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A new game-themed expansion for The Metagame, created by the brilliant minds at Shut Up & Sit Down.
A new game-themed expansion for The Metagame, created by the brilliant minds at Shut Up & Sit Down.
1,399 backers pledged $68,315 to help bring this project to life.

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Double-header Live Stream TONIGHT!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update to remind you that TONIGHT there will be a double-header live stream with our friends at Consentacle—a fantastic indie game also on Kickstarter.

FIRST - at 7:30pm EST tonight, The Metagame’s John and Colleen will be playing Consentacle (see more info on their Kickstarter page.)

THEN - at 9:00pm EST the fantastic folks of Consentacle and some special guests have consented to play The Metagame, in a live stream happening right here on our Kickstarter page.

Tune in to see us play a variety of different Metagames—from the silent intimacy of the 2-player Think-Alike to the raucous arguments of Debate Club. We’ll try to fit in as many different Metagames as we can in an hour, and are looking forward to hearing from all of you during the stream.

If you’re curious about all of the different ways to play The Metagame, check them out on our webpage!

Oh, and one more thing… You solved the mystery illustration from our last update so fast! Yes, it was Larping :)

We hope to see you for tonight’s live-action!

-Colleen (and John and Eric)


Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hey there fantastic backers. It’s Colleen from Local No. 12 here. I’m one of the designers of The Metagame, along with John and Eric.

We made our funding goal on day one and our stretch goal in less than a week! Wow. Thanks again to you all for making the games expansion a reality.

We knew that collaborating with Shut Up & Sit Down would be a dream. First, they wrote an amazing expansion. Then they surprised us with a cheeky Let’s Play of the Metagame with their friends Pip and Mark Hulmes of Tabletop Weekly! As you know by now, The Metagame has many ways to play, and they chose the highly strategic and intense Metaquilt. Wow—what a treat guys, especially the final words from Pip!


Speaking of unexpected videos, fellow Metagame designer Eric Zimmerman made a guest appearance on a livestream for Consentacle, another fantastic card game on Kickstarter about alien-human encounters of the intimate and consensual kind. Consent is a wonderful thing, and so is Consentacle!

So much so, that we’ve invited Naomi and Mattie of Consentacle to play The Metagame with us next Tuesday (9/26) night at 9pm EST. We’ll be livestreaming the fun on our Kickstarter page, so please tune in!

Can you guess the card?

As we run this Kickstarter campaign, we are also working with Shut Up & Sit Down to finish up the new cards. That means selecting, writing, and illustrating every card in the Games Expansion and the Deep Cuts Booster Pack. Behold one of our favorite new illustrations:

what is this?
what is this?

Can you guess the game? We'll give you the answer in the next update.

That’s it for now—thank you again for your support!! 

- Colleen, Local No. 12 

(thanks for the kind words, Jeff!)
(thanks for the kind words, Jeff!)


We did it, AND we can add the Board Game Booster!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hi all! Quinns here.

Our campaign just this instant slipped past its stretch goal like a card shark slinking beneath a green sea of casino felt. That means that each and every one of you will soon be the proud owner of an additional Metagame expansion! A lucky thirteen card booster all about board games.

Over on SU&SD we had a couple of people questioning this packet, since in the past we've talked about how we dislike Kickstarter rewards that don't then make it to retail. To paraphrase what I said over there, we're giving ourselves a free pass on this occasion since there's absolutely no way this pack could have existed otherwise, and no easy way to sell it after the Kickstarter ends.

Huge thanks to everyone who's carried us this far. Oh, and I have more good news! We're hoping to get a video of myself, Matt and Pip playing The Metagame edited and online for this coming Friday, which should be lots of fun to watch and it's bound to make you feel excited about your purchase.

Thanks again!

- Q

We did it!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Oh. My. Shut Up. & Sit Down.

A mere six and one-half hours is all it took. Lovely game-playing nerds, thanks to you, a new batch of game cards for this weird and wonderful conversation engine called The Metagame will be printed, cut, put in cartons, shipped across oceans, packaged, addressed, mailed, sorted, delivered, ripped joyfully open, and finally, played.

But it’s just the start. Miles to go and all that. We’re nearly halfway to our DEEP CUTS BOOSTER PACK stretch goal, featuring THIRTEEN cards. You know you want those cards. Well, at least we definitely want them in the world.

To help us get there, we need your help. Shout out to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram friends who you know would love The Metagame. (The Game.) The Games Expansion, too. Help spread the word:

Again, thank you for the support. We most definitely could not have done it without you.

Game Away,

- John, Local No. 12