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Attack on Titan inspired game. All of the games UI is either an organ in the player, armor, or in your base. Survive for as many days.
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I am not asking for any money, as this kickstarter is mainly as a way to get my game Downpour into steam. Downpour is a game I believe that at least a couple hundred people would like to play. I need help getting as much traffic on my steam green light page, and any votes of yes will help a lot to get it greenlit. You can find the link to my greenlight page in my bio, and right here:

As a reward for any that want to pledge, you can be included in the credits as a day zero fan. As a one man indie company, it doesn't leave any name except my own in the credits. So here is your chance to solidify yourself into Downpour.

Downpour is a game meant to invoke a feeling of importance even in the smallest decisions. From opening a door to providing electricity to run various machinery that aid you. Even being able to save is a valuable resource. Survivors will die forever if you don't protect them. Every bullet requires matter (harvested from enermies) to create, giving the player a sense of full responsibility for how well they do in the world.

You and the remaining survivors are suppressed by the endless hordes of enemy that come banging on your door. You and the base you built are the last hope. Survive for as many days as you can.


Downpour features a full day night cycle.

Protagonist has an energy organ. If it reaches zero character will die.

Don't get infected, or else worms will manifest themselves inside you, affecting how you perform.

If your base doesn't have enough energy, you will not be able to save unless you add more energy.

Using machines such as the armor repairer, health machine, bullet reloader, opening the door, saving, all use valuable energy providing tough decisions to the player. What will you prioritize.

If your generator doesn't have energy, your doors will not be able to stay closed.

Energy is converted using the matter machine in your base.

Many types of monster will try to get pass your base to attack the village.

Die and your level decreases. Die enough times and you can get into negative levels.

Survivors live in a base behind your base, collect enough resources to rebuild a rocket and escape! Be wary though, as your relationship with the survivors will make or break you.

Risks and challenges

I do everything from programming, level design, art, and effects/music. Others might see the limits of what a one man game company can do, but I embrace it. I personally believe there is great clarity that comes from one vision pushing forward all aspects of a game. Programming, music, and art all effect one another. Having it bottled in one mind really helps in adapting as fast as possible, and making changes to balance a game out quickly.…

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