in Madison Wisconsin just launched a rare look into the last few days with the cast iron pieces as we were seasoning + assembling the final map before driving up to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It's a beautifully done little video and story on the iron casting community  ! Check it out here:

The Underground Food Collective has been a staple supporter of my work when I was first showing the cast iron skillets of the Midwest in their restaurant. Their friendship with my studio work is something magical, indeed. It's where the slow-foodie-nation meets DIY artist, and they contributed not only their glorious space and great camaraderie with me, but also a whopping 28.3 #'s of grass fed goat + pork fat to season all 49 states skillets for ArtPrize ! 

Let's just say, my piece has aromatic nuances that recall a hunger for bacon ! Hahaa!

It's pretty intense ! 



Ha! We made the Kickstarter post ( twice! )

Hey everyone, thought you might be tickled a bit by some Kick-back love by the Kickstarter operations, - who've now highlighted this project TWICE !  LOVE IT !! 

You'all must be a very special and magical group of backers, no? ! 

Check it !  --->

and from earlier....

High Fives you guys !