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The world's first underwater Stealth/Trivia cheat-'em-up!
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Posted by Sunken Places (Creator)

Hey there all you conch potatoes! Remy here, with an update about Classroom Aquatic that is so cool it could reverse global warming!

You’ve already met Professor Porpoise, the History and Delphinities teacher, who patrols his classroom trying to stop pupils from peering at each others’ papers. Now it’s time to unveil our newest teacher: Doctor Delphinidae, the Science and Mathematics teacher!

While Professor Porpoise cruises the rows and columns of the History classroom, Doctor D monitors the science students from the front of the class.

 There, Doctor Delphinidae periodically peers, reviewing the class.

But years of looking into microscopes has taken its toll on the science-minded cetacean’s eyesight, and any seasoned diver will tell you how quickly glasses fog up underwater. Cheaters should take note when the glasses come off!

Not entirely blinded with science, but close!
Not entirely blinded with science, but close!

As the semester progresses, more and more research grants will float the school’s way, allowing for the invention of super-scientific anti-cheating gizmos. What devilish devices will Doctor Delphinidae design? With any luck, you won’t need a JSTOR account to find out!

Speaking of incredible machines, we’re happy to announce that we’ve gotten our gloved flippers on an HTC Vive!

It's a Vive! IT'S A VIVE!
It's a Vive! IT'S A VIVE!

It’s official-- Classroom Aquatic will be available for HTC Vive hardware! We were trying to think of a way to commemorate this announcement with something special, so we made Gabe Newell into a Nudibranch.

Gabe Newelldibranch
Gabe Newelldibranch

Finally, we wanted to share our comic with you all on Kickstarter! For the past few weeks, we’ve been drawing Classroom Aquatic Comics—Classroom Aquomics! These little comic strips are a way for us to explore ideas about our world in a few funny panels. Our newest one even has Doctor Delphinidae in it!

You can check out all our Classroom Aquomics on Instagram, our Website, Twitter, and Facebook, and keep an eye out for concept art, conventions, and photos of us working on the game!

That’s all for now! Until next time, remember that when it comes to school science fair projects, you’re not impressing anybody with that baking soda volcano. More like half-baked-ing soda volcano.

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      Very glad to see vive support. I decided to go with that instead of oculus.