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The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 5, 2014.

The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up!

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Click here to play one of our levels!

Do you know which of Jupiter's moons has the largest orbit? Or when Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from the Underground was published? Or who the first Holy Roman Emperor of the House of Habsburg was? 

Maybe if you had studied, you would know the answers... but you didn't.

Luckily for you, your classmates did.

And they're dolphins.

Classroom Aquatic is the world's first cheat-'em-up. Players play as an exchange student in a school of dolphins, going through a semester that they're in no way prepared for. They must resort to cheating in order to be the best student in school!

  • Cheat your way to an A like never before! Compatible with the Oculus Rift-- really take a peek at your classmate's answers!
  • Let yourself be transported to an underwater world with virtual reality technology! Experience what it's like to be a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins!
  • Hours of creative play: be sneaky; be blatant; be cautious; be bold; it's smart to prepare for a test, but it's smarter to pass it without studying!

We currently have a playable build of one of the many kinds of challenges you'll face in Classroom Aquatic, downloadable here! In the demo, the player looks at the surrounding students' tests to get the right answers. If the students or teacher catch the player looking at another test, they won't be happy about it! The player must avoid angering their fellow classmates and the professor by sneaking glances or causing distractions. If the player avoids getting caught three times and finishes the test with all correct answers, the player wins!

We are planning on building this game into a full experience, with a campaign story encompassing an entire semester at school, multiple game modes, different classrooms, students, and professors, support for PC, Mac, and Linux, and localization! Playable with or without the Oculus Rift!

To help wet everyone's appetite for what we envision for the full game, we'd like to give you a peek at the different game modes we have planned for the full release version of Classroom Aquatic!

Science Fair!

The professors look at you with suspicion, and your classmates make fun of your smaller brain-to-body mass ratio. What better way to prove you're studious and intelligent than by winning the science fair? But when your classmates bring in portable hydro-electric generators, cardboard displays explaining Quantum Entanglement, and impressive mantis shrimp farms, you realize the only way you'll take away 1st Place is by ruining everyone else's projects without them or the judges catching you!

School Dance!

The Enchantment Over The Land dance is coming up, and lucky you has just been asked out by your best friend... AND the most popular dolphin in school! Caught in the wild current, you said yes to both of them! Can you take them to the dance without them finding out that you're double-dating?


Professor Porpoise runs a tight ship: you've been sent to detention, and you'll stay there till you pass your remedial quiz. All the questions are easy enough, but the rest of the students don't know the answers-- they're going to copy them off of YOU! Show them you can't cheat a cheater by making them copy the wrong answers and making sure you remain at the top of the bell curve!

DSL Exam!

In this level, you’ll have to give the correct responses to questions asked by the professor. However, your responses have to be in Dolphinese, and you can’t remember whether it was two squeaks or three! You’ll have to keep an eye AND an ear out for the correct answers from your other classmates, whether they be answering directed questions, studying with flashcards (bean them with an eraser to have them drop all their cards!) or leaning in to hear their audio guides (cause a class-wide distraction, and they’ll take out their earbuds, making it easier to overhear!).

Open Book Exam!

An open book exam is like sanctioned cheating: you don’t have to hide the fact that you’re looking up the answers! The only problem is that dolphin textbooks are thousands upon thousands of pages long, and you only just unwrapped the plastic off the cover today (and then discarded the plastic wrap in a recycling bin-- that stuff goes straight to the ocean if you don’t properly dispose of it!). You’ll have to take a look at the pages your classmates flip to in order to copy the correct answer!

Class President Elections!

Throughout the campaign mode of the game, you’ll be competing against another student to be elected Class President. Just being a valedictorian won’t win you the race: you’ll have to take every chance to make them appear completely unelectable! Do you think you could get them sent to detention? Is there any way to make them drop all those seaweed cakes they’re carrying to the bake sale? And what is the most humiliating thing that could happen to them at the school dance? If your opponent wanted a friend in politics, they should have gotten a dogfish!

Download the demo for all operating systems now at

"This isn't making existing genres slightly prettier, this is an exploration of new ways to involve the player in these stories."

"Have you ever been woefully ill-prepared for a test that could negatively impact your life because of the test score blinded educational system? And, also, all your classmates were dolphins? Welcome to Classroom Aquatic."

"Apparently based on my dreams, except my dreams are never cool enough to have me be surrounded by dolphins, this is a game about being in a classroom faced with a test that you’ve not prepared for whatsoever. So you have to cheat. And the school is for dolphins and you’re not even a dolphin."

"The premise of Classroom Aquatic could not be more fanciful..."

"Tests Are Even Worse When Dolphins Won't Let You Cheat Off Of Them"

"...the classroom in Classroom Aquatic is, well...aquatic."

"I’m taken by how novel a setting for a game it is."

