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A small-town transfer student attends Mission San Jose High and finds out it's secretly run by an underground nerd mafia.
A small-town transfer student attends Mission San Jose High and finds out it's secretly run by an underground nerd mafia.
A small-town transfer student attends Mission San Jose High and finds out it's secretly run by an underground nerd mafia.
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MSJ: The Musical is Here!

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my lack of communication since this campaign closed. It's been over a year since you all invested in this production and in this film and I was not forthcoming with updates as to its progress and the use of your finances towards said production, and for that I am sorry. Going forward, I would like to tell you the tale of the past 14 months.

We began production in the last week of May last year. We used $400 to buy the necessary materials needed to build the set for the UnderCampus which was stored and shot down in the Little Theatre of MSJ. All materials were then recycled by Tanya Roundy and the Drama department for their school productions and outlived the Musical by at least a year so far.

We used roughly $1000 to purchase brand new audio recording equipment which was used daily on set and a few times in the recording studio as well. We couldn't have a decent musical if it didn't sound amazing!

Shooting lasted through the first week of July, where we then took a month hiatus as many of the principle cast had taken off for India and China. Once back, we shot the rest of the film before August 17, which is when I took off for my third year at the University of Oklahoma.

During the Fall 2013 semester I took my time to edit together many of the scenes. However, we ran into a couple of obstacles along the way. One, my laptop crashed, twice. While I had old backups of all the footage on an external hard drive, it took another 3 months to finally build up a first rough cut of the film. Two, we needed to reshoot a couple of scenes in December, when a few of the principle cast would be back from college.

That's where the last $500 was spent. I combined these funds with my own cash to purchase a new Canon 60D DSLR, which we used to reshoot those scenes at the end of 2013.

Fast-forward to the present day. Today is June 7, 2014. At 7pm, the link below will go live with the final version of MSJ: The Musical. The film you all invested in is finally finished, and is waiting for you all to see. I got the chance to work with an amazingly talented and dedicated cast and crew over the past year to create something beautiful and it couldn't have happened without your support. And for that I cannot thank you enough.

Everyone who pledged has their name in the credits. Those of you who are part of the Six Squared reward tier or above will get a link to a survey within the next 24 hours where we will ask for your address. From there we will mail you (or give you a copy if you are in the Fremont area) your signed MSJTM poster. Links to the digital download of the film and soundtrack will also be sent tomorrow as well.

Thank you again for all your support. While I have been silent for the past year, know your support did not go in vain. With your help I was able to tell a story that's needed to be told for a long time. And that time is now.

Thank you,

Doug Wilson

One Month Gone, Six Weeks To Go

It has been a month since we reached our Kickstarter goal.

In that month we have already cast our principal and secondary roles, our script is locked and every song is being composed. In fact, we have already set a date for the first day of production: May 26.

Can you believe that? May 26. A little under six weeks away. In that time span, we will have to record vocals for every song, go through rehearsals with the cast and crew, design the sets and costumes, and a whole slew of other things I don't remember. There's a list sitting on my computer, of everything we have to do before the lights turn on, the cameras start rolling, and I yell "Action!".

It's a really long list.

It's hard to wrap my mind around sometimes. We're doing the impossible. Producing a feature-length musical film in only 6 months is unheard of! A Herculean task by any stretch of the imagination.

However, I couldn't ask for a better team to be working on this impossible task with. We have over 40 individuals collaborating together on this film, both cast and crew. From our talented actors in Fremont to our brilliant composers both at home and halfway across the country in Oklahoma, where I'm writing this from, I can assure you: this show will be the ride of a lifetime.

Be sure to expect many more updates in the coming weeks and months as we edge ever closer to May 26 and beyond. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we are all excited to show you Mission like you've never seen it before.

Until next time,

-Doug Wilson

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