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We've developed high quality bottle opener sunglasses forged from titanium. We need your help to share them with the world!
William Painter's Aerospace Grade Titanium sunglasses with next generation polarized lenses and a built in bottle opener.
William Painter's Aerospace Grade Titanium sunglasses with next generation polarized lenses and a built in bottle opener.
273 backers pledged $26,783 to help bring this project to life.

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New William Painter KS Campaign: The Level

Hey Backers!

We hope you are doing great! It's been while! Our company, William Painter, wouldnt be around if it wasn't for your support in this campaign. This is what started it all! The quality is now second to none and we are expanding the line. We have created a new frame called THE LEVEL. It's similar to the Hook in comfort, titanium durability, and optics, but it has a frame that fits everyone and has some exciting new lens colors.

We've showed THE LEVEL to our loyal backers and many of them said this new frame is the best yet. We've worked really hard on it, they are truly exceptional and we are very proud of them. We launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production run.

We encourage you to check out the campaign and if you like it please pledge your support!

Check out the campaign here:

You'll love this new style. Here are a few photos:

THE LEVEL looks good on everyone
THE LEVEL looks good on everyone

We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you so much for your support!

- The William Painter Team

Thank you for all your support!

To all of you beautiful people who ordered Liquid Shades... They're coming soon!

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What’s going on with Liquid Shades?

After many iterations, we’ve come up with the best possible product that we could think of/produce. We overcame many engineering and manufacturing challenges. Yes, it took some time, but we are so close to delivering the most perfect pair of sunglasses we could create. You will be happy we took such care, trust us.

The guys just left for the far east where they will barter for spices and jade… and/or where they will inspect the quality of the shipment and make sure they get safely on the plane to California.

As soon as it arrives, we’ll be shipping it to YOU (as well as others who have ordered). That means we’ll be sending out the first set of Liquid Shades on earth within the next two weeks.

We’ve lined up 5 locally owned retail locations in the great state of California as well as one in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. 

AND ANOHTER THING... our website is up!!! It is fully functional, but not perfect. We have been receiving orders from all over the globe with little to no site management as of yet. Many more changes will be appearing on the site over the next few months as we gear up for a big spring and summer season.

LASTLY, if you have any friends that would like to purchase a pair of these amazing shades please have them do so NOW, as it looks like we will be out of stock by the time the holidays hit.  

So get ‘em now while you can. We wont get our new stock in until the spring of 2013. 

Thank you all for your constant support and love. 

You have no idea how much we appreciate it. It could not have been done without you. 


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The Good, the Bad and the Devastatingly Handsome

Okay, here's what you've all been waiting on the edge of your seat for (and texting/emailing/calling me at ungodly hours to find out.) Everyone's back from China, the sunglasses are perfect (we brought 5 of the last prototypes back) and the first run is officially underway.

That means we now have a solid date to get the glasses here and ship them to all of you, as you've been waiting so patiently. We expect the first shipment to arrive in California the third week in November (yes, of this year) and we can ship them out immediately. So, you'll have a devastatingly handsome pair of sunglasses that you'll look devastatingly handsome wearing early in December. Well in time for those of you that were planning on these for Christmas. Oh yeah, we got you covered. 

In the mean time, keep a sharp eye out. We're building up a website (that we'll keep you up to date on) and we will be starting to spread the word nationally as we get closer to the official release date. 

We'll let you know abou the fun and games we have planned before they happen. To tie you over for a bit, enjoy this picture of Bam Margera enjoying Liquid Shades:

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Pictures of JackHawks

Hey everyone,

I know you're all still fired up for the JackHawk's as much as we are. That's why we wanted to send a few pictures of our progress along. These are fresh out of the dark room in Shanghai and courier pigeon-ed (pigeoned? pigeonified? I'm not sure...) across the Pacific for your salivatory pleasure. Yes, that's how it's done these days. Enjoy. 

Side Note: TH-4 Pure Titanium Welding Machine needs to be the title of a 70's rock cover band.

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