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The Metagame is a card game where you debate and argue about your favorite videogames.
The Metagame is a card game where you debate and argue about your favorite videogames.
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    1. Gregory Lyon on

      Posted this on the last update, but I'll post it here too. I got my cards in the mail today. hopefully going to be setting up a meta game party soon!

    2. Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z 4-time creator on

      Michael, the cards are at the printers and we expect them back in a week or so. Things are moving forward on the schedule we outlined in our last update.

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      deleted on

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    4. Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z 4-time creator on

      Michael & Tyler, thanks for your questions. Please see the latest update for the most recent news on the Metagame schedule. Thanks for your support!

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      deleted on

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      Tyler Cushing on

      Any update regarding a shipment date or span of time we can hope to receive our Metagame package?

    7. Gozer Games on

      How does this game compare to "Who Would Win"?

    8. climber1978 on

      A simple iOS app could achieve the same goal of this card game.

    9. James Patten on

      $10,040 .... well done guys :)

    10. Thomas Allen on

      Fantastic work! I recently workshopped a similar idea where a video game "expert" grills an infamous and controversial video game "reviewer" George Wood.…
      Imagine a Metagame adaptation where one team has to give a George Wood-like argument and the other team has to give a "mainstream" reviewer argument.

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      Ian Schreiber on

      Another favorite moment: on the question "what game is more culturally sophisticated?" I play Passage versus opponent's ICO. I reference memento mori, opponent references a traditional Chinese poem. One of the judges is Chinese; I lose by her tiebreaker vote 2-3. The most interesting thing was that then the *judges* got in an argument with one another about Chinese culture and video games, building off of the players' arguments. We debated having the players then judge the judges' analysis of the player debates, to make it a meta-metagame...

    12. John Sharp on

      My Metagame moment in the spotlight was on a big stage. Eric, Colleen and I were telling the 400 GDC conference associates (the folks in blue shirts checking badges and handing out evaluation forms) during their kick off meetings. Colleen and I demonstrated the game for them. She challenged me with Duck Hunt and "which game has a more satisfying core mechanic." I countered with Cow Clicker. Her argument consisted of, "Shooting is fun." I, on the other hand, gave a deeply moving soliloquy on Cow Clicker's essentialist character that was rippled with equal parts humor and insight into the true character of games.

      At first, it seemed I had won, so I began raising my fists in modest acknowledgement of the forthcoming win. But the sea of CAs turned against me, and gave Colleen an ill-gotten win. She took my Uncharted 2 card, and left me with hand of Drop7, Cow Clicker, and "which would make a better novel."

    13. Missing avatar

      Ian Schreiber on

      Had an epic 4-way match at GDC, around the question "what game is the most demanding of the player?" I chose Scrabulous, up against Rogue, Sim City, and Doom. My argument was that my game was the only one that couldn't be beaten just by looking it up on GameFAQs, and that the sheer amount of data you needed to know to play a perfect game was orders of magnitude higher than the others... but everyone else made solid arguments too and it ended in a four-way draw. We decided to exchange a random card with one another.

    14. Richard Lemarchand on

      I'm still reeling from my Metagame victory on the Tuesday night of GDC: I was defending Atari's Adventure as more poetic than Ico. It seemed like an impossible challenge. I'm sure it was only my description of Adventure as a "systematized poem about seahorses who have lost their house keys" which won over the assembled judges. The comedy vote, in conjunction with the audience's old-school purism, won the day, despite my opponent pointing out that I was on public record describing Ico as the most poetic game of all time.

      In all seriousness, the Metagame is not only a darn fun game; it can function as an important tool for engaging in new kinds of criticism about the videogames we play. Please support this great project in any way you can!

    15. Sean Duncan on

      For "Which game is more elegant?" I threw down Bejeweled and was countered with Minecraft. So, to me, this is an apples/oranges debate -- both are equally "elegant," but for very different definitions of elegance (for me, it was paucity of mechanics; for him, it was in modeling a world). We had a table of about 8 others judging us, and tied. What's fun, though, is that on the way back from lunch we had a half hour discussion of definitions of "elegance" in game design that really stuck with me. My favorite Metagame moment so far!

    16. Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z 4-time creator on

      Here's a GDC Metagame story that game designer and researcher Katherine Isbister emailed to us:

      "The best round I witnessed was Tracy Fullerton playing against a grad student of hers over lunch - the challenge was what game to put in a 1000-year time capsule. Tracy chose Myst and made a strong case for it, but then the student laid down Flower and gave great arguments as well. The table was split but voted for flower, and Tracy said she sort of won either way. and shortly thereafter Kellee sat down and the whole story got retold to her :)"

      What you have to know to appreciate this story is that Kellee Santiago, who co-founded the company that made Flower, is a former student of Tracy's. Win-win situation indeed!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brockert on

      Ian Bogost gets challenged with "Which game is a better way to waste ten minutes?" Challenger says Angry Birds. Ian plays Cow Clicker. Draw.

    18. Traci Lawson on

      Really enjoyed playing MetaGame at GDC! I think my favorite memory is backing away from a challenge someone laid down at lunch. "Which game is more beautiful?" paired with Katamari Damacy. I just walked away from that one. :)

    19. Film Schooled on

      When in doubt, the answer is always Pac-Man. :)

    20. Gozer Games on

      How does this game compare to "Who Would Win"?