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The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up!
The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up!
989 backers pledged $31,315 to help bring this project to life.

A personal message


I just wanted to say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all.

You really are the reason we want to make this game.


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    1. Waldir Pimenta on March 5, 2014

      A large backer backing out hours from the finish? That doesn't sound like a nice thing to do :( what a pity...

    2. Michael Towns on March 5, 2014

      Holy shit, sooooo cloooose.

    3. Nimutu on March 5, 2014

      @ Sunken Places, very sad to hear it :(

    4. Charlie Day on March 5, 2014

      We're so close! I upped my pledge to get a T-Shirt. You need clothes anyway so why not?

    5. Sunken Places Creator on March 5, 2014

      Nimutu: it seems like one of our larger backers had to back out :(

    6. Nimutu on March 5, 2014

      God, i don't understand why you post on your twitter account " 1500 $ away " and we are just at 26 k $ :(

    7. Carlos Bergfeld on March 5, 2014

      Would be great if everybody who funded could send a tweet or FB post or something letting them know it needs a little push! You can retweet theirs if you're lazy :)

    8. Tailszefox on March 5, 2014

      Just a few hours left, and we're so close! I just upped my pledge, it's not much but it's always a few more dollars towards reaching it. It's the home stretch, so every bit counts.