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A show exploring the importance of hope through difficult times. Follow two sisters as they adventure through reality & fantasy worlds.

A Sister's Grim 

This story explores the immense power that hope holds in difficult times. It takes you on an adventure with two little girls, fighting to believe that better times are ahead of them. Please join us in a journey with them as they travel through both reality and fantasy worlds in pursuit of their ultimate dream: to have a life they can truly love. 

The show will go up in Hampshire College's Red Barn at 7pm on December 6, 7, & 8. On the 8th of December there will also be a 2pm show. 

All funds will go directly to the production: set, lights, publicity, and programs. 

The play is an original script written by Rachel Siegel and has been worked on for over 9 months. The set designs and concepts were already under way 5 months ago, along with lights and sound design. The sound will be selected by Rachel's father, Peter Siegel, who has worked as a record producer in New York for 45 years. All participants in the creation of the technical side of production, have had training and experience in their specific area of expertise and majority of the team is made up of Hampshire College students. 

Every penny going towards this production has a very specific role in the creation of this piece and will be used directly as planned in the budget. 

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As all theatrical processes go, any thing that can go wrong, will go wrong. With some pieces of our production that have foreseeable problems, I have done my best to prepare for them. When creating our back drop, which is going to be spray painted, I have found a space that is ventilated but covered in case of inclement weather.

Some other bumps along the road cannot be necessarily planned for. This includes issues with materials being shipped in time to create the back drop. Due to Sandy, we all know the mail is moving a bit slower, so this could potentially cause us a time crunch with creating the back drop.

Additionally, three days before our show, we will have to move our entire set due to a Bar Mitzvah that is occurring in the space we are showing our production. While we have made plans for the set to be transported to a safe storage space and then transported back, this could be damaging to our set. If our set is damaged in the process we will only have three days to repair it before opening night.

Also, those in charge of the Red Barn (the location of our show) have added lanterns that are not allowed to be moved. Once we are allowed in the space November 26, we will find out if these are terribly intrusive to our set design or not. This could be another potential difficulty that we would have to problem solve only a week before the show.

Lastly, if we do not receive the proper finical support, we may not have the funds to create creative posters that would be needed to create awareness about the show. Without the posters, this could lead to show dates without a full audience. This would be a set back for the show and all the cast and crew who have worked so hard.

Time is everything at this point in the production. While we have defeated every hurdle that has come our way thus far, many more (that we cannot fathom) are to come. We will continue to face each challenge with determination that only comes from our passion for creating this show.


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