"If you’ve ever wanted to show those smart aleck dolphins who’s boss, here’s your chance. Help make Classroom Aquatic. Don’t let the dolphins win."

"Sérieusement, si un jour on m’avait dit que j’écrirai les mots « dauphin », « tricher » et « examen » dans le même article, je sais pas comment j’aurais réagi."

"But here's the greatest game you ever need to hear about: Classroom Aquatic."


Remy Karns is a graduate student studying Interactive Media and Games at USC. He doesn't know that a dolphin isn't a fish. Don't correct him-- we find his ignorance amusing.


Mikal Saltveit is a programmer who dreamed one day of making the perfect game. That game turned out to be a dolphin cheating simulator.


Mickey Goese is a self-taught 3D artist and loves polygons.


Ammonite always wanted to be a sea monster when she grew up.


Heather Penn thinks that the ocean is really great.


Eric Cappello is a young, award-winning film composer. He spent 8 months living with the dolphins to prepare for this role.


Devin is an engineer and a gamer. He plays around with algae sometimes, which are kinda like dolphins.

Special Thanks:

Alix Nicholaeff // Manatee Psychologist

Lauren Lewis // Sandcrab Spotter


It's the game! The game you've been waiting for! The game where you play as a dolphi-- er, scuba diver exchange student!


The best part about getting a video game is checking out all the additional materials that come with it! Enjoy this pdf art book of the game! It even comes with a bundle of wallpapers so you can look at dolphins all day long.


Let's be honest: whales can't sing for peanuts. Enjoy the sounds of the ocean, courtesy of the supremely talented and almost aptly named Eric Cappello!


I shirt you not, you'll be overdressed for the pool with this backer-exclusive t-shirt! (Design TBD)


The easiest tests are the ones you write yourself! No need to write the answers on your hand, because you'll have them written in your brain! You'll be given a special mention in the game's credits, forever enshrined in Classroom Aquatic lore.


Is your room ugly? Does it have one of our posters hanging in it? The answer to one of these is always the opposite of the other. (Design TBD)


Finally, a reason for eyes! This physical hardcover art book has never-before seen art not included in the pdf version. Seriously, they've never been seen before. Can you send us a copy? We need to know what our game looks like.


Your name will be found somewhere in the Classroom Aquatic world! Not only that, we're certain someone will put it in the fan-made wiki.


The dolphin government distributed these hardcover handbooks to schools accepting exchange students that advised them on the peculiarities of the "Humans, their culture, and their ways." If you ever have a dolphin over for dinner, have them read this before you set the table.


These stylish backer-exclusive hoodies will make you look like an antique diver! This does not mean you should go diving in one: all that'll happen is you'll get wet and water will get in your eyes and ears and you will cry and you'll look like an antique diver-- stylish!


Help create a memorable student with hopes and dreams and aspirations for everyone to mercilessly cheat off of!


Remember that horrible teacher you had? Who always assigned weekend homework? Who never let you go to the bathroom? Who would always call on you when they knew you didn't know the answer? Relive the nightmare by putting them into the game!


Wow, you like us! You really like us! Wanna come to our party? It'll be a classy soiree of exotic delicacies, fine dress, and a starfish-studded affair with all the big names of Classroom Aquatic. We even have awesome party favors for you-- all custom made!

Risks and challenges

There are considerable challenges in bringing this game to fruition: polishing the mechanics, creating new environments, designing new campaigns and game modes-- there's a long list of homework to finish by semester's end! Not only that, but we are developing for an entirely new platform that hasn't even been released! But your enthusiasm motivated us to push forward with this project, and we have a talented group of professional artists, programmers, and designers eager to make this an unforgettable experience. With your support, we can make something awesome!

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  • You certainly can play this without an Oculus Rift! Although Classroom Aquatic is designed with the Rift in mind, it works great on a standard monitor as well. It is available on all operating systems, and we invite you to try our demo (Rift or no) at!

    Last updated:
  • You bet! And the demo will remain free forever, and will be updated!

    The main game will have more classrooms, more mechanics, and more... everything!

    Last updated:
  • Part of why we want to make a Kickstarter was to fund translating the game into as many languages as possible!

    Last updated:
  • We have big plans for expanding the game: we want to add new game modes, mechanics, environments, characters, and a story that will kraken you up. If we don't get funded, we're ready and willing to continue development of the game and relaunch a new Kickstarter campaign!

    Last updated:
  • The kickstarter fund will be used roughly as follows:

    - Development Funding: We’ll need to purchase new Oculus units, get Unity Pro licenses, and of course pay our seven hard-working devs.

    - Conventions/Festivals: One of our favorite activities is showing the game off to the public! This includes travel, hotel rooms, and equipment. On that note, join us for some dol-fun at PAX East and SXSW!

    - Kickstarter Rewards Fulfillment: We want to thank everyone who donates to our Kickstarter by offering totally awesome rewards!

