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A new game-themed expansion for The Metagame, created by the brilliant minds at Shut Up & Sit Down.
A new game-themed expansion for The Metagame, created by the brilliant minds at Shut Up & Sit Down.
1,399 backers pledged $68,315 to help bring this project to life.

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Getting your Game, SHUX '18, and IndieCade!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hello Metagame Backers! A quick update on shipping - and also news about the public launch of the new expansion…! 

Getting your game

Virtually all of your have received your games by now, but a handful of you in more far-flung locales may not have gotten them yet. We are leaning on our shipper to make sure everyone has their game ASAP.

If you have not received your copy of The Metagame by Oct 1, please contact us here on Kickstarter and we’ll take care it pronto. Apologies to those of you still waiting!

Look out, Vancouver!

Next month, The Metagame will be making a special appearance at SHUX 2018, the second annual game convo by our brilliant collaborators Shut Up & Sit Down. SHUX will be the public premiere of the new games expansion. We’ll have copies on sale in the conference store and we’ll be holding gameplay sessions - including a conference-wide Massively Multiplayer Metagame with 2,000 players.

I’ll also be there running a couple sessions, including a panel on the game design process and a game design workshop. Please come over and introduce yourself - it’s always great for us to meet our backers and players. For the time being, tickets are still available for SHUX!

And finally

If you are passing through the IndieCade game festival in Los Angeles in a few weeks, come by and say hello to Colleen from The Metagame team. We’ll be showing our next project for the first time - the iPhone game Losswords.

That’s it for now! Peace out, backers.

-Eric Zimmerman


Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Hello there!

Exciting news! 

ShipNaked in the US and UK is in the midst of receiving all of the Metagames, and should begin shipping to YOU next week! When that happens, you should get an email letting you know your deck(s) are on the way (and when possible, tracking information).

This is IT—soon you'll be playing a game about games!

Thank you all for your patience and support—we can't wait to hear what you think about the Games Expansion!


-Colleen, Local No. 12

We're on a boat!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Ahoy backers,

Decks are finally on the move! 

For those in North America, Metagames have been loaded onto the "Cosco Excellence", bound for New York on July 17th, where they will then be shipped to our fulfillment partner, Ship Naked, and finally, your rewards will be packed and sent. 

Cosco Excellence's seaward course can be magically followed here.

For those in Europe and beyond, your vessel is Titan, expected to arrive in the scenic English port of Felixstowe on July 14th.

It's taken a bit longer than we expected, but the decks are on the move, and a few nautical miles closer to you.

Our friends at ShipNaked estimate that they will be able to start sending your rewards by the end of July. We'll keep y'all updated once that begins.

Again, thanks for making this all possible!

-Colleen, Local No. 12

If you look closely, you can see some Metagame Decks somewhere on these boats!
If you look closely, you can see some Metagame Decks somewhere on these boats!

!!-----Ready to ship-----!!

Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)
putting boxes in boxes....
putting boxes in boxes....

Greetings Fine Backers!

The day is finally here—the decks are freshly minted and we are preparing to ship all of your rewards for backing The Metagame: The Games Expansion!! 

It will take a while for them to arrive on your doorstep, as the decks must be shipped from China, cleared through customs, picked out of boxes and packed into new boxes by the happy folks at ShipNaked, and shuttled through all manner of mysterious national postal systems.

In order for this amazing process to end successfully, we need you to update your address! And if you desire, add add-ons! This can all be done via BackerKit (logging in with the email you use for Kickstarter).

We'll lock down addresses and orders this Monday (5/21) at midnight EST!


-Colleen, Local No. 12


Posted by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z (Creator)

Greetings Backers!

Look! We have received print samples for the games expansion, the booster pack, and our new hot redesigns for The Metagame and Film and Sci Fi Expansions! You're seeing them here first!!

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Replay with sound
Play with

So, what does this all mean in terms of timeline? Well, if all goes well, this means we're on press this week, and will begin the shipping process very soon. Both can take a while—particularly getting shipments through customs and all that good stuff, so we'll keep you all updated once we have a better sense of a delivery window.

In the meantime, now would be a good time to update your address, and make any additions you want to your order. Spread the Metagame love to friends and family!

We're getting closer....

-Colleen, Local No. 12

Look at all of this!!!
Look at all of this!!!