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The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up!
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Posted by Sunken Places (Creator)

Hey there all you fanciful flounders! Remy here, reporting from our underwater development studio with an important update about Classroom Aquatic!

As our followers know, Classroom Aquatic is designed to be a game that you can dive into and play whenever you want. Now, we’re most excited to say that thanks to the folks at Daydream, soon you’ll also be able to play Classroom Aquatic wherever you want! That’s right: Classroom Aquatic is going mobile!

We don’t have a picture of the Daydream, so here’s a picture of a daydreaming dolphin!
We don’t have a picture of the Daydream, so here’s a picture of a daydreaming dolphin!

I don’t mean to hyperventilate, but do you understand what this means? And before you say “Actually yes, we think we do understand”, I would say that you don’t understand what this means, otherwise you’d be way more excited! And since I stopped you from saying that, you don’t now have to say “Really? Alright, I’m sorry, please go ahead and tell us what this means?”, and that’s OK because I accept your apology and was going to tell you anyway.

This means Classroom Aquatic will be playable on Daydream-Ready Android devices. Take it with you to the beach, or on a boat, or by the pool, or any other place where it’d be perfectly normal to be seen wearing a VR headset! You could also bring Classroom Aquatic into your class at school. Just imagine-- while you’re playing Classroom Aquatic, trying not to get caught cheating in the game, you can be trying not to get caught playing the game in your real classroom!

Speaking of daydreaming, we wanted to share a little of the creative stuff we’ve been thinking up for some of the levels in Classroom Aquatic. Come take a peek at some concept art!

First off we have an experiment being run by Doctor Delphinidae:

The newspaper isn’t part of the experiment: the cuttlefish just likes keeping up with current events.

Here’s a concept layout for a super secret classroom!

We’d tell you more about it, but then it wouldn’t be super secret.

Finally, here’s an object that we’re thinking of putting into that super secret classroom!

Look how happy it is! Imagine seeing it up close in VR, too!

Last, we had a chat with a cool person from PopOptic about our game. If you’d like to read about why we’re not worried about a cheating epidemic following the release of our game, swim on over here and give their article a read!

That’s all for now! Till next time, remember that whenever you’re at the beach and you put on a VR headset, this thing will come out of the water and watch you!

 And when you take your headset off, it’ll go back underwater, but it'll still be there.

 It’ll still be watching you.

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