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JackHawk 9000 - Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses's video poster

We've developed high quality bottle opener sunglasses forged from titanium. We need your help to share them with the world! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 5, 2012.

We've developed high quality bottle opener sunglasses forged from titanium. We need your help to share them with the world!

About this project

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This all began with 2:00am phone call in November of 2011. Half an hour of semi-conscious rambling later, we decided to create bottle opener sunglasses. 

We pulled together a team of friends and started tinkering with designs and prototypes. Initially we ran into strength issues due to the amount of pressure being exerted on the hinge and we kept breaking either the hinges or the arms. After more experimentation, we were able to redirect the forces into the fulcrum integrated into arms that were made of steel. It worked! The sunglasses were now able to open bottles easily and without damaging the eyewear or the hinge. 

We were so excited we filed 3 patent pending technologies on the glasses and  lined up a manufacturer! We have spent several months working with them to refine the production process. We applied to Kickstarter to help us get past the barrier of tooling and manufacturing costs. We couldn't believe our eyes when we got an acceptance letter from Kickstarter back in December!

The elation of that moment, and knowing we had time to work on our campaign really fueled the next four months. Over time, we found that the steel arms were too heavy so we decided to move to titanium. Titanium is the same material used in the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. This inspired the name of our sunglasses, the JackHawk 9000.

The JackHawk 9000's are the first of their kind. We have 3 separate patent pending technologies for both design and utility. 

The arms are made from aerospace grade titanium, so they won’t bend or break. After being cut and polished, the JH-9000s are powder coated, so they won’t scratch or chip. 

We picked the highest quality polarized lenses available. They provide the greatest solar protection (filtering out UVA/UVB/UVC light and blue light up to 400nm) and are coated with Iradium to reduce glare and improve scratch resistance. The hinges were designed to meld metal to metal and are vacuum welded to the arms, so they won't break. 

We need your support. We need your help to raise money for manufacturing and tooling costs, in order for us to turn this idea into a reality.

Here's where the money goes:

  • Development - Further development is needed to take the proof of concept prototype to a refined manufacturing ready design.
  • Tooling - Molds for the titanium arms and further stress testing.
  • Manufacturing - Raw material costs (titanium is expensive), lenses, etc. for pre-orders.

$5 Reward - Skip Chapington will read your full name and give you an endearing compliment. 

$25 Reward - JackHawk 9000 Beer Key (Please add $15 for International Shipping)

$90 Reward - A pair of the JackHawk 9000 sunglasses (Please add $15 for International Shipping)

$120 Reward - Limited edition Kickstarter Edition JH-9000s. (Please add $15 for International Shipping)

$600 Reward - 10 Pairs for Retailers 

$2,000 Reward - 5 Pairs of JackHawk 9000s and a VIP party in San Diego

$10,000 Reward - We will fly you to Las Vegas for a weekend of youthful bravado with our team. Sunglasses included. Obviously. (US Residents Only)

Thanks to Johnny Jewel for the permission to use 'Under Your Spell' by Desire


  • We took them out to the Salton Sea and explored abandoned buildings with them. It was 113 degrees outside and the JH9000s were in direct sunlight. They were warm but still perfectly wearable.

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  • Our current designs have the frames being made out of a very strong, light, high quality plastic, then powder coated to seamlessly fit with the arms, both physically and visually. However, we are entertaining ideas of making the frames out of the same aerospace grade titanium as the arms. We're working hard on this, and if it's feasible, we'll go with the titanium

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  • No, the design of the glasses has the point pushed far enough forward and it is guarded by part of the arm that still hangs low enough to protect it. The point also is not as sharp as it might appear in the pictures, it is more rounded.

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  • Absolutely not. We've opened over 500 pairs to date (June 11th, 2012) with our prototype. Not only have the hinges not taken any of the force required to do this (about 5lbs. for each open) but they haven't bent and the opener does not show signs of cracking, chipping, or denting... Titanium, remember?

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    Skip Chapington will personally thank YOU for your undying devotion in the form of a video compliment. Find yours posted in the updates section and on YouTube so you can tell everyone Skip's got your back.

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    Sweet, sweet powder coated steel beer keys with JackHawk 9000 boldly emblazoned on the face. Open your bottles like a champion. Because you are one. (Add $15 for International Shipping)

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    A pair of Jackhawk 9000’s. Warning: You may experience awesome moments such as (but not limited to)

    - random applause as you enter rooms - unexpected limo service - a pelt of fine wool chest hair - overall improved likability (Will retail for $120 and up) (Add $15 for International Shipping)

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    Prove you were first! Limited edition powder coated Jackhawk 9000’s with the Kickstarter logo boldly stamped on the arm. (Add $15 for International Shipping)

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    Alright surf shops/skate shops/church groups. You know you want a pair for yourself and you want a bunch to sell out. So here, you go, 10 pairs. And a sweet in window display. Just call us when you want more.

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    You’re in California you say? And you like to party you say? Done. You're invited to our Downtown San Diego rooftop party. We'll provide 5 JH-9000s sunglasses and VIP treatment at one of the hottest clubs in the Gaslamp District.

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    Party with Skip! In Vegas! You read right, the man, the myth, the legend, Skip Chapington will fly you to Las Vegas for the weekend of your life. 5 JackHawk 9000's, hotel suites, VIP treatment, and all of the youthful bravado you can handle. (US Residents Only)

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