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    586 backers

    Backers who come to class early receive a digital copy of the game! ● (Game)

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    Pledge $20 or more

    96 backers

    ● BACK TO SCHOOL ● A digital copy of the game plus a pdf art book for the game! The art book even comes with a set of wallpapers to decorate your computer screen. NOTE-- WALLPAPERS ARE NOT WATERPROOF ● (Game + PDF Art Book)

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    ● EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ● A copy of the game, pdf art book with wallpapers, AND the wonderful soundtrack to listen to at your leisure! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack)

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    ● STUDY BUDDY ● Everyone knows two heads are better than one! Receive TWO copies of the game, each with the pdf art book and soundtrack! ● (2x Game + 2x PDF Art Book + 2x Soundtrack)

    Estimated delivery:
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    ● SCHOOL UNIFORM ● Have you ever had the nightmare where you go to school, only to realize that you forgot to wear pants? Well, this tier wouldn't help you, because you'll be receiving a backer-exclusive t-shirt designed by our fabulous artists! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt)

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $75 or more

    15 backers Limited (185 left of 200)

    ● QUIZ WRITER ● Think you can make a question that'd stump a dolphin? Backers at this tier can test their wit and write a question to appear in the game! For their contribution, they will be included in a 'Quiz Writer' portion of the credits! Questions will be perused by Professor Porpoise personally to ensure proper protocol is pollowed-- er, followed. ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Write a Question)

    Estimated delivery:
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    ● STUDY GROUP ● Whoever said 'two heads are better than one' didn't know a thing about math, or heads! Receive FOUR wonderful copies of the game, each with their own pdf art books and soundtracks! ● (4x Game + 4x PDF Art Book + 4x Soundtrack)

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    6 backers Limited (94 left of 100)

    ● HONOR ROLL ● Celebrate your academic excellence with a special limited edition version of the Classroom Aquatic posters! These hand signed and numbered backer-exclusive posters would brighten up any classroom, even if they were in the deep of the Mariana Trench! Comes with the 'Extra Curricular Activities' package of the game and a shirt! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Limited Edition Signed Poster)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $150 or more

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    ● YEARBOOK COMMITTEE ● Take a peek at all the work we did on the game! This hardcover book will contain all the production art work, concept drawings and models for the game, as well as a collection of fan art! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Poster + Printed Art Book)

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    7 backers Limited (93 left of 100)

    ● ALUMNI DONOR ● For backing us at this level, you will have your name engraved somewhere in the school! Whether its scratched into the desk to show you 'wuz here' or next to your classwork proudly displayed on a wall, your name will be immortalized in one of our levels! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Poster + Printed Art Book + Write a Question + Name in Game)

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    Pledge $275 or more

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    ● BOOK WORMFISH ● Our game shows you what its like to be a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins, but have you ever wondered what its like for the dolphins? Backers will receive our Dolphin-to-Human Etiquette Guide, which details all the polite ways to act around humans (Remember: goldfish aren't snacks!) and some common faux pas to avoid (Don't block their air tube!) ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Poster + Printed Art Book + Etiquette Guide)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    ● COOLEST KID IN CLASS ● Be the talk of the grotto! Even rainbow fish will turn their heads to watch you swimming down the stream in your very own Classroom Aquatic backer-exclusive diver hoodie in style! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Poster + Printed Art Book + Etiquette Guide + Hoodie)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $550 or more

    3 backers Limited (7 left of 10)

    ● SCHOLARSHIP ● Make your dreams come true! (NOTE-- Dream must be to design a dolphin.) Backers at this tier get to help create a dolphin character to appear in the game! ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Write a Question + Poster + Printed Art Book + Name in Game + Etiquette Guide + Hoodie + Design a Dolphin)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $1,250 or more

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    ● TENURE ● Backers at this tier will certainly have their flipper in the game when they design a professor! Professor Porpoise will certainly appreciate the company: the teacher's lounge is kind of lonely. ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Shirt + Write a Question + Poster + Printed Art Book + Name in Game + Etiquette Guide + Hoodie + Design a Dolphin + Design a Professor)

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    ● STUDENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE ● Have you ever wondered what its like to be a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins taking a test you are in no way prepared for? Of course you have! But have you ever wondered what its like to meet the team that made the game about being a foreign exchange student in a school of dolphins taking a test you are in no way prepared for? Along with a super special package of physical rewards and all of the game content creation, the lucky backers at this tier get to come visit the team in Los Angeles as guests of honors for our wrap-up party! We're thinking sushi. (Travel and lodging not included) ● (Game + PDF Art Book + Soundtrack + Super Limited Edition Shirt + Write a Question + Super Limited Edition Signed Poster + Super Limited Edition Printed Art Book + Super Limited Edition Etiquette Guide + Super Limited Edition Name in Classroom + Design a Dolphin + Design a Professor + Come Meet the Team!)

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